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10 Essential List Building Techniques


Hi There, now anyone involved in internet marketing, even people just starting out cannot have avoided hearing the phrase identified below. And believe me I know it sounds a bit far fetched, certainly when Sam my wife & I first heard it was at a massive 3 day Internet marketing workshop where all these top gurus flew in from the States – inspirational – yes, hyped up – definitely. But I tell you what if there’s one phrase I remember from those 3 days it was “the monies in the list” – so here’s my Top 10 Tips to help you do just that …..

 The gold is in the list! 

That’s what they say anyway.  The truth is that if you have a list of very happy subscribers who like you and what you’re about, when you make an offer on that list, you get an instant payday.  You’ll make an offer and when you wake up tomorrow morning, you’ve got money in your Paypal account.

Think Long-Term

Before we get to the 10 techniques for building your list, keep in mind always that this is a long-term relationship.  You’re not getting their contact information just to hit them with a one-time deal and make out like a bandit.  You need to build a loyal fan base.  That’s what list building is all about.  Then, you can make money with your list for years to come.

Here are 10 tips to building your list and making it profitable.

Tip 1) Spend some time learning Aweber.  Aweber automates everything for you and there are lots of things you can do with it.  Before you even start building your list, explore all of its features and decide how you’re going to use it.

 Tip 2) Offer something free for signing up.  Nobody’s going to just jump onto your list because they want the email messages.  Offer a free report and make it something broad that anybody who’s into your niche would like.

Tip 3) Make that freebie viral.  Don’t hog it for list members only.  Encourage them to share it with others and get it on the web anywhere else you can.  The key is that the report has a link at the bottom of each page to your site – and your opt-in list!  If they like the report, they’ll head there and sign up for more.

Tip 4) Spend time on a forum in your niche.  Post helpful comments and participate in discussions.  In your signature file, put a link to your opt-in page where it says “Get Your Free Report Here.”  Just remember to follow forum rules and don’t be self-promotional.

Tip 5 ) Getting people to join is all about trust.  Nobody wants to give up their email address to an opt-in form; there are too many spammers out there.  Show yourself to be a trustworthy source of high quality information just for them.

Tip 6) Really target your audience.  Know exactly who your ideal list member is and focus your efforts on finding them.  If you really know who your audience is and speak directly to them, you’ll get higher conversions.

Tip 7) Don’t get hung up on number.  It’s better to have a small list that is highly targeted and will buy from you, than to have a huge list of people who never take action.

Tip 8) Keep in touch.  Don’t send out messages every day, but make sure that you keep in touch on a regular basis.  Don’t send messages only when you want to make them an offer.

Tip 9) Everything you offer your list should be valuable and useful to them.  Quality is key.  NEVER offer a product or service that you don’t know about.  One bad product or service on your list can have them unsubscribing in droves.

Tip 10) Develop a strategy to monetize from the beginning, but don’t start trying to monetize yet.  In other words, start by giving and giving some more.  Later, once you’ve developed trust and a good relationship, start giving them offers that will make you money.

How you treat your list members is everything.  Treat them as valued customers and give them exclusive deals, and they’ll stick with you for the long haul.

But hey all of this takes time and I seriously recommend you invest in this product I’ve used called New Power List Building take a look  – simple, step by step guide which will really give you like it did Sam & I a head start to building our list – check it out now. It’s fully guaranteed so you’ve nothing to loose.

To your success

Toby Russell

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