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How To Effectively Use Keywords For Your On-Page SEO


Hi and here’s Part III of my posts for Keyword Research for Beginners. So to date I’ve told you how to find  the right keywords, assess their potential profitability and now finally no you’ve got them – what to do with them to enhance your site’s SEO strategy, so here goes ……

Once you’ve chosen the right keywords for your websites on-page SEO, you’ve got to work them into your site.  What’s the best way to do this?  In this article Ill look at a few strategies and guidelines for getting your site found in searches.

Don’t Stuff Your Site

Your site should have your keywords sprinkled throughout.  This tells Google to match your site with the searches of that keyword.  Using keywords effectively makes a site optimized for search engines.

Consider Your Domain Name Carefully

First, if at all possible your sites name should contain your primary keyword.  This isn’t completely necessary, but it will give you a little boost in the SERPs. 

And if possible, put the keyword at the front.  Ill say this again later, but Google reads from left to right.  So, always start your title, text or whatever else with your keyword.

Keyword Strategy for Your Site

The pages of your site (and especially the main page) should contain the keyword and again, start with it if at all possible.  If you really want to maximize your SEO, give the pages short titles.  If the titles are short, this gives more weight to the words in them (your keywords) in Google’s eyes.

If you can, use your keyword as the first word at the top left.  Remember, Google reads from left to right.  For example, have a menu on the left-hand side of your site and your keyword at the beginning of (or as) the title.

So, your titles, description and content should all be optimized with your keyword.  But how much should you use it?  Too little and your site wont get seen; too much and Google wont see your site because it’ll consider it keyword-stuffed and therefore spam.

Is Keyword Density Important?

A good target keyword density is around 2%.  Even better, forget about keyword density completely; make sure it’s used about once per paragraph or slightly less.  This is more than enough to tell Google that your sites relevant to those searches.

Also, be sure to choose some secondary keywords and sprinkle them throughout your text.  These shouldn’t be used as often as the primary keyword.

Natural Is Best!

Now, the key is to use your keywords a lot, but also keep it natural.  Keyword stuffed content wont be picked up by Google, and content that’s awkwardly written to accommodate keyword placement wont get readers.  This is a good reason why you want to keep it around once per paragraph or so

Check & Check & Check

Finally, I can’t stress enough the importance of monitoring how you’re doing.  Things change and the keywords that were getting you lots of traffic before may not be later on down the road.  Always track your keywords and see which ones are getting searches. 

And remember that no matter how skillfully you use keywords, if the content is garbage, people won’t buy.  Spend some time making it informative and high quality; that will pay off in the end. Well there you have it, sincerely hope these posts have been useful to some of you, please do let us know and finally as always “Keep The Faith” – hard work and consistency will pay off, just be patient

Toby Russell

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