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The Importance of Long Tail Keywords and How to Use Them


Hi now what I want to do over my next few posts is devote them to keywords

The Absolute Power of The RIGHT Keywords

and some specific areas that anyone working online must take note of and ensure their keyword research and choices are on the button, after all it’s the keywords that drive your traffic and we al know what happens without volume targeted traffic – yep not a lot.

So this one covers long tail keywords – hope it helps…

Long tail keywords tend to get overlooked in terms of creating a SEO campaign. This is often because companies overlook the importance of long tail keywords and how to use them. Long tail keywords can be difficult to integrate into articles and web content, however, when used properly they can increase a site’s SEO more than a site stuffed with numerous short, targeted keywords

What is a Long Tail Keyword?

A long tail keyword is more of a “phrase” than a keyword itself. For example, a targeted keyword is “cake in Utah”, while a long tail keyword would be “wedding cake in Salt Lake City, Utah”. A long tail keyword is typically four words or more and contains a phrase, rather than a chunk of general words.

Short and General Keywords

Short keywords are necessary for SEO, however the reason they are not as successful as long tail keywords and how to use them is because numerous sites focus around one general keyword or a set of two keywords. Therefore, in order for a site to stand out amongst the masses, these long tail words will have a higher chance to convert search engine traffic directly to that site than one that doesn’t use them.

Long Tail Keywords and How to Use Them for Search Volume

One of the biggest factors in the importance of long tail keywords and how to use them is search volume. Though in the short-term scheme of things short or general keywords have a higher chance of increasing search volume for a site, they do not last long-term. As time goes on, long tail keywords and variations of those long tail keywords, will gain search volume – that will easily be seen on a Google Analytics report. Even if users change the phrase or alter it just slightly, it still has a higher chance of increased search engine activity than a site that does not utilize long tail keywords at all.

Long Tail Keywords and How to Use Them for Higher Ranking Opportunities

Search engine rankings are extremely important for any site. When considering long tail keywords and how to use them for higher rankings, it is important to use key phrases, rather than random ones. This can be done by utilizing specific keyword tools to see the popularity of keyword phrases that match general keywords already used in a site’s SEO campaign. By using key phrases that are relevant to general keywords used in the SEO, a site can increase their chance of a higher search engine ranking than a site that uses random keyword phrases instead.

Long Tail Keywords and How to Use Them on Your Site

Before selecting a long tail keyword, consider its popularity and competition. This can be done with tools such as Google External Keyword Tool, Wordstream, Keyword Spy or SpyFu. Create key phrases from a list of general keywords already used in the site’s SEO campaign and do a tool search. Look for long tail keyword phrases that have low to medium competition to increase a site’s chance of higher search engine rankings later.

The importance of long tail keywords and how to use them should be considered by any company creating an SEO campaign for a site. Though general keywords will provide rankings and search engine traffic in the short-term, long tail keywords will provide more traffic and higher rankings as the site begins to age.

Till the next time

Toby Russell

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  1. Bob Deal says:

    Just wondered if anyone pointed out the missing h in your invitation to comment. I am letting you know what I “tink”.
    I believe people are so engrossed in getting an advantage that they really don’t read or even look at what they are studying. Once in awhile there will be a posting of a totally misspelled paragraph which you can read with hesitation and know what was intended. That was done on purpose, but we overlook more and more things until I fear the standards of excellence are shifting too low. Soon we will sink into an illiterate bunch of texting mentality people who will not use reading as a science or learning tool.
    I appreciate your articles and am going to keep looking at them as I learn to develop my on line business. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. Note: my email address shows my age…

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