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Health Tips for Work-at-Home Solopreneurs


Working from Home carries its own health warnings

When you first start working at home full-time, you start to notice changes. These are usually good changes. No more rat race, no more commuting to work, and the old cliché about working in your pyjamas. They’re all wonderful things. But one of the other things you notice that’s not so wonderful is that your health takes a turn for the worst. Let’s look at a few of the biggest problems and how I recommend solving them.

Battling the Bulge

When you spend all day sitting at a computer, it’s only natural that you’ll put on a few pounds and they’ll collect in the belly area. If you’re not exercise-inclined, it can be a real challenge getting rid of them. The best way to do it is to come up with a simple exercise plan that’s easy to stick to. Even something as simple as walking for thirty minutes a day will help.

Take Five

Sitting at the computer isn’t good for other areas of your body either. Your eyes will get red and dried out and your neck and back will get stiff. At least once an hour, get up from the computer and stretch. Schedule little things you have to do around the house like washing dishes as breaks, or just sit on the couch and zone out for a few minutes. It doesn’t matter what you do, but you need to get away from the computer often throughout the day.

Nutritional Deficiencies

For some reason, solopreneurs tend to have terrible eating habits. Maybe it’s because with all the things you have to do, taking the time to cook and eat seems impossible. But if you start living on processed food or fast food, it’s going to take its toll. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to eat and digest your food, and never eat in front of the computer.

Stress Meltdowns

Stress is always a problem when you work for yourself. You don’t have co-workers to share the workload with. Make sure that as busy as you get, you still have time to enjoy the things you enjoy, even if it means not getting as much work done. You need to have me time and time to just blow off steam.

Your Sleep Schedule

Schedule your sleeping time and give it just as much importance as your working time, because it is important. This will help you with stress but also help you keep your focus and avoid becoming a zombie. Again, even if it means losing some of your working time, make sure you get enough sleep.

The key to being a successful solopreneur is not to work a lot but to work smart. This means making the best use of the time you’re working, and not necessarily working longer hours if they’re not productive. Staying in good health helps you make the time you work count.

Toby & Sam Russell

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