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What Internet marketing Tips Do You Tells Your Friends About?


The Essential Tools of Viral Marketing

Hi there and welcome back and excuse the odd title of this post but I wanted to get you thinking. Today I want to cover another little tip that can help to build your traffic and is tied in, as you’ll see with the concept of viral marketing that I posted about before

Now lets be honest here making money online is not as easy as many make out, and no there’s no way I’d leave my ‘day job’ right now – although that’s the goal. So what I want to do is put into context a post like this – adding a ‘tell a friend’ button will NOT skyrocket your traffic and therefore your sales overnight. But and this is the point about all these little tips, little tweaks you can make WILL over time make a substantial difference, so build them all into your internet marketing activities as you go along

Traffic and more traffic – That’s The Aim

How to increase traffic to your site is a never-ending dilemma.  The web is constantly changing and we as Internet marketers all need to keep up.  The methods that worked last year won’t necessarily do it now this year.  But there is one method and that is as you’ve probably guessed, viral marketing that’s become standard in the industry as a proven method to increase your traffic

Think “Outside The Box”

With viral marketing, you give away something to people that’s interesting, funny, captures the imagination etc, and they pass it on to their friends.  Why do they do this for you?  Because it’s as I’ve already said funny, interesting, entertaining or intriguing. Just consider all the mobile texts and emails you probably get from friends with jokes, funny pictures etc – that’s viral marketing at work.

Every company online today is using some form of viral marketing to spread the word about their products or services.  You can use any medium at all for your viral marketing.  It can be a game that’s addictive, a video that makes people laugh, or a thought-provoking story, just think ‘outside the box’

A Simple Example

A few weeks ago a friend of mine found a video about bull running in Spain. You know the sort of thing, where they let out young bulls to run along the streets and people have to jump pretty quickly to get out their way.

Well the funny thing was my friend who has a house in Spain, his brother, me and another guy had been out there for a ‘boys long weekend’ some months back, our circle of friends obviously knew that. We hadn’t been involved in a bull run, but the video showed some guys who looked a bit similar to us – so he pout this video out to all our friends and a number of other people with the title “Look what we got up to in Spain”. Well not only were the videos very funny but suddenly I got emails from people I hardly knew saying – “seen you in Spain – glad you could run fast” kind of comment.

And that guys is a very small example of viral marketing. Now I started this post mentioning “tell a friend” script, well tomorrow in my post I’ll tell you exactly what it is, how to get it and what it does – so in the meantime be thing about your viral marketing opportunities and tomorrow I’ll show you how to make it easy for your visitors to ‘spread the word’

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Toby Russell

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