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News jacking means taking news stories and sharing them with your readers while also injecting your own opinions. It’s not really a new technique. People have been sharing news stories for years both online and off. But what’s different about news jacking is that today’s technology allows you to discover what’s trending and share it in real-time, which makes it more effective than ever.

Finding Stories

Finding News is easy these days, on and off line!

Finding News is easy these days, on and off line!

How do you know which stories are the best to share with your readers? One way is to subscribe to several newsletters that relate to your niche. Whenever you see a story that you think your readers would like, share it immediately.

You can also sign up for alerts. Choose relevant keywords and set up alerts so that whenever a new news story is posted that contains those keywords, you’ll know immediately.

Social media offers some good ways to search as well. There are software programs that help you find trending stories on Twitter, which you can then share with you audience.

Sharing News Stories

There are several ways to share news stories. You can put them on your blog or share them with social media. Social media is a good method because you can write a simple blurb about the story and include a link. Read More→


ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, is the agency that gives out all the domain names. In early 2012, they made a decision that might change the Internet landscape forever. They’re offering new generic top level domains (GTLDs). If you don’t know much about domain names, these are commonly called suffixes. For example, .com, .net, .org, .biz.

What does Generic Top Level; Domains mean to you?

Take a minute and think of all the different suffixes that are out there. How many can you think of? If you’re like me, it’s tough to think of more than about 7 or 8. I’ve probably only ever seen about 10 in my life. There are actually 22, but only a few are commonly used.

What ICANN is doing is opening it up so that any word can become a suffix. The possibilities are limitless. You can get GTLDs for popular things like .pizza, .cars, or .cash. You can get ones for ideas like .selfhelp or .spirituality. You can even get your own geographical suffixes like .mississippi or .losangeles.

What This Means for Internet Marketers Read More→



As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I’d uploaded my new Kindle product and was just waiting for it to ‘go live’. Well it has and just to refresh your memories here’s what its all about:

The Diaries of a Serial Property Investor

Click on the Cover to take a look!

The Reality of Property Investment and

How You Might Retire a Millionaire if you’re Lucky!

This book covers our journey through property investing and the buy-to-let market in the UK. I’ll tell you why we started, how we nearly stopped, the highs, lows and absolutely terrible periods but most importantly what we’ve achieved over the last twelve years of our’ adrenaline rush’ journey.

We are not property gurus, this is not a “How To” become a property investor hyped up manual but a “warts and all” diary of our activities that might be interesting for would-be investors.

Ok so what’s all this got to do with internet marketing I hear you ask?

The downside of course is you tend when writing like that to not construct it in the best of English and sometimes it doesn’t make a load of sense. Any way here’s what I learnt from the exercise Read More→


Dateline:– March 31, 2012

Hi there and welcome back to  my weekly round up of who is doing what  from the world of internet marketing. I really hope some of you find this brief coverage useful and if you want to get more detail the links are there for you to explore more in depth if that’s what you’re after.

My Weekly News Round Up

Please let me know what you think, is this info useful, are there other areas you’d like to see coverage of, just leave a comment and let me know & I’ll see what I can do.

Here’s last week’s highlights …….. Read More→


Latest Internet Business Newsflash

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Breaking Business News

Hi there and welcome back to my  regular column covering important information for budding internet marketing entrepreneurs, now this week its about Courses and workshops from the Search Engine Academy.

But you need to be quick because places are being booked up rapidly and unfortunately are only relevant to my visitors from the US, Canada and Australia – sorry you guys from the UK we’ll see what we can find for you in coming weeks. But anyway here goes read on and get in contact if you think their courses are for you……

The Search Engine Academy Announces Classes for April 2012

Dateline: March 27, 2012 – The Search Engine Academy has finally announced their schedule for April 2012 courses on internet marketing for locations in the United States, Canada and Australia today. As of right now, the Search Engine Academy’s courses for internet marketing still have openings for their hands-on internet marketing training course but interested parties are encouraged to sign up now before all of the seats are taken. Read More→


Hi there, another new regular column. I aim to bring you some of the latest news related to the business of internet, web

Breaking Business News

design,  internet marketing, advertising and much more just so you can keep ahead of your game and know what’s going on out there and possibly benefit from it. So here’s my first on, let me knowwhat you think.


Winners of the 2012 Internet Advertising Competition Awards Announced

It’s official! The Web Marketing Association has announced the winners for the 2012 Internet Advertising Competition Awards two days ago. This annual award is given out to honor excellence for online internet marketing and advertising to some of the best online advertisers across the country. The Internet Advertising Competition Awards (known as IAC) are one of the only rewards dedicated to internet marketing. A complete list of winners can be found at the site.

What Determines the Winners? Read More→

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My Weekly News Round Up

Hi there, hope you are all well. This is the start of my new weekly column giving the latest news from the world of Internet Marketing. I  really hope my regular visitors will like this new addition to my content.

Watch out for this logo picture which I’ll use on future NEWS Round Up articles.

So here goes this is from last week, so apologies it should have been uploaded over the weekend but my daughter had to be picked up from university and I’m sorry guys but she comes first – Know what I mean!!

The internet marketing community looked at New York City this week since the SES New York conference took place this Tuesday to Thursday, read on …. Read More→

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Hi there and welcome to a my first News related blogpost. What I shall be doing hopefully on a weekly basis is covering a timely news item from the week just gone on an internet marketing related subject, how it might affect your own internet marketing activity and what you need to be doing about it, so here goes ………

New Changes for San Francisco’s Posterous Blogging Platform 

March 16, 2012 – The social media guru Twitter has announced that there are big changes for San Francisco’s blogging platform known as “Posterous”, according to the Los Angeles Times. Twitter has taken Posterous over for an undisclosed amount as of Monday, March 12, 2012. The group responsible for the Posterous platform will now be contracted to assist Twitter with creating their own integrated blogging platform utilizing Posterous. Read More→