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Video Marketing – Ideas for the Clueless Producer


Most people know how well videos work to get you traffic, but few realize just how easy it is to make them. I’ve met marketers who are always saying, ‘I’ll get around to it someday’ because they just don’t have any ideas to get them started. It’s incredibly easy and here are a few very basic but effective ideas.

Get in Front of the Camera

Video marketing for beginners!


You can make great videos by just setting up the camera and talking to it. I know how terrifying that might sound, but just imagine you’re talking to a good friend. Take some time and shoot a few experimental videos. At first, it’ll be awkward and weird. You won’t be used to seeing yourself on video. But after you’ve done a few scrap videos, you’ll start to get the feel for it.

What’s important when you do videos like this is your enthusiasm and personality. If you do a few and decide it’s just not for you, enlist somebody else. Family members are the cheapest option. As long as you’ve got a good script and a winning personality, you can make good videos. For your subject, take any kind of problem in your niche and tell your audience how to solve it. Videos can be just a few minutes long.

Slideshows and Presentations

A good alternative to getting on camera is to make a slideshow. There are software programs that do this for you. You load them up with your text and whatever images you want to use. All you need to do is edit and add the voiceover. If you don’t like the sound of your own voice, you can hire a freelancer to do it for you.

Inside Your Industry

Videos that take your audience ‘inside’ your industry are always popular. They feel like you’re letting them in on the secret world of your business. This doesn’t have to be anything too earth-shattering. Just show them how your company makes its products or introduce them to your staff. If they like your brand, they’ll be interested to know what goes on behind the scenes.

Interview the Experts

Interviewing known experts in your niche is a great way to make videos. First of all, you don’t have to write an entire script; just questions. Second, you can pretty much nail it on the first take. But the best thing about interview videos is that you get the experts’ audience as well as your own. The expert also gets increased exposure through the video, so it’s a win-win for both.

Contact people in your niche that have a strong online presence. Send them an email asking if they’d like to participate and tell them it’ll only take a few minutes of their time. If they agree, set up a time and interview them on Skype if you can’t meet them in person.

Creative Ways to Use Your Product

Another good idea for videos is to show your audience all the ways they can use your product. In other words, show it in action. This is powerful because you’re showing, not just telling. Maybe you can also think of some creative uses for your product they wouldn’t have imagined.

The key to video marketing is to keep your videos short and simple. People want videos that are quick and easy to digest. This approach is also better for you because the more videos you have out there, the more exposure you’ll get.

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