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Tips on Promoting a Kindle Book

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Once you’ve finished writing your book to publish on Amazon’s Kindle, you’re over the hard part. The next step is to tell the world about it and drive traffic to it that will turn into sales.

There are many different ways to promote a Kindle book and I thought I’d discuss some of the easiest and most effective methods here.

Bear in mind ebooks can now be read on many different devices & platforms.

Bear in mind ebooks can now be read on many different devices & platforms.

Offer Kindle Select

There’s an option called Kindle Select that allows you to offer your book free for five days out of every month. Why would you want to give it away for free? Because it gets you killer exposure. It’s available only for Amazon Prime members. The catch is that your book has to be offered exclusively on Amazon for 90 days.

Ahead of the free promotion, tell everybody on all of your marketing channels. Make sure they know that the book is offered for free only on those certain days. Ask them kindly to leave reviews.

Solicit Reviews

Which is our second tip – it’s all about reviews. If you have a high quality book on a hot topic but no reviews, you still may not make sales even at a $0.99 price tag. The reason is that there’s simply so much free or cheap stuff out there. Reviews tell customers that this is a book worth not only the small price tag but also the time and trouble to read. Read More→


Laser Target Your Market

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Every business wants lots of sales so it makes sense to try to appeal to everyone. But unfortunately, that’s not what works. You can’t make everyone happy. More often than not, when you appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one. Your message gets bland and diluted.

On the other hand, when you get as specific as possible and really laser target your niche, you’re more likely to get sales. Let’s say you only get fifty visits to your site each day, but those visits are members of your tribe. They’re people to whom your message speaks directly. They’re also people you know well, so you know better how to make them offers they will like. If those fifty are people who are tuned into your message, they’re more likely to buy from you.

By the way, this doesn’t necessarily mean excluding anyone. When you zero in on a very specific niche, you’ll also get stragglers from outside it who related to your message. Read More→


EBooks are digital products that are usually in the form of a PDF file that your readers can download. With the popularity of Amazon’s Kindle reader today, they’re even more profitable. You can pump out title after title that shows your expertise in your niche and build quite a little empire. They can be sold for profit or offered as a freebie for people when they sign up to your list.

Here’s my 1st. – It’s a massive problem today

You can check out some of our own digital eBooks by clicking on the tab saying “Digital Publishing” – go there now and check them out, any queries just email me, also let us know what you think.

Unfortunately, a fair number of eBooks available are garbage. Marketers slap them together without thinking about their quality or they use recycled PLR content that you can find elsewhere. Creating title after title is a great way to build a profitable self-published empire, but it needs to be done right. Your eBooks need to have solid focus.

Listening to Your Audience Read More→


Tips on Promoting Kindle EBooks

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The Real Power of Kindle-Don’t under estimate it!

Amazon’s Kindle has caused an explosion of do-it-yourself authors getting out there and writing their books. Anyone can be an author with global reach. The only trouble is that unless your name is John Grisham, you’ve got to know a bit about marketing as well as writing.

Marketing is actually half (often more than half) the battle. For marketers, Kindle eBooks offer a fast track to expert status, an excellent credential for your author bio, and serious profits. Here are some ideas for promoting your Kindle eBook.

Your Book Description

Before you start promoting your book, spend some time writing a killer description. The description should tell readers what they can expect from the book and how it will help them. Make it keyword-optimized and take advantage of tabs. Also, make sure it has a good cover that’s attention grabbing.

Social Media

One of the best methods is to promote the heck out of your book on social media. You can promote your book and have a link that goes directly to your Amazon page right there on your Facebook Fan Page. But don’t stop there. Use every social media network you can as a way to broadcast to readers that you have a book out. Read More→


It takes money and/or a great deal of effort to constantly create new content, but constant new content is what your fans crave. You need a steady flow of information to keep them engaged. This is probably the biggest expense most online marketers have to pay. If you do it yourself, it takes a great deal of time.

But why create brand new content when you’ve got all those old blog posts lying around not doing anything? I’m a huge proponent of repurposing content and I do it often. You can take your old blog posts and turn them into new content that your audience will love. Read More→


Hi there now today I want to offer up  some ways to generate income that’s continuous once you’ve set it up. Now many of you will be thinking “yea but its lots of work initially for not a lot” and that in itself is a problem because what you should be thinking is if I get a number of these set up and operating on ‘auto pilot’ then combined there’s going to be a nice regular income coming in, so please read on.

Passive income means money that just keeps coming in without you doing extra work for it, ie: hands free. You set something up and do all the work beforehand, and once you launch it, it starts making you money without you doing anything more. Here are five ideas for doing that.

"Hands Free" income or Passive to you & me!

Monetize Your Blog

If you’re got a blog with lots of readers, there are tons of ways you can monetize it. The traditional method is to place ads on your blog. You can also become an affiliate for products your readers would be interesting in and plug them in a subtle way in your blog posts.

Kindle Royalties

Book royalties are great for passive income but it’s hard to get a publishing deal. Luckily, nowadays you don’t have to. You can publish your own books for Amazon’s Kindle reader. After you write and upload them, Amazon sells them for you. If you target a very specific niche and write lots of titles, you’ll increase your income. Read More→



As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I’d uploaded my new Kindle product and was just waiting for it to ‘go live’. Well it has and just to refresh your memories here’s what its all about:

The Diaries of a Serial Property Investor

Click on the Cover to take a look!

The Reality of Property Investment and

How You Might Retire a Millionaire if you’re Lucky!

This book covers our journey through property investing and the buy-to-let market in the UK. I’ll tell you why we started, how we nearly stopped, the highs, lows and absolutely terrible periods but most importantly what we’ve achieved over the last twelve years of our’ adrenaline rush’ journey.

We are not property gurus, this is not a “How To” become a property investor hyped up manual but a “warts and all” diary of our activities that might be interesting for would-be investors.

Ok so what’s all this got to do with internet marketing I hear you ask?

The downside of course is you tend when writing like that to not construct it in the best of English and sometimes it doesn’t make a load of sense. Any way here’s what I learnt from the exercise Read More→