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Ultimately, it’s your ad copy that makes or breaks your Internet marketing campaign.  If you’re intimidated by the idea of ‘copywriting’ and writing your own copy, you shouldn’t be.  It’s much simpler than you think and it just takes a change of mindset.

 Writing ad copy isn’t like other types of writing.

 In fact, it’s really not ‘writing’ at all – it’s selling with words.  If you can write an email to a friend, you can write a sales page.  It’s not the wording that’s important but what you do with it.  There are just a few simple guidelines for you to follow.

The Magic Word Is ‘You’

When you write ad copy, you’re not really writing about your product or service.  You’re writing about them – the prospects.  Don’t talk on and on about this product and what it does.  Don’t refer to yourself.  Instead, focus everything on them.  How is the product going to make their lives better?  Use the word ‘you’ often; it has a magical effect when used in ad copy.

Benefits, Not Features

If you’re describing a product, you might be tempted to talk about its features.  Maybe it’s a camera that has a high-spec lens.  Maybe it’s an SEO service you’re offering where you have insider contacts with major websites.  These are great features, but what you should focus on is the benefits for them. Read More→


Hi there, now for many of you who have visited our blog before you’ll know both Sam & I are great believers in article marketing and therefore syndication.

Article syndication is a very simple concept.  Although some folks say that it’s obsolete and ineffective, many marketers are using it to gain great exposure and make lots of sales. But I thought here we’d just cover the subject “Pros & Cons” as many Internet marketers see it so you can make up your own mind.

For us it’s a no brainer, a longer term strategy which we believe is definitely worthwhile but read on & make your own mind up

The basic idea is that you write an article and post it somewhere.  Then, webmasters come along, lift your article, and post it on their sites.  It’s a way for them to get free content and for you to get your name out there with a few more backlinks.

But isn’t it stealing?  Well, you could see it that way.  Or you could see it as posting content once and having other people do the work of promoting it for you.  The benefits are: Read More→


Hi if you’re new to the whole online business and internet marketing arena you’ll no doubt know about e-books and how for many successful internet entrepreneurs selling e-books has been the bedrock (and in many instances still is) of their online business success.

Massive Sales Growth That Just Keeps Coming

Niche e-Books have rapidly become extremely popular with a massive growth in sales worldwide I think in the last 12 months alone that growth has been in excess of 20% and that my friends is millions and millions of dollars – so don’t let anyone convince you the simple e-book has had it day. Read More→


Hello, now writing articles puts fear into many Internet marketers and online entrepreneurs especially when you’re first starting out and the mental phrase that Ive seen on people’s faces at Internet marketing seminars is “I can’t do that”. But for many they let that totally rule them without even trying so first off I recommend you really do have a go – lets be honest there’s much out there on the net that is ‘not great’ so with some thought and planning most of us can and will do better – just give it a sustained try.

Quality Is However The Key

The kind of content your article carries is a true reflection of the website you own. If your content is good it makes your site good and vice versa. Writing quality articles is the hallmark of a successful Webmaster. However I accept that writing does not come naturally to everyone and should not stop anyone from developing a great website and therefore online business. This is where the need to outsource at least some of your writing comes in.

Don’t Give Up – Choose To Outsource

All over the globe there are writers you can reach to provide articles for you at very affordable prices.  Many thousands of professional writers have their details and biographies on the web and through specialist outsourcing sites like Contact these days is easy   through phone (Skype) or email.

What makes the website good is essentially the content. Well-written content that captivates the reader will bring him back or even encourage him to refer others. It doesn’t end there, visitors need to become customers to buy your   products or services, and the number of visitors or traffic to your site is what makes it successful that’s an obvious point. Read More→


Hi there using article marketing is a great way to give your online business some presence and exposure and is a method Sam, my wife and I use all the time plus the added bonus is that’s its free providing you can and do write your own articles. Over time articles are a great way to generate traffic and also increase the number of inbound links pointing to your website. How this is done we’ll explain shortly.

Getting Started

When you write articles on your topic of interest, you should always remember to try and offer up solutions to the problems and issues your potential visitors are searching for thereby suggesting to them that for more information they should visit your website – so if you like it acts as a tempter to get them to click your link.

Article Submission

After writing your articles the next thing you should do is to submit them to one of the article directories. These free directories accept articles and publish them on their own sites whilst syndicating out to other sites as well. Readers who come across your article and are interested in your topic will hopefully choose to click on the link and pay you (your website) a visit. Read More→


Hi there and welcome back, in this post I just want to cover why you should, and in my opinion must be using outsourcing facilities in your online activities. Now I know what many of you reading this will immediately say – “I can’t afford it” and there maybe some truth in that but its all a case of priorities.

Now this might sound a bit harsh but please bear with me. We all have choices to make. Now are you serious about making it online? Ok if you’ve said yes then you’ll need to prove it by making some choices – look at it this way going out for a meal with your wife will probably set you back lets say $100 (a nice meal I mean not hamburger & fries!) – Now if you forgo that, that same $100 would probably get you 10 quality articles written for you.

Now look at what those articles will do for you now & in the future:

Content for your site/blog

Aticles to submit to article directories

Cut & paste auto responder messages

Cut & paste replies & posts on forums

That content has longevity, once those articles are syndicated across over time many other websites – the return on your initial $100 investment could be 100’s, possibly 1000’s of times the initial investment.

So I ask you this – which is the best investment? Read More→


Here’s my Top 5 Creative Writing Tips

Hi and welcome back now today I want to give you my personal Top 5 Tips to help you overcome ‘writers block’, mentally stimulate you to get in the right frame of mind for writing, because I tell you now if your mind is not focused you’ll at best write an average article but at worst it will be rubbish & you’ll end up starting over – what a waste of time! Read More→


Easy Ways to Stir Up Your Creative Juices

Hi there now I know for some of you the idea of writing your own articles is very daunting, ok yes writing blog content is ok but when it comes to a fully fledged article people seem to totally go to pieces. I really don’t know why but my wife Sam is like that and it seems whatever I do she still struggles with it. Give her the proof reading, making sure Ive got key words in there and it reads right & she’s terrific.

The Myth Of  How To Be Creative In Your Article Writing

Ok so today’s post covers the thought process behind why you need to ‘get over’ the mental roadblock of writing your own content and why by getting your thoughts inline, you’ll start to write great copy. Then tomorrow check out my Top 5 Creative Writing Tips to really kick start your writing.

So yep you’ve guessed it most (not although) falls to me. Now I’m a total believer that everyone marketing on the internet should be writing their own stuff, so Ive listed out some simple tips that I hope you might find useful to getting your creative juices flowing and meaning that your article writing is not quite such a chore after all. Read More→


No matter what kind of business you’re doing online, you need content.  Every website owner needs good quality, unique content because without it your site will be doomed in terms of getting worthwhile traffic and good search engine page rank.

The Internet is all about information, and articles provide much of that. They also provide other benefits as identified by growing the exposure of the writer as a brand and the web business he or she owns.

Here’s My View

Now I have to be honest here and say that personally I believe for most Internet marketers learning how to write articles, content etc is possible the most important skill to get. Yep I know its tough, and I struggle with it on a regular basis but there’s really no real substitute. However I do understand for some it’s a real deal breaker so I suggest the following compromise identified below – write your own stuff at your own pace but supplement it with some of the other methods I’ll cover here.

But remember these methods are not a substitute to writing your own copy – do both. Read More→


Hello there – and the answer is – YES.  Now if you’ve been to any internet marketing workshops of seminars, or even surfing some of the forums you’ll no doubt come across the phrase “Content is King”. If you’re new to internet marketing, just starting out you’re probably not sure what’s meant by this and likewise how important it is, so today here’s just my take on why its just so important you get your head around this early on in your internet marketing career, so here goes

Being Online is Great, But ……You Need To Connect with your Visitors

Having taken your business online is a great move because of all the obvious advantages of having a low overhead, high margin business. However being on line is great but consider this the net is not called the information superhighway for nothing. If you don’t market your online business you’ll just get drowned in sheer millions and millions of sites out there and this my friends is where content comes in. …And if you don’t pay enough attention to creating content then you are making a big mistake.

The content on your website is of great value and your best business real estate, for a number of reasons. One thing the content of your website does is that it gives a first impression to visitors, If you have good, helpful and unique content then your visitors are more likely to be impressed and come back Read More→