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Don’t Ignore Social media – Use It to market Yourself

When Google Plus came out a couple of years ago, people weren’t terribly excited about it. Although it was supposed to go up against Facebook and Twitter and give them a run for their money, it didn’t offer too much that those social media networks didn’t. One unique feature, however, that’s definitely worth getting excited about is Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts is a feature that lets you stream live video through the social media network to your contacts or the public. You can do it through your Google Plus profile, or through your website or YouTube channel. It requires no additional software and you can save your hangouts to use again as video content.

What’s really cool about Hangouts is that the feature lets you connect directly to your audience in a personal way. You can also use it as a free way to do video teleconferencing.

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As a marketer you need a constant stream of fresh content and it needs to be good.

Interviewing is all about being prepared!

You need to either be a prolific expert author or pay a fair amount of money to a ghost-writer to do it for you (and they have to be good). One awesome alternative that gets you great content with little cost or effort is to interview people.

Now Sam & I have done this a few times the most in depth one we’ve done was with Neil Stafford, a UK based very successful online marketer. In fact you can download our interview with him right now, just enter your email address above and you’ll have immediate access – even though I say so myself it’s an interview packed with really useful information.

The Benefits of Interviews

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How to Create a Video Series

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We all know that videos are great for selling anything. They work well as entry points to lead prospects into your sales funnel (videos on YouTube, social media, etc.). They’re also great for making a series that teaches your audience how to do something.

Video is a great marketing tool that you really must be using!

There are several ways you can use a video series. First of all, a series of videos makes an excellent information product. It can also be a bonus add-on for an info product; for example, you have an eBook that teaches your customer how to do something and step-by-step videos that show them how it’s done. You can also use videos in your email marketing. Instead of sending your subscribers text messages, send them a video each time that gives them tips. The beauty of video is that it shows rather than tells.

Ideas for Your Video Series

It’s easy to come up with ideas for your video series. What I do first is look at my regular web content. I may have an article that gives the readers tips on how to do something. For the sake of an example, let’s take cleaning tips. An article that lists ten cleaning tips can generate ten videos. Turn each tip into a short video that demonstrates. You can also turn whole articles into videos.

Just like all content creation, it’s a good idea to listen to your target market. At every touch point you have with them, whether it be social media, your list, your blog comments or wherever, see what they’re talking about and identify problems they need solved. Start a list of these problems and create a video to tackle each. You can then piece these short videos together into a series by putting them into a logical order. Read More→


Tips on Promoting Kindle EBooks

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The Real Power of Kindle-Don’t under estimate it!

Amazon’s Kindle has caused an explosion of do-it-yourself authors getting out there and writing their books. Anyone can be an author with global reach. The only trouble is that unless your name is John Grisham, you’ve got to know a bit about marketing as well as writing.

Marketing is actually half (often more than half) the battle. For marketers, Kindle eBooks offer a fast track to expert status, an excellent credential for your author bio, and serious profits. Here are some ideas for promoting your Kindle eBook.

Your Book Description

Before you start promoting your book, spend some time writing a killer description. The description should tell readers what they can expect from the book and how it will help them. Make it keyword-optimized and take advantage of tabs. Also, make sure it has a good cover that’s attention grabbing.

Social Media

One of the best methods is to promote the heck out of your book on social media. You can promote your book and have a link that goes directly to your Amazon page right there on your Facebook Fan Page. But don’t stop there. Use every social media network you can as a way to broadcast to readers that you have a book out. Read More→


Tag management is now all the rage, with software companies offering tag management software and Google now offer a free tool. In order to understand exactly what tag management is, we have to define what we mean by ‘tags.’

Get your tag management right!

Tags are tiny bits of code that can be as small as a pixel. They’re placed on a website to track user behaviour. When someone comes to your site, the tag ‘fires’ and picks up whatever information it can from the user’s web browser.

In a world where we live or die by how our website performs, it’s incredibly important to understand how users behave. We need all the data we can get from them. This is where tags come in. Every type of analytics programs (including Google Analytics) uses tags to monitor who visits the site and what they do there.

Why Tag Management?

The only trouble is that creating, monitoring, changing or removing tags is a lot of work. It ends up getting messy. Tag management systems take all of these tags and put them together in one place where you can easily deal with all of them at once. They put all the tags into one container so that they’re easier to manage. In some programs, it’s just a matter of dragging and dropping whichever snippet you want to move. It then presents all of this data on an easy-to-use dashboard (depending on the program, of course). Read More→


Most people know how well videos work to get you traffic, but few realize just how easy it is to make them. I’ve met marketers who are always saying, ‘I’ll get around to it someday’ because they just don’t have any ideas to get them started. It’s incredibly easy and here are a few very basic but effective ideas.

Get in Front of the Camera

Video marketing for beginners!


You can make great videos by just setting up the camera and talking to it. I know how terrifying that might sound, but just imagine you’re talking to a good friend. Take some time and shoot a few experimental videos. At first, it’ll be awkward and weird. You won’t be used to seeing yourself on video. But after you’ve done a few scrap videos, you’ll start to get the feel for it.

What’s important when you do videos like this is your enthusiasm and personality. If you do a few and decide it’s just not for you, enlist somebody else. Family members are the cheapest option. As long as you’ve got a good script and a winning personality, you can make good videos. For your subject, take any kind of problem in your niche and tell your audience how to solve it. Videos can be just a few minutes long.

Slideshows and Presentations

A good alternative to getting on camera is to make a slideshow. There are software programs that do this for you. You load them up with your text and whatever images you want to use. All you need to do is edit and add the voiceover. If you don’t like the sound of your own voice, you can hire a freelancer to do it for you. Read More→

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By far, the search engines offer the most popular ad networks. They get you the most targeted traffic that will buy. Many marketers are venturing into Facebook Ads and seeing how that works for them.

Online Advertising can take many forms

Facebook is the biggest social media site, but lots of other sites offer ad networks and most marketers don’t even bother considering them. The truth is that you can do really well with these other ad networks if you play your cards right.

StumbleUpon Ads

StumbleUpon is a site for discovering interesting stuff and sharing it with friends. It’s a social bookmarking site similar to Technorati and Digg. The way it works is that you create a profile and it uses algorithms to present sites to you that it thinks you’ll like. It has a program called Paid Discovery where you can pay to have your site appear for certain demographics or interests. Read More→


It takes time to build a list. Once you’re landing page is up, you’ll see sign-ups come trickling in. But every marketer would love for that trickle to be more like a flood. So, how do you get traffic to a landing page quickly?

Ads that Drive Traffic

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Offering SEO services to offline businesses is a great business opportunity.

Mobile SEO is Vital Nowdays!

If you know how to drive traffic to a site and get ranked in the search engines, there are lots of offline businesses that could use your expertise. Offering mobile SEO services in addition is a great upsell or unique twist to put on your service.

Getting Mobile SEO Clients

It’s incredibly easy to get local SEO clients. Start by searching for types of businesses in your local area. Use search keywords ‘(area) and (type of business).’ What you’ll find at the top is the business in your area that’s got the best SEO going. Make a list of these businesses and then do a similar search on your smartphone.

You’ll end up narrowing your list down to just those businesses that have a good online presence but not a good mobile presence. These are the businesses you’ll approach. The advantage here is that they understand the value of the SEO services you offer. They probably just don’t realize yet that local search is so big on mobile devices.

Selling Your Services

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These days, local search is off the charts. People use the Internet like they used the Yellow Pages in years past, to find local businesses catering to their needs. But local SEO is still uncharted territory for many marketers.Many of the link building techniques we use for regular SEO apply here but there are some ways to give them extra juice.

Review Sites

The best way to improve local search is to take advantage of review sites like Yelp and CitySearch. These are social media sites where customers write reviews of offline businesses they’ve visited. They’re great for reputation building and also excellent for links. If you’re targeting geographical keywords, these sites are especially useful because Google takes this into consideration. In other words, if you’ve got a business in Dallas, its listing will automatically appear when someone searches for that service in Dallas. Read More→