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How To Get Started With Google AdWords


Hello there and in this post as promised I’ll cover the simple mechanics of Google Adwords so you can get up and running with an account in no time. I tell you its really simple and easy to do & is possibly one of the most important tools in you Internet marketing and information publishing arsenal.

Who do You Want to  TARGET with Your Marketing?

Again casting my mind back to when I was pounding the streets as an ad sales rep for a local newspaper I can remember how those advertisers who were a bit savvy would look to book the primary positions – front and back page or early right hand page – that kind of thing. In fact there was one guy, had a sports shop – I’d go & see him once a year, he’d only book front or back page slots, called solus positions in those days because they were as you’ve guessed, on their own.

I often wondered why, he always paid a premium, never tried to get a discount and likewise would never take other positions even if they were ‘good discounted deals” – then I suddenly realised what he was after was ‘targeted’ traffic – he only wanted those people interested in his merchandise to respond, no time wasters and by standing out on the page he got terrific exposure and a steady stream of people who were looking for sports gear – clever, I tell you if he was still around now he’d have been one of the first online – clever guy.

Anyway here’s how to get started with Adwords, and remember the word – “TARGETED” here we go …….

How It Works

The way it works is that Google places your ads strategically on sites that are related to your product or you can choose to appear on the search results pages.  In other words, sites where your potential customers will be and search results for what your customers are searching for answers to and information about.

Google AdWords is a very popular system bearing in mind Google’s premier position in the search engine hierarchy.  When someone is looking for information online, they naturally go to Google.  It makes sense that if you want to advertise to the largest number of people, you should use the world’s most popular website.

How Much It Costs

The price you pay for your ads depends on your choice of keywords and how competitive they are – it naturally follows the more popular & competitive the price of the keyword will therefore be determined by that competition; in other words, if lots of other people are using it, it’s going to be more expensive.

Effective Keyword Research is Vital

 So again your keyword research is absolutely key, you need to drill down to closely associated (to your main keyword/niche) keywords that are less competitive and therefore more affordable.

When you decide on relevant keywords that you want to target, you simply bid on them and Google gives you a price. Sounds tricky but its really not, its very simple I know for Sam & I we thought blimey we’ll never understand all that but believe me the tutorials are great and its simple.

How To Get Set Up On Google AdWords

The system is very easy to use.  It has a clear and friendly interface.  It takes about 5 minutes to create an account.  Once you’ve set up an account, write an ad using your selected keywords.  Enter your bid and set the maximum you’ll willing to pay for it.  You can also decide whether the ad will be used only on Google’s search results page, or whether you’d like it to appear on other sites that use the Google AdWords system.  These are sites that allow Google to place ads on them.  Google places ads according to keywords used so that only relevant ads appear on sites. 

You can also choose how you want the ads positioned on the site.  You can pay more to have them placed higher, since people are more likely to see high posted high on a webpage. Once all of this is done, you wait for Google to approve your ads.

Here’s the Really Cool Bit – Controlling Your Cost

Here’s the best thing you set a daily budget that you are prepared to spend – word of advice here initially set it low – test it, get comfortable, see what the results are like, try a couple of ad variations – this way you don’t loose your shirt by spending too much – this is the real beauty of Google adwords – its targeted traffic within a budget.

You can instantly pause or stop your Google AdWords campaign by simply clicking on a button in the account.

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If the whole process confuses you, there is no need to worry.  On Google’s AdWords site area there are a number of easy to understand tutorials as I’ve mentioned before, that walk you through the process and give you some tips on how to get the most out of your advertising campaign.

Pay per click advertising with Google AdWords is probably the Internet’s easiest and most effective form of advertising.  In fact, it’s probably the easiest and most targeted system of advertising online or off.  Not only does it get you great results, it’s also extremely flexible and easy to use. So there you have it, it’s an absolute must to have in your marketing arsenal, so go there today and get your account set up.

Ok so now please leave a comment, let us know what you think, was the post helpful? Did you get something out of it? Do get involved & let us know.

Toby Russell


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