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It takes time to build a list. Once you’re landing page is up, you’ll see sign-ups come trickling in. But every marketer would love for that trickle to be more like a flood. So, how do you get traffic to a landing page quickly?

Ads that Drive Traffic

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These days, local search is off the charts. People use the Internet like they used the Yellow Pages in years past, to find local businesses catering to their needs. But local SEO is still uncharted territory for many marketers.Many of the link building techniques we use for regular SEO apply here but there are some ways to give them extra juice.

Review Sites

The best way to improve local search is to take advantage of review sites like Yelp and CitySearch. These are social media sites where customers write reviews of offline businesses they’ve visited. They’re great for reputation building and also excellent for links. If you’re targeting geographical keywords, these sites are especially useful because Google takes this into consideration. In other words, if you’ve got a business in Dallas, its listing will automatically appear when someone searches for that service in Dallas. Read More→


Guest posting means writing blog posts and giving them to blogs. For each blog post you write, there’s an author bio with a link back to your site. After reading your post, readers click on the link to see what else you’ve got. For the blog owner, it’s free content; for you, it’s a good backlink that gets you both search engine attention and human eyes on your work.

Do You Guest Post on Bloggs?

The only trouble is that it’s time consuming. You’ve got to write the content, which for most of us takes an eternity by itself. Next, you have to find blogs with good traffic and submit to them. Communicating with blog owners can be tough because they may ask for edits. You also have to keep track of your submissions to make sure you don’t submit the wrong article to the wrong blog.

The traffic that you get from guest posting is usually not monumental, but this all depends on the blog. High-traffic blogs usually have stricter editorial guidelines. The stuff you give them has to be good. Lower ranked blogs accept anything because they want free content, but you won’t get as much traffic.

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Hi there hands up those of you who’ve been hit by the latest Google Update? Okay now be honest most of us have been in some shape or form if only for a small period of time.

Keep The Faith With Google

Frustrating as it is there are Key Pointers that you really should be doing to reduce the impact of these updates so read on and discover what to do… Read More→


Why Your Squeeze Page Needs a Blog

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A squeeze page (or landing page) is a static page. It serves one purpose – to sell a product. The page is simple and clean, and the layout leads the visitor straight to the bottom, where they’re urged to take action and buy.

What most people don’t realize is that there are some serious benefits to adding a blog to your squeeze page. The main benefit is that it gives your site fresh content.

Lately, Google has been changing its algorithm in order to favour sites that offer lots of fresh content over static pages like squeeze pages. In fact, it’s no exaggeration to say that the Big G hates squeeze pages. Read More→


Videos going viral Capture Everyone's Imagination!

The Kony video was a short documentary that went viral fast. It spread like wildfire in just one short weekend. For Internet marketers, the Kony video was a case study to learn from.

Storytelling at Its Best

The Kony video was about an African guerrilla leader who trained kids to be killers. If you’re like most folks who hear that description, you’re probably on YouTube right now looking it up. The reason? Because it’s so darn intriguing.

It went viral because it told a compelling story that you just couldn’t resist. It had all the elements of great storytelling – good plot, interesting characters, and a story that moved you along to the end, and you couldn’t wait to see what would happen. Read More→


Getting Slapped by Google Isn't Nice!

At the end of April 2012, Google updated its algorithm. It was an algorithm change they’d been warning about, designed to crack down on ‘over-optimized’ websites. If you’re an Internet marketer or SEO expert, you’re probably thinking, ‘Gulp!’

The point of the change was to get rid of sites that don’t benefit the user. But lots of Internet marketers were finding their good, high-quality content sites hit hard as well.

So what gives? Let’s look at each of the things they targeted in detail and see what takeaways we can get out of it, read on… Read More→

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Hi there now I make no excuses for visiting SEO again because if you want to become a blogging superstar you have to understand and practice SEO and do it well. And with thousands of new blogs and websites being launched each & every day without competent SEO you might as well call your online activities a day believe me

SEO Is Vital To Your Online Business

– so listen up and follow these simple tips …….

It’s Not a Foreign language

Search Engine Optimization is a foreign language for most bloggers. Those looking to be blogging entrepreneurs – those specifically looking to profit from blogging – need to utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) more than ever before. With the growth rate of the Internet, a blog is no longer unique in its field, which means it needs to compete with hundreds (if not thousands) of other blogs just like it.

Today’s Internet is using more methods to get traffic to websites that include paid advertising, social media and data management. To accommodate all of these new methods and new blogs, search engines are revamping the way they recognize websites. For the blogging entrepreneur, this means utilizing universal SEO versus the traditional methods. Read More→


Facebook Notes is a grea article marketing method

Facebook, one of the world’s biggest websites, now has a great app that let’s you do article marketing using its powerful platform. The app is called Notes.

The way it works is that you write articles just like you’d use for article directory marketing and paste them into your notes. These can be articles that offer valuable information about your niche or that pre sell your product. Lots of folks use them to write reviews.

The cool thing about it is that not only do Facebook users see it, but Google searchers see it as well. Google is indexing the content found in notes. This means that your articles can show up at the top of search results pages if they’re optimized properly.

How to Do It Read More→


To Ping Or Not To Ping

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Hi there and in this post I want to cover Pinging. Now if you’re fairly new to Internet marketing you’ll probably not know what it is, and whether you need to know. And that’s fine but its best to have as greater understanding of the whole internet marketing strategy list just so you can form your own opinions on what might or might not work for you so here goes….

Here’s the basics

Ping was originally designed in order to check whether a computer or network is online or exists at all. It basically sends a message from one network or server to another and the message comes back, kind of like radar. It’s a technique that can be used to get backlinks as well.

Pinging For Backlinks - The Key to Success?

Is it the key ? well you’ll need to answer that question yourself after Pinging for a while.

First of all, you can ping whenever you update your website or blog. This lets the search engines know that you’ve added new content. It often takes a while to get your updated content indexed, and pinging makes it faster. You can also ping your backlinks. Whenever you leave a backlink on another website, ping the search engines and they’ll crawl the link quicker.

How Often To Ping?

You can either ping each update or backlink manually on Google’s Blog Search page, or you can use an automated service. There are software programs that ping for you automatically, as well as online services like Ping-O-Matic, Pingler and Pingoat. When you use these programs, you don’t have to worry about it.

Ping can be used for any backlink that you leave, whether it’s a blog comment, a forum post, a forum profile, articles posted to directories or Web 2.0 sites, or absolutely anywhere else you leave a link. Read More→