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Tips on Marketing Your PLR


PLR stands for ‘private label rights.’ This is content that you sell to other marketers at a low price and they can use this content however they wish. Most marketers rewrite their PLR so that it’s original and use it as content for their websites, email lists, blogs, etc. It offers a low-cost shortcut for content creation.

A few years ago, PLR blew up in a big way. Many marketers jumped into the fray, pumping out PLR and offering it at super-low prices. Now that the market is flooded with PLR, it’s harder to sell. The key is to differentiate your content somehow so that it’s unique. Here are some ways to do that.

Cheap Is Not a Business Model

Probably the obvious thing that pops into your head is – ‘I’ll just sell mine cheaper than the other guy’s/gals.’ The only problem is that as a way to make any product unique, cheapness is no good. There will always be somebody that comes along offering it cheaper. Plus, most marketers who buy PLR are looking for something good. Cheap usually equals low quality and people know that. Poor PLR requires so much rewriting and touching up that it’s not worth it, even if it were given away free.

Target a Niche

Targeting a niche is a good approach. When you focus on a particular niche, you’ll find marketers in that niche who will buy lots of content from you. If you’re into self-help, for example, create a self-help PLR store where you offer packages on meditation, spirituality, daily affirmations, astrology, hypnosis, etc. Look at an article directory like Ezine Articles and steal their categories for your site (look under the ‘Self-Help’ category and you’ll find sub-categories).

As in all things online, the more specific the niche, the better. I knew a marketer that did really well with a site that offered nothing but pet PLR! Just make sure there are buyers before you jump in.

Offer Added Value

If you’ve bought a little PLR, you know that most packages offer the same thing. They have ready-made articles written around keywords in a certain niche. One of the big things now is to offer something extra with your PLR articles. For example, in addition to articles, give purchasers a short outline for each article or create an audio file of you reading each article.

Inject a Little Personality

The highest quality PLR is written by one person, not a team of random writers (often of limited English ability because they’re the cheapest). You can set yours apart by highlighting your writer. Put on your site that all PLR is written and edited by this writer to ensure its quality.

Outside-the-Box PLR

You can set your PLR business apart by offering something slightly different. Think of a marketer and what they might need other than just articles. Create PLR that’s Twitter tweets, Facebook updates, auto responder list messages, video scripts, lists, and business case studies – anything that they might want. Offer combined packages where they get 10 articles, 20 tweets, and 5 video scripts at a reduced price.

I recommend buying some PLR from all price ranges and checking out what others are offering. This will give you ideas on how to set yours apart. The different price ranges allow you to see what good PLR is versus the bad.

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