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News jacking means taking news stories and sharing them with your readers while also injecting your own opinions. It’s not really a new technique. People have been sharing news stories for years both online and off. But what’s different about news jacking is that today’s technology allows you to discover what’s trending and share it in real-time, which makes it more effective than ever.

Finding Stories

Finding News is easy these days, on and off line!

Finding News is easy these days, on and off line!

How do you know which stories are the best to share with your readers? One way is to subscribe to several newsletters that relate to your niche. Whenever you see a story that you think your readers would like, share it immediately.

You can also sign up for alerts. Choose relevant keywords and set up alerts so that whenever a new news story is posted that contains those keywords, you’ll know immediately.

Social media offers some good ways to search as well. There are software programs that help you find trending stories on Twitter, which you can then share with you audience.

Sharing News Stories

There are several ways to share news stories. You can put them on your blog or share them with social media. Social media is a good method because you can write a simple blurb about the story and include a link. Read More→


All good marketing tells a story. It’s this story even more than the products and their benefits that loyal customers love. Like a thriller novel where you can’t stop turning the page to get to the conclusion, your audience stays tuned in and your message hits them hard.

Marketing tells a story, but how? Let’s take a closer look at how it works so that you can use it to your advantage.

The Plot Arc

Think of any movie or book that you really enjoyed. It probably went something like this:

– The main characters have a conflict, difficult situation, or mission.

– They work toward its resolution but obstacles are in their way.

– They reach the solution to their problem and change along the way.

This is the basic arc of any fictional story. It follows a structure:

Setting -> Conflict -> Climax -> Resolution

In marketing, we use the same story arc. In this case, the conflict is some problem your customer needs to overcome. Instead of a murder case or a wicked evil wizard, they have to face relationship problems, debt, belly flab that won’t go away, anxiety attacks, or a content management system for their business that’s clunky and expensive.

The text of your marketing materials (or videos, audios, etc.) identifies this enemy for them. When they read that, it resonates. They’ve been fighting it for years. Then, the text leads them to the conclusion – your product or service.

Your Persona

The above structure is only the simplest version. There’s also a back-story. That back-story is the story of you, the marketer.

People rarely understand how important persona is in marketing. Your persona is the person you present to the world. Many customers will buy from you solely because they like you or your story resonates with them.

Examples of personas are:

– The single parent who lost their job but figured out a way to make money online that anyone can replicate

– The guy or gal that screwed up relationship after relationship until they figured out a simple system for keeping couples together

– The lonely retiree who decided to open their home up to every stray cat in the neighbourhood and now wants to tell others about caring for kitties

Personas are powerful. People especially love recovery stories. They love to hear about people who were once down and out or at rock bottom but worked their way up. For one thing, this is a great story. It has all of the above elements – a terrible conflict and a dramatic resolution. It’s also a story many people can relate to.

Know Your Enemy

Stories resonate because we identify with the main character, but also because we share their hate for the enemy. Think of the enemies you’ve known from movies and books. There’s just plain nothing good about them. You’re dislike of the enemy is one of the things that keeps you reading and rooting for the hero.

The same goes for marketing. Identify the enemy – fad diets, financial problems, the lousy day job, depression, and the rat race – and paint that enemy in the most menacing, ugly colours possible. Your customers will join your fight to destroy them.

There are many ways to tell a story but these are the most powerful elements. Think of your marketing as a movie or novel and approach it as if you were creating a story for your audience to enjoy. This is how you create a good marketing story.

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Tips on Marketing Your PLR

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PLR stands for ‘private label rights.’ This is content that you sell to other marketers at a low price and they can use this content however they wish. Most marketers rewrite their PLR so that it’s original and use it as content for their websites, email lists, blogs, etc. It offers a low-cost shortcut for content creation.

A few years ago, PLR blew up in a big way. Many marketers jumped into the fray, pumping out PLR and offering it at super-low prices. Now that the market is flooded with PLR, it’s harder to sell. The key is to differentiate your content somehow so that it’s unique. Here are some ways to do that. Read More→


Every time Google updates its algorithms, the article directories drop in the search results. Ezine Articles has long been the king of article directories, but even it doesn’t pull the traffic it used to.

The article directory model worked great in years past. You write articles and submit them to free directories, and they have links back to your site. You get search engine power for your site as well as readers who enjoy your articles and click through for more.

Producing good content takes time, make sure you get good exposure

If you think outside the box, there are some excellent alternatives to article directories that still get traffic and in my opinion always will.

Niche Directories

Ezine and its ilk are directories that have articles in every category imaginable. There are also niche-specific article directories that only offer articles on certain topics. There are self-help directories, health directories, B2B directories and others online catering to particular audiences. These are sites where people in those industries or who are interested in those topics go to find content. They have the same type of submission process as regular article directories.

Press Releases

Most people don’t realize how easy it is to turn an article into a press release. Press releases announce some type of news but they can be about anything. They have a certain format you have to follow, but other than that it’s basically the same. You can write articles and turn them into press releases. There are a number of press release directories where you can post them, and some of them generate a fair amount of traffic. Read More→


It takes money and/or a great deal of effort to constantly create new content, but constant new content is what your fans crave. You need a steady flow of information to keep them engaged. This is probably the biggest expense most online marketers have to pay. If you do it yourself, it takes a great deal of time.

But why create brand new content when you’ve got all those old blog posts lying around not doing anything? I’m a huge proponent of repurposing content and I do it often. You can take your old blog posts and turn them into new content that your audience will love. Read More→


On the Web, content marketing is what we do. It means that you put content out there that grabs the reader’s attention and gives them some form of value. They benefit from it and check out your site to see what else you have to offer, and there you try to sell them products and services.

Unfortunately, the Web is flooded with content. Yours has to shout louder than the rest. If you don’t consider yourself a great writer, this can be a serious challenge, but here are a few ideas for spicing up your content and offering more. Read More→


Most people online find producing content a never ending job but is one that is vital in terms of generating targeted traffic to your websites and blogs, here’s some pointers to give you a helping hand.


Writing Success Is About Having A Plan

Everybody tells you that content is one area where you can’t take shortcuts. Content is king and your content needs to be stellar. But I’ve discovered a few shortcuts that make it easier without compromising quality. Read More→


Hi there as many of you who are regular visitors to our blog, we have always been heavy promoters of article marketing but these days there’s a lot of debate over its value since Goggle changed its algorithms –

The Google Panda Update!

the Panda Update, so here’s our views ……

Article marketing used to be one of the go-to methods for driving traffic to a website. Before Google Panda arrived companies could use a mixture of low, medium and high quality articles on article submission directories such as Ezine, Associated Content and Helium to drive readers to their own site for revenue. Most of these sites enjoyed some of the highest rankings available on the internet, but once Google Panda released they were hit hard for hosting some of the more low-quality article productions on the internet. Now that Google Panda keeps an eye out for low quality articles, especially those spun by software, a lot of internet marketing companies are wondering if article marketing is even worth it. Read More→


Facebook Notes is a grea article marketing method

Facebook, one of the world’s biggest websites, now has a great app that let’s you do article marketing using its powerful platform. The app is called Notes.

The way it works is that you write articles just like you’d use for article directory marketing and paste them into your notes. These can be articles that offer valuable information about your niche or that pre sell your product. Lots of folks use them to write reviews.

The cool thing about it is that not only do Facebook users see it, but Google searchers see it as well. Google is indexing the content found in notes. This means that your articles can show up at the top of search results pages if they’re optimized properly.

How to Do It Read More→


Hi there, now today I’m going to be really honest with you, Ive overlooked something. I bought this piece of software some time back, didn’t get round to using it until recently and ever since trying it Ive been kicking myself this it s taken me this long to discover just how good and useful it is – blimey what a huge amount of time could have saved !!!

Dragon Naturally Speaking - A Great Marketing Tool

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a software program that writes your content for you. All you have to do is dictate your article or web content, and it writes it. You don’t even have to touch the keyboard at all. This is an excellent program that can cut your writing time down to about a third.

You say a sentence and after a second, it appears on the screen. When you want to add punctuation, you just tell it so. For example, say ‘comma,’ and a comma appears. When you’re ready to start a new paragraph, tell it ‘new paragraph.’ You can even tell it which words or phrases to bold, underline or italicize.

You Need To Train It!

The only downside of Dragon Naturally Speaking is that you have to train it first. What this means is that it has to get used to your voice. You do this by reading scripts that come with the program. It adjusts itself to your voice, intonation and accent. Read More→