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Archive for Mental Control & Mindset

Focus is more important than most people realize it.  Without it, you can’t get anything done, and when you start to lose it, your work suffers.  Learning how to keep your focus is a mental skill that takes some practice.  Here are 5 tips to help you harness it and keep it throughout the day.

Warm Up

Each day or each block of work should start with a warm up.  Just like stretching before you exercise, you need to get your mind flexible and ‘in the zone.’  Pick a certain activity that you like doing and that relaxes you.  The best activities are those that banish all other thoughts from your mind, like meditation or light exercise.

Take Lots Of Breaks

This is absolutely the best productivity tip in the world – take lots of breaks.  Throughout the day, get up often to get away from the computer.  Engage yourself in something physical for a few minutes.  You might want to time your working and breaking.  For example, work for 40 minutes and then take a 20-minute break.  This keeps you from burning out. Read More→


Hi there now today is New Year’s Eve here in the UK and it’s just over a year since my wife Sam and I started this blog to help others who are starting out online.

I have to tell you it’s been a rollercoaster year with many, many ups and downs.

Disney at Xmas - Amazing!

It started with a family trip to Florida and all the theme parks – an absolutely awesome holiday that both our children enjoyed enormously.

The ups

– Well our daughter managed to get a place at university and therefore left home for the first time and is becoming a truly independent individual.

A terrific holiday in Turkey with all the family in the summer and a great “boys weekend” with some of my friends.

But the downs as well

Both Sam & I have had fairly serious operations in the last 12 months.

And with the stresses of everyday life – an economy in recession and a number of major issues with our property portfolio that have created massive cash flow problems – its all been pretty scary at times. Read More→


When you’re an Internet marketer, there are lots of things to learn.  You’ve got technical stuff to master, like how to optimize your page for search engines.  You’ve got applications and software programs that you have to learn to use.  You may have to learn copywriting or web design.  But there’s an important thing that nobody ever teaches you, and it can make or break your Internet marketing career – positive thinking.

No, sitting there and thinking positive thoughts or repeating affirmations isn’t going to turn you into a successful online entrepreneur.  You still have to take action and DO things.  But where positive thinking really helps is when you encounter failure and difficulties.  At that point it can save your life.

Don’t Give Up

Internet marketing is a strange career choice and you often don’t get the support you need.  Your friends, family, spouse and other acquaintances may think you’re crazy because you’re trying to make money from the Internet.  They fear what they can’t understand.  You’re doing something new and unusual, and because there’s no roadmap, frustrations and difficulties along the way can totally derail you. Read More→


Let’s face it – Internet marketing is a unique job (or ‘calling’ as many feel it to be).  It takes a certain personality and, even more importantly, a certain mindset to be successful at it.  This is a topic that is endless, but I want to offer here what I consider the most essential mindset tips for IM.

Every Failure Is A Learning Experience

The best marketers out there fail and fail again.  In fact, it’s through their years of miserable failure that they learn to be gurus and masters in their field.

When you’re an Internet marketer, you’ve got to stay positive.  Even when everything falls apart utterly and your marketing campaign is sunk, there is always a lesson to be gained.  If you can turn all of these setbacks into lessons at IM University, nothing can keep you down.

It’s Not All About The Money

When you get onto an IM forum, you can see how everybody’s talking about money.  But actually there’s much more to it than that.  The marketers who succeed do so because they offer real value.  They build long-term relationships with their target market and nurture this over time. 

When you’re just starting out, focus on learning, making connections, and building a following.  Think value first.  Once things are in place, the money will start rolling in. Read More→


Making a living as an Internet marketer working online is awesome.  You have no boss breathing down your neck.  You don’t have work hours, a time clock, or stupid office rules. Terrific I hear you say, certainly for Sam & myself that’s the goal we are heading for, but its all about discipline and commitment which I know sounds really boring and not what you want to hear, but believe me there’s more internet marketers ‘scratching’ a living because they find it too difficult to adhere to the rules, so ….

Yes this is truly a wonderful way to make a living – as long as you can stop playing XBox and watching YouTube videos long enough to get something done!

With no boss telling you to get off Facebook and get to work, how do you push yourself to get things done?  Time management skills are essential when you’re your own boss, and especially when you’re online. Read More→


Hi there

It constantly amazes me how many people start an internet business with loads of enthusiasm just to give up at the first hurdle. Ok not necessarily at the first but just really do not stick with it. I guess for many it’s about believing all the hype that surrounds all the latest online methods of making money and just being a little bit naive.

Are You A Quitter?

Now believe me I’m not criticising because both Sam & I have been there and on several occasions, yes we’ve been guilty of buying the next ‘big thing’ and got terribly frustrated when it didn’t work (or perhaps we didn’t put enough effort in?). We’ve even had occasions when we’ve got so fed up we’ve simply walked away from our online business activities for periods of time (months and months in some instances)

But you know what brings us back time and time again is the pure fact that we all know there’s a future doing business online without some of the costs/issues of staff and problems associated with running a traditional offline business

The Future?

And most importantly online is the real growth area, you only have to look at ebook sales as an example, 200%  year on year growth  last year alone, look at Kindle – 500 books being added daily, yes daily I kid you not  & it only started in August 2010.

So its all about work ethic I guess?

Well yes to a degree but it’s also about being inspired especially when you’re feeling less than happy with your progress and ready to chuck in the towel.

I want to share 2 things with you Read More→


Hi there

It constantly amazes me how many people start an internet business with loads of enthusiasm just to give up at the first hurdle. Ok not necessarily at the first but just really do not stick with it. I guess for many it’s about believing all the hype that surrounds all the latest online methods of making money and just being a little bit naive.

Are You A Quitter? Read More→


H there

I don’t know about you but for Sam my wife and I getting involved in internet marketing is all about personal freedom both time and financial and because you want a better live for yourselves and family.

Certainly in the early days you tend to believe the dream of the sales letter pitch “operate your online business from anywhere, 2 hours a day”, you know the kind of thing – photos of a guy sitting on a glorious beach, tapping away on his laptop – Paypal account spitting out payment notification emails.

It’s Just a Dream (Or is it?)

Now I know what you’re thinking, especially if you’ve had a bad day – its all hype, it doesn’t work, there’s no one achieving this – its just a pipe dream, and I have to confess we’ve been though many periods when we both felt that way and have on several occasions just given up for a while – so yes we know the feeling. Read More→

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Turning A Twitter App Into a $40 million Fortune

Hi there I just want to share what I believe is a really inspirational story that caught my eye in a newspaper here in the UK last weekend. and really just illustrates why being online, using internet and viral marketing and all the hard work we all put in towards  making it online can and is possible but its important to keep the faith and just don’t give up.

True Story I kid you not!

Ok so here goes, the story covered how a very normal, man next door, married, 2 kids in his thirties developed a fairly simple (it appears) piece of software whilst he was out of work that he has just sold to Twitter (yep Twitter no less) for a cool £25 million sterling Ok so that’s over $40 million dollars.

Hey and the real beauty of it is his little company that developed it has only been going 3 years and last year only made just over £10,000 ($16,000). Wow what a payday, is that not totally incredible.

A really simple Idea Read More→


Hi hope your online efforts are starting to pay off. Lets face it ‘Rome certainly wasn’t built in a day’ applies very much to Sam’s and my online activity. It’s a continual ‘work in progress’, which seems to take a lot of effort and time – sometimes I think too much. Read More→

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