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How to Build Massive Traffic with Paid Ezine Ads


Everybody knows about the Ezine of Ezine Articles, but most people don’t understand all the other ezines out there. An ezine is a magazine that people subscribe to. The only difference is that it’s sent to them electronically. Most ezines are sent to email addresses like an email list.

Some ezines are paid and others are free.

Advertising Works!

What makes ezine ads powerful is that they usually have a hardcore audience and get really wide circulation. An ezine is like your email marketing list on crack.

Just like print magazines, most ezines make their money through paid advertisements that they mix up with their content. They don’t typically have a lot of advertisements like magazines do, but there are at least a few in each issue.

With paid ezine advertising, you can put an ad for your website, product or service in a popular ezine in your niche. What’s great about this is that there’s a link right there in the magazine. They don’t have to find you online – all they have to do is click.

Choosing Good Ezines

The only real challenge with ezine ads is choosing the right ezine. The one you choose should be as narrowly targeted to your specific niche as possible. For example, if you sell mountain climbing gear, place your ad in a mountain climbing magazine, and not just an outdoors one. These ads can be pricey so you want it to produce maximum results.

How To Find The Right Ezines

You can find ezines by simply typing in ‘your keyword AND ezine’ or ‘your niche AND ezine’ into a search engine. Instead of ‘ezine’ you can also try the search term ‘newsletter.’ Make a huge list of the listings you find and then check each one out, eliminating the ones that don’t suit until you’ve got just what you need.

A good way to choose ezines is to subscribe to the ones you’re thinking about and read them for a few weeks. This gives you a feel for what kind of audience they’re catering to.

How Much Does It Cost?

Of course, there’s no standard pricing when it comes to ezine ads. It all depends on the magazine, its number of subscribers and where your ad is placed. As a general rule, ads placed at the top of the ezine are more expensive because they’re the ones people see first. The most expensive option is to place a solo ad. This means that your ad’s the only one. This is pricey but really effective.

Ezine Ad Tips

– Spend some time writing your ad. It needs to be perfect. It should catch the reader’s eye and call them to action.

– Ezine ads work great for getting subscribers to your list. Just one click and they’re subscribed. It’s much easier than trying to sell a product or service through your ad.

– Always track your ads so that you know what’s working and what isn’t. This will help you get the most out of your investment.

Although ezine ads aren’t free, the results can be amazing. You can get much more traffic and build more authority by placing an ad in the right ezine.

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