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How to Beat Procrastination

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Procrastination is the enemy of marketers and freelancers because you have no time clock, no boss, and no obligation to work. You’re on your own and you’re only accountable to yourself. When the temptation to procrastinate strikes, the only line of defence is you.

Here are some ideas I’ve used before that have helped me overcome procrastination when it rears its ugly head.

Recognize Your Procrastination

Don't put it off!!

Don’t put it off!!

A lot of times, we procrastinate without realizing it. For example, checking your email throughout the day may be a form of procrastination. Do you really need to check it every hour? I constantly organize my schedule as a form of procrastination.

These procrastination activities may be important tasks, but you’re still using them to put things off. Take a good look at all of your habits and ask yourself – Am I really just buying time? The first step is to know your enemy.

Consider Value

Whatever task you’ve got before you is going to bring you some kind of value. There’s a payoff, or otherwise you wouldn’t do it. When you’re procrastinating, you don’t realize that value. Your expectations of its outcome aren’t high enough to get you off the couch and get you started. Read More→


Working for yourself is wonderful because you have no boss. It’s also difficult sometimes because… you have no boss! That’s right – you have to be the boss looking over your shoulder making sure you stay on task and aren’t spending all day on Facebook or playing solitaire.

There are lots of ways to motivate yourself and I recommend trying several of them. These are what work for me. Read More→


Whether you realize it or not, there’s an ebb and flow to you energy throughout the day. You probably feel like you’re sluggish after lunch or you work best at around 10 in the morning. For each person it’s different. If you can discover your energy cycles and work with rather than against them, you can work smarter.

Your Workday

In each workday, most marketers tackle various types of tasks. There are times when: Read More→


What’s the first thing you do each day? You may not realize this, but it’s probably the most important thing you’ll do all day because it sets the tone of the many hours that come after.

Right now, you have a morning ritual. You probably don’t think about it. But by creating a morning ‘success’ ritual and sticking to it, you take control of this process. You know the expression ‘woke up on the wrong side of the bed?’ Your morning success ritual ensures that you wake up on the right side geared up and ready for a day of prosperity.

The Process of Creating Positivity Read More→


Working from Home carries its own health warnings

When you first start working at home full-time, you start to notice changes. These are usually good changes. No more rat race, no more commuting to work, and the old cliché about working in your pyjamas. They’re all wonderful things. But one of the other things you notice that’s not so wonderful is that your health takes a turn for the worst. Let’s look at a few of the biggest problems and how I recommend solving them.

Battling the Bulge

When you spend all day sitting at a computer, it’s only natural that you’ll put on a few pounds and they’ll collect in the belly area. If you’re not exercise-inclined, it can be a real challenge getting rid of them. The best way to do it is to come up with a simple exercise plan that’s easy to stick to. Even something as simple as walking for thirty minutes a day will help. Read More→


When you’re a solopreneur who works for yourself, taking a vacation might seem totally impossible. The truth is that it’s tough but you can do it if you plan in advance. And I mean way in advance. There are always things that pop up when you least expect them.

Sam & I have just had 2 weeks away in Spain, very enjoyable it was as well so we know exactly how difficult it can be to get the balance right of work and play but it’s a vital element to get just right.


You Don’t Have to Leave The beach!!!

Working on Your Vacation

The first step in planning your vacation is deciding if you’re going to work at all or not. Some folks take the mornings, for example, to work, and then spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying their trip. If you decide to work on your vacation, keep in mind that there’s no way you can do everything you usually get done.

I recommend setting some limits. Otherwise, you might find yourself spending your trip only working. Decide on which days you’ll work and for how many hours. Make this schedule and stick to it no matter how much you feel like you’ve got to do. Read More→


It’s hard to make sufficient money on just one website. Most successful Internet marketers create a bunch of sites and have multiple income streams. Another advantage is that you’re not putting all of your eggs in one basket. If one site tanks, you’ve still got the rest to keep you afloat.

Don’t Run Before You Can Walk!

Managing multiple websites isn’t easy though, so here are some tips on making it work.

Certainly for Sam, my wife and I that’s what we’ve tried to do. Not only do we have multiple sites but they are spread across numerous different niches as well.

Start with Just One

First of all, I’d be the last person in the world to advocate starting a bunch at once. Create just one website and get it up and running before you start the next. Set your own goal and wait until you’ve reached that goal before you start another one. For example, your goal might be to make your first ten sales. You need to be comfortable with that first one before you start building more. Read More→


Don’t end up like this!

When you work online, it means long hours in front of the computer. I don’t care how much coffee or sugar you consume; you’re not going to make it if you don’t have some solid strategies for keeping your brain in concentration mode. All of us could use a bit more of that, so here are some tips to help you focus better on the tasks at hand.

Multi-tasking Is the Enemy

First of all, let’s define concentration. It means keeping your mind on one thing at a time. It’s the polar opposite of multitasking, which means doing a bunch of things at once. The problem with multitasking is that you can’t do any of those tasks well, and that’s why we need focus. Stay with one thing until you’re done with it and don’t try to juggle. Read More→


‘Treat it like a business.’ That’s an old cliche you hear all the time in the IM world. It’s funny because everybody treats it like a business, right? After all, you’ve got to if you want to make money.

Gear Up Your Mind!

Well, this phrase is one of those things we all say but I’m not sure everybody understands what it means. Let’s look a little more closely at this expression.

A Clear Plan

When you’ve got a business, you need a clear plan. This means an idea of where it’s going to go in the future. When you know this, you can choose the right steps you take to get it there.

Lots of us fly by the seat of our pants. We hop on new entrepreneurial ideas and get excited by shiny objects. Businesses do this too, but these are little side ventures. There’s always a main path that the business is on.

Think about your business now and envision it in the long-term. Pick a future date like, for example, ten years from now. Where do you want it to be? Be as specific as possible and ask yourself how your efforts today are helping you work toward that. Read More→


Do you want to boost your productivity? Do you find yourself not being as productive as you want to be? Well, most of what you’ve heard about productivity – all the ‘common sense’ – is utterly false. Here are 3 of the biggest myths floating around about getting more done.

Getting Stressed is NOT Productive!

Myth – Longer Hours Means Better Productivity

What do you do when you really need to get some work cranked out? You make a strong pot of coffee and burn the midnight oil. And you end up burning yourself out in the process.

Studies have shown over and over again that longer hours kill productivity. Any hours that you work over 40 a week are pretty much wasted. Staying up late after your usual working time doesn’t get the job done.

The reason is that there are only so many hours you can maintain focus. When your focus goes, it takes you much longer to get the same amount of work done. You slow down, get distracted more and make mistakes. Read More→