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My Top 3 Sales Page Must-Haves


Hi today’s post will be quite short and to the point because I’m a great believer in keeping it simple wherever possible. Far too many people these days spend so m much time complimenting their lives, jobs and relationships when if they just stood back took a deep breath and kept it simple in many instances they’d be better off. Anyway enough of that – today is all about sales pages, because my friends your sales page is what converts a visitor into a customer and that’s what we all strive for obviously so check out these three critical points and try to follow them:

Sales Letters are like your kid’s building blocks

Sales Pages Need To Build Desire

you need to build up the need/desire in your prospect based on firm foundations and then give a strong call to action, here’s how…..

Here’s The Obvious Fact

Your sales page has to grab your prospect’s attention with a great headline, but that’s not all it needs to do. There are 3 elements that have to be included in your sales page. It’s these 3 elements that will actually keep them there and get them to take action.

The Solution To Your Prospect’s Problem

A good sales page revolves around your prospect’s pain, problem, fear or question. You have to first identify it and then offer the solution – your product and service. You can do this by telling your story or explaining your expertise, but always remember, it’s all about them. They’re going to be reading it thinking, ‘What’s in it for me?’

Once you’ve resonated with the reader by identifying your problem, you need to explain to them why your solution is different from all the rest. What do they lack that your offering has? What makes it unique and standout? Of all its unique qualities, which would appeal most to the reader? This is what you should emphasize most.

Proof To Back Up Your Claims

You’ve just told them that you’ve got the solution to their problem. This has triggered an emotional response. But why are they going to believe you? Next, you have to back it up with proof. That’s what your prospects will be looking for.

Proof usually comes in the form of facts and figures, or testimonials. Testimonials offer ‘social proof,’ which basically means there’s a long list of people who recommend this product. Facts and figures could be things like statistics, or a scan of your website statistics or check from Google. Whatever it is, its purpose is to show them that you’re not just full of hot air.

Lots of sales pages fail because they forget this important element. People aren’t suckers. They need to be shown that a product actually works. Spend some time choosing proof that will do that.

Call To Action

You know their pain and you’ve offered the solution. At this point, they’re on the fence. The call to action is what pushes them off. Tell them exactly what action they have to take in order to receive the benefits you’ve told them about.

The call to action isn’t always a ‘buy now’ button. Maybe you’re getting them to sign up for an email newsletter. You might want them to do something as simple as watch a video. You’re just telling them to take the next step. How would you convince a friend to do it? Use that to get ideas.

It’s actually really helpful to write your sales letter like you’re writing it to a friend. Imagine speaking to your prospect and trying to convince them that your product or service will help them. Your sales letter should speak directly to a real human being.

There’s a lot to writing a great sales letter, but these 3 elements are the basics. If you nail them, your sales letter will work.

Get creating your perfect sales letter

To your ongoing success

Toby Russell


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