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Troubleshooting Your Landing Page


So you’ve created a landing page using all the stuff you learned at IMU (Internet Marketing University) and it’s launched but not converting. What gives? I have no idea, but here are some quick troubleshooting tips that just might solve your problem.

Be Creative!!

Is the Content Above the Fold?

‘Above the fold’ means that no scrolling is necessary. What you’ve got above the fold on your landing page should be juicy and enticing. The first action you expect your visitor to do is to scroll and keep reading. Especially if you’ve got a high bounce rate, it may be the above the fold content that’s not working.

Are You Hitting Their Emotional Hot Buttons?

In copywriting, we talk about ’emotional hot buttons.’ This means that you’re really getting to people and making them feel something. Remember that they’re feeling more than they’re thinking. If your copy isn’t doing this, it needs tweaking. Find their pain, worry, fear, or problem and identify that for them.

Is There Enough ‘You’?

Look at your content and ask yourself what it’s about. Is it about your product? That’s all fine and dandy but it’s not going to convert. The content should be about YOU – in other words, the reader. How is it going to benefit them? It’s good to discuss the specs and details of your offer, but make sure it all relates back to the reader.

How Fast Is It?

Videos and other multimedia work magically on landing pages, but they don’t work at all if they take forever to load. Keep in mind that not all of your site visitors are going to have the super-fast machine you do. Make sure the loading time isn’t slowing things down.

Are Your Images in the Way?

Images are also wonderful but not if they’re getting in the way. Like text, everything should be visible above the fold. I’ve seen lots of landing pages where there’s a huge image – a nice one, don’t get me wrong – but it kills the message of the text. Use images tastefully and reasonably.

Is Your Text out of Control?

The landing pages of yesteryear used every font, size and style imaginable. The idea was that if you did that, your text shouted at the reader. However, tastes have changed. Your text should be big and easy to read but don’t include too much bold or red lettering. That’s increasingly becoming a major turn-off.

Are Links Leading Them out?

Links on a landing page are a no-no. The reason is that you want them to do ONE thing and one thing only on your landing page – make a purchase, sign up for your list, watch a video presentation, etc. Links lead them off the page and then they don’t perform that desired action.

Is Your Online Form BoringIf your online form says something like ‘for more information,’ people probably aren’t signing up. That’s what it is – more information – but it’s boring. Reiterate the benefits (briefly) and remind them of what they’re getting when they sign up. The call to action should be strong. Tell them exactly what to do.

Is Your Form Too Long?

They’ve read your copy and it sounds amazing, but if they get to the form and they have to write a book to get it, you’ll lose them. Make sure the form is short and sweet. If possible, make it just name and email address.

How do you know what’s working and what isn’t? Through the magic of split testing. Split test every aspect of your landing page and you’ll get the real answer to what you’re doing wrong.


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