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Working for yourself is wonderful because you have no boss. It’s also difficult sometimes because… you have no boss! That’s right – you have to be the boss looking over your shoulder making sure you stay on task and aren’t spending all day on Facebook or playing solitaire.

There are lots of ways to motivate yourself and I recommend trying several of them. These are what work for me. Read More→


You simply can’t run your entire Internet business all by yourself. There are tasks you’re not good at or that take too painfully long and waste precious hours of your day. But hiring help that’s too cheap can cost you even more when they deliver shoddy work. I thought I’d list here the places I look for freelance workers. These are places where you can find high quality services at low cost, read on ….. Read More→


Whether you realize it or not, there’s an ebb and flow to you energy throughout the day. You probably feel like you’re sluggish after lunch or you work best at around 10 in the morning. For each person it’s different. If you can discover your energy cycles and work with rather than against them, you can work smarter.

Your Workday

In each workday, most marketers tackle various types of tasks. There are times when: Read More→


Drop shipping is a business model where you take orders from customers and a supplier fulfills those orders directly. It’s an ideal business model for online entrepreneurs because you don’t have to manage stock. It makes it easy to sell online. The only problem is that if your supplier is a slouch or scammer, it can ruin your business. They may run out of stock or miscommunicate with you, and then you’ve got unhappy customers on your hands. read on ….. Read More→


It used to be hard to set up an ecommerce website but not it’s insanely easy. All you have to do is pick a platform, install it, and you’re ready to start selling. The challenge now is sifting through all the different services and their packages to choose the right one. Read More→


Directory sites are those that post listings. These could be jobs, services offered, businesses, or any other types of listings people might be looking for. You create the directory, drive tons of traffic to it, and then businesses or individuals pay you to list them on your site.

For example, you might have a site that lists contractor services in a particular geographic area. It would then function like the Yellow Pages. People would go there when they needed a local plumber or roofing on…. Read More→


Everybody wants to make money with their blog, but the most common methods for doing so can alienate readers. Your loyal followers who have been reading you since day one will feel cheated when you start plastering ads everywhere. You’ll be accused of selling out and lose a good number of them. But you can keep your readers while also making money with your blog and here are six proven ways to do it.Read on …… Read More→


If you’ve got some experience under your belt online, you can make additional income as a coach. Coaching means teaching less experienced people and helping them to achieve their business goals. You take on clients and meet with them on a regular basis to help them get through problems and obstacles that keep them from getting where they want to go.

It’s All About Expertise Read More→


No one really likes dealing with an angry or disgruntled customer,

Be Prepared – Have a strategy in place!

but it’s a valuable lesson to learn to be able to efficiently and effectively and one that both my wife Sam & I have learnt the hard way to be frank so we thought a few guidelines here might help others get through it, so here goes….

Customer Service is King

It amazes me how little time online marketers devote to customer service. You expect a big company or brick and mortar business to offer customer service, but what about websites? It’s actually even more essential when you run an online business. For one thing, there is on face-to-face contact and people are naturally suspicious of websites. Even more importantly, online reputation is everything. One angry customer can tell the entire world about your lousy service and it’s there 24/7 for all to see. Read More→


As a marketer you need a constant stream of fresh content and it needs to be good.

Interviewing is all about being prepared!

You need to either be a prolific expert author or pay a fair amount of money to a ghost-writer to do it for you (and they have to be good). One awesome alternative that gets you great content with little cost or effort is to interview people.

Now Sam & I have done this a few times the most in depth one we’ve done was with Neil Stafford, a UK based very successful online marketer. In fact you can download our interview with him right now, just enter your email address above and you’ll have immediate access – even though I say so myself it’s an interview packed with really useful information.

The Benefits of Interviews

Read on ….. Read More→