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Your Online Business on Autopilot

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When you first start your online business, you can do it all yourself. But as your business grows, so do all the little things you have to do. Automation helps small entrepreneurs set some of these tasks on autopilot, which frees you up to focus on more important things and allows your business to scale.

You can’t automate everything. That would be wonderful! But there are some aspects of your business that need the human touch.

Automating your online business makes perfect sense!

Automating your online business makes perfect sense!

Automation helps you by taking care of mundane tasks. You still have to do the thinking, strategizing and relationship building. Here is a sampling of some of the things you can automate.

Automated Back linking

For your website’s search engine optimization, you need plenty of links coming in. Going out and getting these links is a time consuming task that’s not always the most exciting. Luckily, there are automation tools that help you find back linking opportunities. These are services and software programs that use keywords chosen by you to bring you lists of sites to link to.

This helps to make it faster and easier, but you still need to choose the sites yourself. If you put it on total autopilot, you may link to sites Google doesn’t like such as link farms and this will get you penalized. Review each site and decide if it’s right for you. Read More→


Once you set up a Facebook fan page, it’s a bit like a party where nobody is there yet. You’re waiting around for people to come along and like your page. The usual best practice is to first reach out to friends, family members and associates and ask them to like your page. You may also invite your personal followers. But after that, what do you do? Here are some ideas.

Join Groups

A great way to get exposure for your page which will turn into followers is to join groups. Find groups that are relevant to your niche or where your target market hangs out. Join these groups and participate by commenting on posts and making friends with people. Other members of the group will see you and click on your profile to check out your fan page.

Develop your social media presence correctly!

Develop your social media presence correctly!

Host Contests

Hold a contest where the winner gets a freebie. The best option is to invest in a slightly costly (in other words valuable) giveaway and then offer smaller things for runners up. The catch is that they have to start following you on Facebook. That’s all they have to do and they’re eligible to win. Do this regularly and you’ll keep getting new followers.

Offer Exclusive Content

Offer content on your Facebook site that they can only get by joining. There are special tabs for doing this where you can publish ‘fan only’ content. On your page, tell them how this exclusive content will benefit them. The great thing is that to get that fantastic content, they only need to do one thing – click the ‘like’ button. Read More→

Get the right kind of "Likes"

Get the right kind of “Likes”

When you post something on Facebook or Twitter, you hope to see it liked and shared. That’s the whole point. It means you’re connecting with your audience and it also gets you more exposure for your brand. But if you’re not seeing the likes you’d like, there are some things you can do to get more.

Pay Attention to Peak Times

For every social media site and for every market, there’s a sweet spot when people are online. There are patterns and it differs from one audience to another, but in general, people are checking their social media accounts during the early morning, right after work, and at the end of the day. These are usually the best times to reach them. Read More→

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Social media is useful for lots of things – building your brand, connecting to your audience, seeing what’s trending in your niche. But it’s also great for building traffic. Here are some ways to boost the traffic your social media sites bring you.

Build Backlinks

Drive traffic through your social media sites in the same way you drive it to your regular site – through back linking. Employ the same strategies like article marketing, guest posting, forum posting, and so on, but instead of a link to your site, link to your social media sites.

Use social media to its full potential

Use social media to its full potential

Blog More

Set up a blog for the sole purpose of driving traffic to social media. Along with blog posts that are published frequently, include links to your social media sites and buttons so that readers can like through your blog. Be sure to include a call to action that tells them what they’ll find there.

Exclusive Social Media Content

For each social media profile, update with different content. This gives your audience a reason to find you on each channel. If instead you post the same content on Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn (for example), they have no reason to visit your other social media profiles. Read More→


Holding a contest on Facebook is a great way to engage your followers, attract new ones, and increase your presence on the world’s biggest social media site. Contests have always been used by companies to promote their products and services, but Facebook makes it even easier. Here’s how it’s done.

Follow the Rules

The first step if you’ve never run a contest before is to get acquainted with the rules. Facebook has strict guidelines on holding a contest and if you break these rules, your fan page can get shut down. Here are the guidelines – Read More→

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Laser Target Your Market

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Every business wants lots of sales so it makes sense to try to appeal to everyone. But unfortunately, that’s not what works. You can’t make everyone happy. More often than not, when you appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one. Your message gets bland and diluted.

On the other hand, when you get as specific as possible and really laser target your niche, you’re more likely to get sales. Let’s say you only get fifty visits to your site each day, but those visits are members of your tribe. They’re people to whom your message speaks directly. They’re also people you know well, so you know better how to make them offers they will like. If those fifty are people who are tuned into your message, they’re more likely to buy from you.

By the way, this doesn’t necessarily mean excluding anyone. When you zero in on a very specific niche, you’ll also get stragglers from outside it who related to your message. Read More→


Everybody wants to make money with their blog, but the most common methods for doing so can alienate readers. Your loyal followers who have been reading you since day one will feel cheated when you start plastering ads everywhere. You’ll be accused of selling out and lose a good number of them. But you can keep your readers while also making money with your blog and here are six proven ways to do it.Read on …… Read More→


Tips on Marketing Your PLR

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PLR stands for ‘private label rights.’ This is content that you sell to other marketers at a low price and they can use this content however they wish. Most marketers rewrite their PLR so that it’s original and use it as content for their websites, email lists, blogs, etc. It offers a low-cost shortcut for content creation.

A few years ago, PLR blew up in a big way. Many marketers jumped into the fray, pumping out PLR and offering it at super-low prices. Now that the market is flooded with PLR, it’s harder to sell. The key is to differentiate your content somehow so that it’s unique. Here are some ways to do that. Read More→


EBooks are digital products that are usually in the form of a PDF file that your readers can download. With the popularity of Amazon’s Kindle reader today, they’re even more profitable. You can pump out title after title that shows your expertise in your niche and build quite a little empire. They can be sold for profit or offered as a freebie for people when they sign up to your list.

Here’s my 1st. – It’s a massive problem today

You can check out some of our own digital eBooks by clicking on the tab saying “Digital Publishing” – go there now and check them out, any queries just email me, also let us know what you think.

Unfortunately, a fair number of eBooks available are garbage. Marketers slap them together without thinking about their quality or they use recycled PLR content that you can find elsewhere. Creating title after title is a great way to build a profitable self-published empire, but it needs to be done right. Your eBooks need to have solid focus.

Listening to Your Audience Read More→


Don’t Ignore Social media – Use It to market Yourself

When Google Plus came out a couple of years ago, people weren’t terribly excited about it. Although it was supposed to go up against Facebook and Twitter and give them a run for their money, it didn’t offer too much that those social media networks didn’t. One unique feature, however, that’s definitely worth getting excited about is Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts is a feature that lets you stream live video through the social media network to your contacts or the public. You can do it through your Google Plus profile, or through your website or YouTube channel. It requires no additional software and you can save your hangouts to use again as video content.

What’s really cool about Hangouts is that the feature lets you connect directly to your audience in a personal way. You can also use it as a free way to do video teleconferencing.

Technical Considerations Read More→