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Your Online Business on Autopilot

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When you first start your online business, you can do it all yourself. But as your business grows, so do all the little things you have to do. Automation helps small entrepreneurs set some of these tasks on autopilot, which frees you up to focus on more important things and allows your business to scale.

You can’t automate everything. That would be wonderful! But there are some aspects of your business that need the human touch.

Automating your online business makes perfect sense!

Automating your online business makes perfect sense!

Automation helps you by taking care of mundane tasks. You still have to do the thinking, strategizing and relationship building. Here is a sampling of some of the things you can automate.

Automated Back linking

For your website’s search engine optimization, you need plenty of links coming in. Going out and getting these links is a time consuming task that’s not always the most exciting. Luckily, there are automation tools that help you find back linking opportunities. These are services and software programs that use keywords chosen by you to bring you lists of sites to link to.

This helps to make it faster and easier, but you still need to choose the sites yourself. If you put it on total autopilot, you may link to sites Google doesn’t like such as link farms and this will get you penalized. Review each site and decide if it’s right for you. Read More→


Social media is useful for lots of things – building your brand, connecting to your audience, seeing what’s trending in your niche. But it’s also great for building traffic. Here are some ways to boost the traffic your social media sites bring you.

Build Backlinks

Drive traffic through your social media sites in the same way you drive it to your regular site – through back linking. Employ the same strategies like article marketing, guest posting, forum posting, and so on, but instead of a link to your site, link to your social media sites.

Use social media to its full potential

Use social media to its full potential

Blog More

Set up a blog for the sole purpose of driving traffic to social media. Along with blog posts that are published frequently, include links to your social media sites and buttons so that readers can like through your blog. Be sure to include a call to action that tells them what they’ll find there.

Exclusive Social Media Content

For each social media profile, update with different content. This gives your audience a reason to find you on each channel. If instead you post the same content on Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn (for example), they have no reason to visit your other social media profiles. Read More→


You’ve built up an email list and nurtured your relationship with them. Now it’s time to start making offers. You want to offer them products they’ll love because if you don’t, you may lose them. Most marketers understand they need to offer products that are relevant, valuable and useful to their list. Here are a few additional tips for choosing the right products to promote. Read More→


A press release is a communication aimed at telling the news media about something newsworthy. When you think of press releases, you probably imagine an organization or government agency holding a meeting with reporters and laying something really ground-breaking on them. But actually, even a small company can issue a press release and it doesn’t have to be world news. It can simply introduce a new service or product line, or generally tell people that you’re there. And the Internet allows anybody to get the word out easily. Read More→


You’ll often hear SEO experts talking about the Google dance and how it throws a wrench into their best-laid plans (in other words, search results).

Google uses secret algorithms to decide which sites get found in searches. As SEO experts, we work to crack that code as much as possible, figure out which methods help you get high in the search results, and implement them. But whenever Google changes its algorithms, and this occurs about ten times a year or so, everything goes haywire for a few days. You’re site that’s ranked consistently at first place for a certain keyword suddenly disappears without a trace. A site you have that’s been struggling shoots up to the first results page. This is the Google dance at work.

It’s kind of like a virtual earthquake. Everything goes crazy for a few days and then settles down, read ┬ámore …. Read More→

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Content curation is a term used to refer to pulling together content from various sources and presenting it to the reader. In other words, you’re taking other people’s content and putting it together in one place for your target market.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? After all, you don’t have to create the content yourself. Content curation sounds like a shortcut but it’s actually not. There’s a skill to pulling together just the right information.

Think of it this way – what you’re doing is going out and finding the content your target market is looking for. You’re saving them the trouble of doing it themselves.

Why Curate? Read More→


YouTube is one of the world’s hottest websites. We turn to it for information as well as entertainment. You can watch videos of idiots jumping off roofs or people getting kicked in the crotch, or watch a tutorial on tying a necktie or yoga videos. If a business gets lots of views, they’re sure to get some customers from it, and the way to get lots of views is to create a viral video.

The Ultimate YouTube Mistake Read More→


If you’ve got some experience under your belt online, you can make additional income as a coach. Coaching means teaching less experienced people and helping them to achieve their business goals. You take on clients and meet with them on a regular basis to help them get through problems and obstacles that keep them from getting where they want to go.

It’s All About Expertise Read More→


Blowing up Your List with Solo Ads

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How do you grow a list quickly? The best way to get traffic to a landing page quickly is through ads. Ad networks allow you to target keywords and they’ll display your ads on search engine results pages. However, this isn’t the only way to get the word out about your list. One very effective alternative is to take out solo ads.

A solo ad is where you pay someone to advertise your site to their list.

Online marketing & advertising has never been easier!

They have a list of subscribers and you pay them to basically recommend you. It can be a one-time deal or there can be multiple messages talking about your site.

Solo ads work well because of trust. The marketer you advertise with has a huge list of subscribers that know and love them already. These subscribers act on the marketer’s recommendations. When they come along and say, ‘Here’s a guy/gal that’s offering something valuable for you,’ their subscribers listen.

Finding Solo Ad Partners

The trickiest part is finding partners that will do a solo ad for you and that actually have a hungry list. Webmaster forums such as the Warrior Forum have places where you can hook up with solo ad partners. These are forums where Internet marketers hang out and network. There are also solo ad network sites. Read More→


Tips on Marketing Your PLR

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PLR stands for ‘private label rights.’ This is content that you sell to other marketers at a low price and they can use this content however they wish. Most marketers rewrite their PLR so that it’s original and use it as content for their websites, email lists, blogs, etc. It offers a low-cost shortcut for content creation.

A few years ago, PLR blew up in a big way. Many marketers jumped into the fray, pumping out PLR and offering it at super-low prices. Now that the market is flooded with PLR, it’s harder to sell. The key is to differentiate your content somehow so that it’s unique. Here are some ways to do that. Read More→