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Your Online Business on Autopilot

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When you first start your online business, you can do it all yourself. But as your business grows, so do all the little things you have to do. Automation helps small entrepreneurs set some of these tasks on autopilot, which frees you up to focus on more important things and allows your business to scale.

You can’t automate everything. That would be wonderful! But there are some aspects of your business that need the human touch.

Automating your online business makes perfect sense!

Automating your online business makes perfect sense!

Automation helps you by taking care of mundane tasks. You still have to do the thinking, strategizing and relationship building. Here is a sampling of some of the things you can automate.

Automated Back linking

For your website’s search engine optimization, you need plenty of links coming in. Going out and getting these links is a time consuming task that’s not always the most exciting. Luckily, there are automation tools that help you find back linking opportunities. These are services and software programs that use keywords chosen by you to bring you lists of sites to link to.

This helps to make it faster and easier, but you still need to choose the sites yourself. If you put it on total autopilot, you may link to sites Google doesn’t like such as link farms and this will get you penalized. Review each site and decide if it’s right for you. Read More→


Tips on Promoting a Kindle Book

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Once you’ve finished writing your book to publish on Amazon’s Kindle, you’re over the hard part. The next step is to tell the world about it and drive traffic to it that will turn into sales.

There are many different ways to promote a Kindle book and I thought I’d discuss some of the easiest and most effective methods here.

Bear in mind ebooks can now be read on many different devices & platforms.

Bear in mind ebooks can now be read on many different devices & platforms.

Offer Kindle Select

There’s an option called Kindle Select that allows you to offer your book free for five days out of every month. Why would you want to give it away for free? Because it gets you killer exposure. It’s available only for Amazon Prime members. The catch is that your book has to be offered exclusively on Amazon for 90 days.

Ahead of the free promotion, tell everybody on all of your marketing channels. Make sure they know that the book is offered for free only on those certain days. Ask them kindly to leave reviews.

Solicit Reviews

Which is our second tip – it’s all about reviews. If you have a high quality book on a hot topic but no reviews, you still may not make sales even at a $0.99 price tag. The reason is that there’s simply so much free or cheap stuff out there. Reviews tell customers that this is a book worth not only the small price tag but also the time and trouble to read. Read More→


News jacking means taking news stories and sharing them with your readers while also injecting your own opinions. It’s not really a new technique. People have been sharing news stories for years both online and off. But what’s different about news jacking is that today’s technology allows you to discover what’s trending and share it in real-time, which makes it more effective than ever.

Finding Stories

Finding News is easy these days, on and off line!

Finding News is easy these days, on and off line!

How do you know which stories are the best to share with your readers? One way is to subscribe to several newsletters that relate to your niche. Whenever you see a story that you think your readers would like, share it immediately.

You can also sign up for alerts. Choose relevant keywords and set up alerts so that whenever a new news story is posted that contains those keywords, you’ll know immediately.

Social media offers some good ways to search as well. There are software programs that help you find trending stories on Twitter, which you can then share with you audience.

Sharing News Stories

There are several ways to share news stories. You can put them on your blog or share them with social media. Social media is a good method because you can write a simple blurb about the story and include a link. Read More→


You simply can’t run your entire Internet business all by yourself. There are tasks you’re not good at or that take too painfully long and waste precious hours of your day. But hiring help that’s too cheap can cost you even more when they deliver shoddy work. I thought I’d list here the places I look for freelance workers. These are places where you can find high quality services at low cost, read on ….. Read More→


Whether you realize it or not, there’s an ebb and flow to you energy throughout the day. You probably feel like you’re sluggish after lunch or you work best at around 10 in the morning. For each person it’s different. If you can discover your energy cycles and work with rather than against them, you can work smarter.

Your Workday

In each workday, most marketers tackle various types of tasks. There are times when: Read More→


Content curation is a term used to refer to pulling together content from various sources and presenting it to the reader. In other words, you’re taking other people’s content and putting it together in one place for your target market.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? After all, you don’t have to create the content yourself. Content curation sounds like a shortcut but it’s actually not. There’s a skill to pulling together just the right information.

Think of it this way – what you’re doing is going out and finding the content your target market is looking for. You’re saving them the trouble of doing it themselves.

Why Curate? Read More→


Drop shipping is a business model where you take orders from customers and a supplier fulfills those orders directly. It’s an ideal business model for online entrepreneurs because you don’t have to manage stock. It makes it easy to sell online. The only problem is that if your supplier is a slouch or scammer, it can ruin your business. They may run out of stock or miscommunicate with you, and then you’ve got unhappy customers on your hands. read on ….. Read More→


If you’re just starting out and you don’t have the budget to outsource, you’re probably writing your own content. It’s a laborious process and it takes a great deal of time. Hiring a content writer to do it for you is a logical step in building your online business, but if you’ve ever dealt with content writers before, you know that not all are made equal. You need to do your homework a bit first and check them out before you hire them. Read More→


If you’ve got some experience under your belt online, you can make additional income as a coach. Coaching means teaching less experienced people and helping them to achieve their business goals. You take on clients and meet with them on a regular basis to help them get through problems and obstacles that keep them from getting where they want to go.

It’s All About Expertise Read More→


All good marketing tells a story. It’s this story even more than the products and their benefits that loyal customers love. Like a thriller novel where you can’t stop turning the page to get to the conclusion, your audience stays tuned in and your message hits them hard.

Marketing tells a story, but how? Let’s take a closer look at how it works so that you can use it to your advantage.

The Plot Arc

Think of any movie or book that you really enjoyed. It probably went something like this:

– The main characters have a conflict, difficult situation, or mission.

– They work toward its resolution but obstacles are in their way.

– They reach the solution to their problem and change along the way.

This is the basic arc of any fictional story. It follows a structure:

Setting -> Conflict -> Climax -> Resolution

In marketing, we use the same story arc. In this case, the conflict is some problem your customer needs to overcome. Instead of a murder case or a wicked evil wizard, they have to face relationship problems, debt, belly flab that won’t go away, anxiety attacks, or a content management system for their business that’s clunky and expensive.

The text of your marketing materials (or videos, audios, etc.) identifies this enemy for them. When they read that, it resonates. They’ve been fighting it for years. Then, the text leads them to the conclusion – your product or service.

Your Persona

The above structure is only the simplest version. There’s also a back-story. That back-story is the story of you, the marketer.

People rarely understand how important persona is in marketing. Your persona is the person you present to the world. Many customers will buy from you solely because they like you or your story resonates with them.

Examples of personas are:

– The single parent who lost their job but figured out a way to make money online that anyone can replicate

– The guy or gal that screwed up relationship after relationship until they figured out a simple system for keeping couples together

– The lonely retiree who decided to open their home up to every stray cat in the neighbourhood and now wants to tell others about caring for kitties

Personas are powerful. People especially love recovery stories. They love to hear about people who were once down and out or at rock bottom but worked their way up. For one thing, this is a great story. It has all of the above elements – a terrible conflict and a dramatic resolution. It’s also a story many people can relate to.

Know Your Enemy

Stories resonate because we identify with the main character, but also because we share their hate for the enemy. Think of the enemies you’ve known from movies and books. There’s just plain nothing good about them. You’re dislike of the enemy is one of the things that keeps you reading and rooting for the hero.

The same goes for marketing. Identify the enemy – fad diets, financial problems, the lousy day job, depression, and the rat race – and paint that enemy in the most menacing, ugly colours possible. Your customers will join your fight to destroy them.

There are many ways to tell a story but these are the most powerful elements. Think of your marketing as a movie or novel and approach it as if you were creating a story for your audience to enjoy. This is how you create a good marketing story.

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