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Living The Internet Marketing Dream-Have Laptop, Will Travel!


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I don’t know about you but for Sam my wife and I getting involved in internet marketing is all about personal freedom both time and financial and because you want a better live for yourselves and family.

Certainly in the early days you tend to believe the dream of the sales letter pitch “operate your online business from anywhere, 2 hours a day”, you know the kind of thing – photos of a guy sitting on a glorious beach, tapping away on his laptop – Paypal account spitting out payment notification emails.

It’s Just a Dream (Or is it?)

Now I know what you’re thinking, especially if you’ve had a bad day – its all hype, it doesn’t work, there’s no one achieving this – its just a pipe dream, and I have to confess we’ve been though many periods when we both felt that way and have on several occasions just given up for a while – so yes we know the feeling.

However we are just back from 2 glorious weeks in Turkey. Took the family, my wife Sam and both our teenage children.  Great family holiday together and I don’t know what its like for you but when I’m relaxing, lying on a beach my mind tends to wander to what I’m doing, what I want to achieve and how I’ll get there

Just before going away I’d done a telephone interview with a top UK based Internet marketer who know fairly well (and trust) now this guy and his partner have made 7 figure profits form their online activities.

PS You can download the entire Mp3 file of the interview – totally FREE – see above

Now he was telling me how even when he & his wife are away on holiday he just can’t resist popping into a bar “for a drink” (providing its an internet café as well!) and checking how many orders have come in that day

So this got me thinking

In many of the restaurants and in our hotel they have free wi-fi. In fact in our hotel reception you’d often see several guests tapping away on their laptops and all hours of the day and night – who knows some may have been checking in on the online businesses and making sales

So I started to formulate a plan whilst lying on that beach.

The real beauty of an online business is its portability – along as you have an Internet connect, you’re up & running. The other real opportunity is even being a ‘1 man band’ if you’re organised, have a plan and have really got your head around outsourcing there’s absolutely no reason why you couldn’t be ‘living the dream’ operating your online business from anywhere.

And the beauty of where we were staying was its cheap – one couple we met, out there for a month, bed & breakfast in the hotel for, wait for it, $980! (£600) yep you read it correctly – how cheap is that? And that’s for 2 people

So here’s my thinking – really push our online activity, devote as much time as possible setting my goals towards being able to increase not only the money coming in, re-investing it in the business to also build my team of outsourcers (who I know & trust) with a view that next year I can trial running the business ‘remotely’ in Turkey (or whatever destination we might go to).

Mid term objective – sufficient revenue to replace the day job, gives time freedom and to enable operating from somewhere warm & sunny for certainly a third of the year – whilst also getting a tan – ha-ha!!!

And that plan is very much keeping with My Ultimate Dream or goal if you like of living debt free, building a significant online business that then becomes a significant bit of real estate to either sell or pass on to our children – how cool would that be?

So keep on coming back to our blog and we’ll update you with our progress, good and bad. Have you got a story/dream – we’d love to hear, until then ….

To your success

Toby & Sam Russell

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    Articles like this are an example of quick, helpful answers.

  2. Banjo says:

    Kudos to you! I hadn’t thought of that!

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