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How to Land Offline SEO Clients

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No matter what you do online – whether you’re a web designer, SEO expert, web content writer, etc. – there’s somebody offline who can use your services. Actually, offline clients are the best. They have business experience and they understand well the value you bring to them; in other words, they pay well. The only tricky thing is finding them.

How To Capture Those Offline Clients

Pick up the Phone

Everybody hates cold calling and some people have serious telephone-phobia, but cold calling works. It’s as simple as that. Find businesses in your local area that can benefit from your services and give them a call.

Create a script that emphasizes the benefits hiring you would bring. Don’t think of it as sales calling. Think of it this way – you’re a trusted friend and you’re calling them to offer your help. Talk to them just like that and they won’t even feel like it’s a sales pitch.

Offline Events

Even better than cold calling is participating in offline events. I’ve found offline seminars to be an excellent place for networking and finding clients. Any local community events will work as well.

Be sure to bring samples of your work and business cards. The connections you meet at these events are much stronger than those you create by emailing or calling people. Read More→


Many years ago, Dan Kennedy, who is one of the pioneers of Internet marketing, put forth the idea of forming a cabal. A cabal is a group of like-minded businesses that help each other out. This is something he and his colleagues used in the infomercial industry.

Here’s an example of how a cabal works. Let’s say that I offer piano lessons. One of my students says he wants to quit my lesson but he still wants to learn piano. I’d then refer him to another piano teacher who might be more suitable.

Actually, I’m not referring him to my competition. I’m referring him to a friend. Me and a bunch of other piano teachers have this cabal where he hook each other up with students. When I send a referral to them, they either pay me a commission or we just have it worked out so they send me theirs.

The Cabal Becomes a Syndicate… Read More→


Hi there in this post I just want to give a heads up to some key people you might want to check out and potentially learn from, certainly they are people who we follow

In Internet marketing, they always tell you don’t follow anybody.  Perfect your own methods and create your own success.  They’re right, of course, but it never hurts to have a few role models.  I’ve chosen a few of the biggest-name Internet marketers out there to introduce you to (if you don’t know them already).

Eben Pagan

If you don’t know Eben Pagan, you should get to know him quickly.  At the relatively young age of 38, he became an Internet marketing guru who was making almost $40 million a year.  That’s not too bad for a guy who decided to create his own wealth.

You might know him under his pen name, David DeAngelo.  As DeAngelo, he wrote the ridiculously successful eBook ‘Double Your Dating’ and became the undisputed number one seduction guru.  He’s also known for his highly successful self-improvement courses. Read More→


When you read Internet marketing articles and blogs online, I hope you check out the author to see who they are.  The author bio might say something like, ‘So And So is an experienced Internet marketer and business coach,’ and so on.  But I’ll bet you suddenly see that author in a different light when it says, ‘So And So conducts webinars on list building, product creation and affiliate marketing.’

There’s just something about a person getting up on a podium in front of others that turns them instantly into an expert.  Teaching webinars does this for you.  It brands you as an expert in your field, and it’s also a good way to network and drive traffic to your online ventures.

A webinar is a seminar that’s held online.  It’s a presentation given over the Internet.  There are a number of different platforms that you can use to do a seminar right from your computer.  You can do them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites.  You can either do a free webinar or charge a small fee.  And best of all, they’re free for you to do!

How To Do A Webinar Read More→


Tutorial sites offer a great way to get traffic and almost nobody knows about them.  There are people out there hungry to learn how to do stuff in every single niche and you can be the one to teach them.  Your excellent video tutorials will get them clicking to your site for more of the valuable, high-quality info you provide.

Why Tutorials?

When you’re an Internet marketer, you’re also a teacher.  You’re sharing your interest with the world and teaching them how to do things that improve their lives, make them money, make them happy, etc.  Whether you realize it or not, you’re teaching people through your info products, website content, articles and auto responder messages.  Why not do it directly through tutorials?

Tutorials also help you to brand yourself as an authority in your niche.  Think about it – if you found a writing website run by a guy or gal who teaches writing workshops, doesn’t your image of that person’s authority shoot up suddenly?  You’re doing the same thing by producing tutorials.  It doesn’t bring you the cred that teaching offline workshops might, but it comes pretty close.

Another great reason to make tutorials is that it’s incredibly easy.  All you need is a program for recording video and some good content.  And content is easy to come up with.

How It’s Done: Read More→


Lots of folks think that SMS marketing is old news.  This is really surprising to me considering that more and more people are using mobile devices!  SMS can really work for you, but it’s all about knowing your audience well and offering them things they really want.

Think about it – everybody has a mobile phone.  Most people carry them with them constantly.  While we check our email whenever we’ve got a computer handy, the phone is always on and always taking calls. 

It’s reported that 95% of text messages are opened in the 4 minutes after they’re received.  Compare that to PC e-mail’s 20%!  Text messaging also has drastically less spam because of tighter government regulations. 

SMS allows you to get up-close and personal with your target market.  Most of us only get texts from friends and family.  If you have a good relationship with your subscribers, you’re included in this group. 

What You Can Do With SMS Marketing

Most people use SMS marketing to make offers to their subscribers.  These are either coupons that they get by sending a keyword to a shortcode, or they’re links to special deals on the company’s website.  However, there are lots of other ways you can use SMS and here are just a few: Read More→


I don’t know about you but Sam & I have been to loads of Internet marketing seminars and workshops, both large & small, but I guess if you’re reading this chances are you too have been there & done that.

The internet marketing arena and ‘How to build an online business’ markets thrive on courses, workshops, seminars with us all like eager beavers noting down the last scrap of information that rolls off the tongues of our gurus and mentors. Read More→

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