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A Beginner’s Guide to Successful Email Marketing


Hi there, anyone in internet marketing knows that “building your list” is a vital ingredient to your long-term online success- that’s a given, but today I want to lead those of you who have already developed a list (even if it’s a bit early days & small in number) into how to and most importantly not to communicate with your list, the RIGHT and the WRONG way and then tomorrow I’ll tell you the BEST way, so here goes …

Be Subtle In Your Email Marketing

Now we are all aware of email marketing, how it works and the real benefits of it for the Internet marketer and why you simply must be using it as one of your most important Internet marketing strategies and techniques. But beware and take into consideration your own experiences good and bad to make sure your own email marketing is structured correctly to get maximum effect and certainly not to alienate prospective customers.

The Wrong Way

Most of us will have submitted our email while visiting a website, and it’s not long before you start hearing from the site with email updates, offers and sales pitches, sometimes you even receive emails and have absolutely no clue how they got to you and your email address.

As Internet users we are all faced with tons of emails telling us to buy this or that product. And if you’re like most surfers out there you either ignore such mails, have them blocked by your spam filter or simply delete them un -opened. This is because emails that come, as blatant advertisements are annoying are seen for exactly what they are and hence the open rate is absolutely terrible, come on we’ve all been there, it drives me round the bend the amount we get.

It’s not all wrong but …..Wasteful

Now don’t get me wrong there are many highly successful Internet marketers who have huge lists who just constantly apply the funnel system. Huge mailing to huge lists resulting in large numbers of unsubscribes but also many sales as well it has to be said. But it’s very wasteful. There is the need to constantly be replenishing their databases – this is not only time consuming but expensive as well

The Right Way

Now for most of us who are just starting out with limited time, funds etc it’s really not possible to make use of the funnel effect and nor should you in my opinion. Look at it this way if you’re developing a business you’re going to be in it for the long term and therefore by definition you want customers who’ll be come repeat customers especially if you’ve developed a presence in a small, tight niche

So to my mind the right way is to develop a good quality list of very loyal and extremely targeted individuals who’ll trust your judgment and therefore keep coming back for more – make sense?

Ok that’s it for today but don’t forget tomorrow I’ll illustrate the BEST way to communicate with your list, so until then ….

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Toby Russell


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