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By far, the search engines offer the most popular ad networks. They get you the most targeted traffic that will buy. Many marketers are venturing into Facebook Ads and seeing how that works for them.

Online Advertising can take many forms

Facebook is the biggest social media site, but lots of other sites offer ad networks and most marketers don’t even bother considering them. The truth is that you can do really well with these other ad networks if you play your cards right.

StumbleUpon Ads

StumbleUpon is a site for discovering interesting stuff and sharing it with friends. It’s a social bookmarking site similar to Technorati and Digg. The way it works is that you create a profile and it uses algorithms to present sites to you that it thinks you’ll like. It has a program called Paid Discovery where you can pay to have your site appear for certain demographics or interests. Read More→


It takes time to build a list. Once you’re landing page is up, you’ll see sign-ups come trickling in. But every marketer would love for that trickle to be more like a flood. So, how do you get traffic to a landing page quickly?

Ads that Drive Traffic

Read on…… Read More→


Hi there now everyone has a view about social networking sites especially Facebook. For most of us Facebook & Twitter, but especially Facebook has been a method of keeping touch with many friends and family members wherever they may be worldwide. But as with any web activity there’s an opportunity to use Facebook in a commercial manner as well

Build ‘You’ as a Brand and more!

Everybody knows about the power of Facebook.  Everybody on the planet is on this site and most of them are there daily.  Its therefore has become a key ingredient to any successful internet marketing strategy.  There are lots of ways you can use it,building you as a ‘brand’ is just one way however today  we’re going to look at another one in particular – Facebook Ads, make money whilst you’re on the beach!!

Have you noticed yet the ads that pop up on the right side of the screen?  And did you notice how much they related to your profile?  This is the magic of Facebook Ads.  Anyone can create their own Facebook Ads and it’s ridiculously easy to do.

They work in much the same way as Google AdWords.  You can choose to pay per impression, pay a monthly fee or pay per click.  It takes just a minute to enter in your ad title and body, and then add an image and you’re ready to go.

Closely Target Your Clients – Here’s How! Read More→


Hi there and welcome have you taken my advice and visited Google and set up your adwords account yet – I sincerely hope you have. Its not difficult but the best learning curve you can have is ‘doing it’ – test and test again gambling with very small amount of money to begin with until you’re totally comfortable with the system and how to use it. Read More→


We all know that Traffic is what it’s all about if you want to make money on line.  Naturally every site is trying to get as much of it as possible, but its not just size but also the quality and targeted nature of traffic that’s also vitally important. This is where the ability to ‘market’ your site through the medium of the ‘internet’ comes in, hence the term Internet marketing. 

Websites must be seen and read, that’s a given. You can spend tons of money and all of your time making the most beautiful, useful and informative site on the web, and without traffic it will get you nowhere.

Each person that visits your site is a potential customer for the products or services that you’re offering, for many of us the primary function is to entice visitors to join our ‘list’ this offers the ability to market to them many times into the future.  Some sites fail because they don’t get traffic or don’t get the right kind of traffic; but many sites have risen to the top by focusing on their niches or sub-niches. Read More→

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Skyrocket Your Website Traffic Now

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2 Effective Ways To Boost Your Traffic

Hi there hope you are all well, today I want to talk more about traffic, we all know that if you have a worthwhile business idea which you can then take online the Internet Plus that Business idea can Equal extremely worthwhile Profits providing you get your internet marketing right and drive targeted traffic to your site.   

But if there’s one thing missing however that is a lack of traffic then profits will not roll in, and this is essential thing to success online.  You won’t find any article or blog post about making money on line that doesn’t mention traffic as the main deciding factor, can you get it? In sufficient quantity and quality ? Etc, etc

At the very core, it’s all about traffic if you want to have a successful online business.  You need a great product to sell, or someone else’s product to offer, excellent content that gives your visitors value, organizational skills to keep on track, and all of this is focused toward one goal – Generating traffic to attract targeted hungry buyers.

If you’ve got a site already and it’s not getting the traffic you want, it’s time to rethink things and your strategies. All areas of business are competitive these days and it’s essential you stay ahead of your competition Read More→


Hello there and in this post as promised I’ll cover the simple mechanics of Google Adwords so you can get up and running with an account in no time. I tell you its really simple and easy to do & is possibly one of the most important tools in you Internet marketing and information publishing arsenal.

Who do You Want to  TARGET with Your Marketing?

Again casting my mind back to when I was pounding the streets as an ad sales rep for a local newspaper I can remember how those advertisers who were a bit savvy would look to book the primary positions – front and back page or early right hand page – that kind of thing. In fact there was one guy, had a sports shop – I’d go & see him once a year, he’d only book front or back page slots, called solus positions in those days because they were as you’ve guessed, on their own.

I often wondered why, he always paid a premium, never tried to get a discount and likewise would never take other positions even if they were ‘good discounted deals” – then I suddenly realised what he was after was ‘targeted’ traffic – he only wanted those people interested in his merchandise to respond, no time wasters and by standing out on the page he got terrific exposure and a steady stream of people who were looking for sports gear – clever, I tell you if he was still around now he’d have been one of the first online – clever guy.

Anyway here’s how to get started with Adwords, and remember the word – “TARGETED” here we go ……. Read More→


Hi there marketing your online business is vital and by using both paid for and free methods you get an effective mix of coverage, today I’m going over why you simply must be using Google Adwords and what every beginner needs to know ….

Get Your Sale Message Across Effectively

The basic idea behind all advertising is to put your message in front of as many people as possible at the lowest cost, but even better is if you can combine that with getting to highly targeted people who you know will be interested in your product.

The best option for making this happen is to use pay per click advertising.  Pay per click (PPC as its known in the trade) ads do more than just generate traffic to your site; it’s your shop window to targeted consumers who have a need to satisfy therefore it’s easier to make a profit.

The most popular medium for pay per click advertisements is Google AdWords.  Google being the gorilla of search engines ensures your ads receive the widest exposure on the web. But don’t overlook the other search engines who also have PPC ad packages and strategies, but for ease I’m just covering the principals of Google Adwords and PPC advertising in general. Read More→


How To Drive Traffic To Your Site Using Yahoo Overture

Hello and welcome to the next step in my series of blogposts covering traffic generation by using paid-for ads on search engines. Now I have to be honest & say my experience has been really with Google Adwords primarily, done a bit with Yahoo but I’m not an expert, but for clarity and for those who’ve seen my other posts on search engine advertising I thought it was only right to cover Yahoo as well, so here goes … Read More→

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Hi there now for most of us in the Internet marketing or information publishing business we will all come across and undoubtedly use pay per click advertising at some stage. Now for those just starting out, it can all be a bit confusing so here’s a real beginner’s guide to the main three – who they are, what they are and what you can expect. But as I’ve identified many times before you really need once you’ve been through this brief outline to go off and have a go, there’s nothing like DIY, you need to see and understand the nuts and bolts….

What Is Pay Per Click ?

Pay per click advertising, or PPC for short, is online advertising that works for any organisation with an online presence and is certainly a method for helping you make money online by driving highly targeted traffic to your site.

Here’s the History Bit

It started in 1997 with Yahoo’s Search Marketing and since then has grown into a variety of different programs.  There are a number of different options you can try.  The top 3 pay per click search engine advertising programs is Google AdWords, Yahoo’s Search Marketing and Microsoft AdCenter. Read More→

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