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Take a second to consider this – you’ve got a market in two different languages. How would you go about marketing to them? For most of us, we’ve never even thought about doing this before. But the world is truly getting smaller and it’s likely in the near future that you’ll have to market to two language groups.

Multiple Accounts or One That’s Bilingual?

The first question is whether you should create a different social media profile for each language or market to two languages simultaneously on one. Let’s say you’re marketing to English and Chinese speakers. Imagine setting up and managing two different social media profiles for each social media site you use – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and so on. That would be a major headache!

You pretty much have to stick to one profile to market to both language groups through it. But this presents serious challenges as well. The next question is whether you should have posts in only one language at a time, or whether you should provide a translation.

There is no right answer, but here are a few things to consider: Read More→


Once you set up a Facebook fan page, it’s a bit like a party where nobody is there yet. You’re waiting around for people to come along and like your page. The usual best practice is to first reach out to friends, family members and associates and ask them to like your page. You may also invite your personal followers. But after that, what do you do? Here are some ideas.

Join Groups

A great way to get exposure for your page which will turn into followers is to join groups. Find groups that are relevant to your niche or where your target market hangs out. Join these groups and participate by commenting on posts and making friends with people. Other members of the group will see you and click on your profile to check out your fan page.

Develop your social media presence correctly!

Develop your social media presence correctly!

Host Contests

Hold a contest where the winner gets a freebie. The best option is to invest in a slightly costly (in other words valuable) giveaway and then offer smaller things for runners up. The catch is that they have to start following you on Facebook. That’s all they have to do and they’re eligible to win. Do this regularly and you’ll keep getting new followers.

Offer Exclusive Content

Offer content on your Facebook site that they can only get by joining. There are special tabs for doing this where you can publish ‘fan only’ content. On your page, tell them how this exclusive content will benefit them. The great thing is that to get that fantastic content, they only need to do one thing – click the ‘like’ button. Read More→

Get the right kind of "Likes"

Get the right kind of “Likes”

When you post something on Facebook or Twitter, you hope to see it liked and shared. That’s the whole point. It means you’re connecting with your audience and it also gets you more exposure for your brand. But if you’re not seeing the likes you’d like, there are some things you can do to get more.

Pay Attention to Peak Times

For every social media site and for every market, there’s a sweet spot when people are online. There are patterns and it differs from one audience to another, but in general, people are checking their social media accounts during the early morning, right after work, and at the end of the day. These are usually the best times to reach them. Read More→

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Social media is useful for lots of things – building your brand, connecting to your audience, seeing what’s trending in your niche. But it’s also great for building traffic. Here are some ways to boost the traffic your social media sites bring you.

Build Backlinks

Drive traffic through your social media sites in the same way you drive it to your regular site – through back linking. Employ the same strategies like article marketing, guest posting, forum posting, and so on, but instead of a link to your site, link to your social media sites.

Use social media to its full potential

Use social media to its full potential

Blog More

Set up a blog for the sole purpose of driving traffic to social media. Along with blog posts that are published frequently, include links to your social media sites and buttons so that readers can like through your blog. Be sure to include a call to action that tells them what they’ll find there.

Exclusive Social Media Content

For each social media profile, update with different content. This gives your audience a reason to find you on each channel. If instead you post the same content on Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn (for example), they have no reason to visit your other social media profiles. Read More→


Facebook is the number one social media site. You can get exposure, build your brand, connect with your people, drive traffic, and sell directly. The more fans you have there, the better.

There’s one quick and easy way to grow your fans but I don’t recommend it. That’s by buying them. You can go to Fiverr or another freelance site and pay for a bunch of people to become friends with you. The main problem with this, though, is that other than looking like you’re popular, it achieves nothing. These aren’t buyers and they won’t interact on your wall. Another problem is that Facebook will close your account if it finds out.

It’s much better to grow your fan base honestly and here are a few ways to do it. Read More→

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Holding a contest on Facebook is a great way to engage your followers, attract new ones, and increase your presence on the world’s biggest social media site. Contests have always been used by companies to promote their products and services, but Facebook makes it even easier. Here’s how it’s done.

Follow the Rules

The first step if you’ve never run a contest before is to get acquainted with the rules. Facebook has strict guidelines on holding a contest and if you break these rules, your fan page can get shut down. Here are the guidelines – Read More→

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YouTube is one of the world’s hottest websites. We turn to it for information as well as entertainment. You can watch videos of idiots jumping off roofs or people getting kicked in the crotch, or watch a tutorial on tying a necktie or yoga videos. If a business gets lots of views, they’re sure to get some customers from it, and the way to get lots of views is to create a viral video.

The Ultimate YouTube Mistake Read More→


Blowing up Your List with Solo Ads

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How do you grow a list quickly? The best way to get traffic to a landing page quickly is through ads. Ad networks allow you to target keywords and they’ll display your ads on search engine results pages. However, this isn’t the only way to get the word out about your list. One very effective alternative is to take out solo ads.

A solo ad is where you pay someone to advertise your site to their list.

Online marketing & advertising has never been easier!

They have a list of subscribers and you pay them to basically recommend you. It can be a one-time deal or there can be multiple messages talking about your site.

Solo ads work well because of trust. The marketer you advertise with has a huge list of subscribers that know and love them already. These subscribers act on the marketer’s recommendations. When they come along and say, ‘Here’s a guy/gal that’s offering something valuable for you,’ their subscribers listen.

Finding Solo Ad Partners

The trickiest part is finding partners that will do a solo ad for you and that actually have a hungry list. Webmaster forums such as the Warrior Forum have places where you can hook up with solo ad partners. These are forums where Internet marketers hang out and network. There are also solo ad network sites. Read More→


Hopefully it hasn’t happened to you – an embarrassing or inappropriate private message somehow ends up visible to everybody on social media. Social media is essential for building a reputation online but it’s scary. It just takes one social media gaffe to wreck that reputation you worked so hard to build. Just ask any one of the major corporations that have screwed up on social media.

A good way to ensure that this doesn’t happen is to manage your privacy settings. Each social media site has privacy settings that allow you to control who sees your content and what content you share.

Before we get into specifics, I want to offer one word of advice – It’s a good idea to just assume that everything you do on social media could potentially go public. You can control your privacy, but if you stick with this guideline, you’ll never have to worry about it. Plus, the data for all of your private messages and other activity is out there somewhere. Socialize with caution!


People gripe about Facebook’s privacy settings because they’re complex and they’re always changing. But actually, Facebook has some of the most comprehensive and controllable settings. You can decide who can see your profile. Each friend request has to be approved by you. You can also decide who sees which of your updates.

The first thing to do is to review your Timeline. The Timeline shows all content you post and all content that’s tagged with you. When people click on your profile, your Timeline is what they see. You can hide anything you want to on your Timeline. I recommend checking it daily to make sure there isn’t anything you don’t want seen.

Another way to protect yourself is to manage privacy settings so that when someone else tags you, it has to be approved by you. Someone can post a picture and put your name on it, and it’ll appear on your feed and Timeline.

All of your privacy settings can be managed under the tab ‘Privacy.’ You can manage the details of your profile, tagging and content, and how you come up in searches.


Twitter is public by nature. It’s meant to be an open network. Still, there are some things you can control. There’s a way to limit followers just like Facebook where they have to be approved by you, but most companies want to grow their followings on Twitter so they don’t use these settings.

What some companies do is set up groups. For example, you may have your main Twitter feed that’s completely open to the public. You can then create other groups where you share more inside information or personal information. Followers on these feeds may be colleagues, friends, or other members of your inner circle.


On Pinterest’s profile page, you’ll find privacy settings if you scroll down. There aren’t very many. There’s a switch that lets you hide your profile from search engines (although most online businesses wouldn’t want to do that because you want to be found).

It also lets you connect to Facebook and Twitter. When you do this, it automatically takes information from those profiles and imports it to Pinterest. It also has a setting that lets you automatically post Pinterest content on those sites.

But beware – if you connect to Facebook and Twitter, it’ll automatically add your friends and followers on those sites. It adds everything, so if there are things on your Facebook and Twitter you don’t want to share on Pinterest, don’t connect to them. Instead, share content manually.

Finally, I’d advise every marketing to create two profiles on each social media site – one for their business and one for their personal life – and don’t connect them. This keeps a boundary between your business and life.

Toby Russell

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Don’t Ignore Social media – Use It to market Yourself

When Google Plus came out a couple of years ago, people weren’t terribly excited about it. Although it was supposed to go up against Facebook and Twitter and give them a run for their money, it didn’t offer too much that those social media networks didn’t. One unique feature, however, that’s definitely worth getting excited about is Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts is a feature that lets you stream live video through the social media network to your contacts or the public. You can do it through your Google Plus profile, or through your website or YouTube channel. It requires no additional software and you can save your hangouts to use again as video content.

What’s really cool about Hangouts is that the feature lets you connect directly to your audience in a personal way. You can also use it as a free way to do video teleconferencing.

Technical Considerations Read More→