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5 Content Writing Shortcuts to Help You Get More Done


Most people online find producing content a never ending job but is one that is vital in terms of generating targeted traffic to your websites and blogs, here’s some pointers to give you a helping hand.


Writing Success Is About Having A Plan

Everybody tells you that content is one area where you can’t take shortcuts. Content is king and your content needs to be stellar. But I’ve discovered a few shortcuts that make it easier without compromising quality.

Use PLR – But Make It Yours

You probably know already about PLR – private label rights. This is content that you can buy and then publish as your own. It’s one of the best-known content writing shortcuts, but the problem is that most folks don’t use it right.

You’re supposed to change your PLR. Otherwise, you’re publishing the same articles somebody else has published. You can hire a writer to rewrite it cheaply or do it yourself if you can type fast. The good thing about rewriting yourself is that you use your own voice.

Repurpose Your Old Content

You can take old content or PLR content and repurpose it. Repurposing means changing it from one format to another. For example, turn your email messages into articles. Turn your articles into eBook chapters. Create videos, podcasts or checklists from your articles.

When you repurpose, there may be some rewriting, editing or tweaking involved. You might take two articles and put them together into one, or split up a long article into a few short blog posts. The whole idea is to make sure you’ve created something original.

Outsource and Edit

One of my favourite techniques lately is to find extremely cheap writers, outsource content creation to them, and then rewrite it myself. It may sound odd – outsource but then rewrite? But the super-low rates you can find make it worthwhile.

The content doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t even need native speakers to write it for you. All you need is an article skeleton that you can then flesh out. It takes lots of time out of the process at minimal cost.

Make a Fact File

Researching each article is the most annoying part of content writing for me, but I found a way to speed it up. Instead of researching each article, spend an afternoon researching all about your topic. Create a ‘fact file’ and use this to generate multiple articles.

For example, I might make a list of questions about my niche that my customers would ask. You can use general websites like Wikipedia to compile facts and stats. Then, when you write your article, decide on the angle you’re going to take, open your fact file, and you’ve got it all there.

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Article Writing Templates

Finally, article writing templates are a godsend. These are generic article ideas that you just plug your information into. A few examples would be:


– Top Five List

– The Old Way and the New Way (or Right Way and Wrong Way)

– Myths and Fact

– Common Mistakes

You can easily compile your own list by just reading articles on Ezine or another directory and getting ideas. Then, just plug your information in and you’re ready to write.

Remember that writing web content isn’t rocket science. All you need to do is give your readers something they can use and make it engaging for them.

Toby & Sam Russell



  1. As a content writer these five shortcuts makes me to improve writing skills. My advice is following these shortcuts we can easily improve our writing.

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