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How to Write ‘Killer’ Articles Even though you never thought you could


Article marketing – a cure for writer’s block?

Ok even if your new to my blog, even if your new to internet marketing I’m absolutely sure you’ll have come across and got to know about the benefits of article marketing as a source of back links, high page ranking and traffic and generally a very useful marketing tool.

But here’s the rub, you do not know how to write. Now hang on and read that statement again – its not strictly true because we all know how and are able but The sheer thought of writing gives you the shivers and takes you back to your essay days at school. What do you do?

Don’t Panic – You Have Choices

There really are two solid options and pieces of advice you can chose from this point. The first would be to outsource your article marketing jobs while the second is to simply learn how to write.

Believe me this is a very common problem and many people have found themselves in this type of situation and would have gladly outsourced if only they had the money. In such a situation, it became expedient for them to learn to write articles. For most people the writing block is purely in the mind and nowhere else but that still doesn’t make it easy to overcome – I know I find it difficult and it takes time, too much time I often think.

Most copy writers or successful article marketing experts will tell you that writing did not come to them naturally. Somewhere along the line, they had to try and find the courage to just get stuck in and over time found it wasn’t all that bad and did become easier as with most things after practice. This physiological block most of us have starts in school where your mistakes are always emphasized and so you feel “what the heck. Can I ever learn this? But it is possible to move from believing you are a terrible writer to a competition one certainly for the Internet. (Writing the great novel make take a bit longer!!)

Key Starter Tips

Your Article marketing writing needs to use the AIDA approach to produce quality articles. What is the AIDA approach?

AIDA is an acronym for A-Attention, I-Interest, D-Desire and A-Action.

 A. In your article, you must capture the reader’s attention. Any article that cannot catch the attention of the reader will never be read. What then is the key to catching attention? The title!

The title or headline of an article is critical. It draws the reader in. It promises great information within the body of the entire text. It captivates and captures the reader, preventing him or her from skipping on to something else.

I.  Means interest. The readers’ interest must be spiked. Once he begins to read about the subject, he should not get bored or disinterested easily. This is the handiwork of effective and creatively written articles. It keeps a reader entertained while he digs in deeper into the subject of the article

D. Once interest has been spiked, the reader has to desire something from the article. It could be a product the article is talking about or a hunger to read some more of that information elsewhere.

A. Finally when desire has been built, there should be a call for action. Do not let the reader pause or take a break or even return later, call for the sale or order!

This AIDA principle has proven to be very effective in article marketing and could even be described as the very core of article marketing. So to recap the function of the article is to:

Gain reader attention

Steer him through the article content constantly building the anticipation

Let him get to the end – the resource box that then takes him to your website.

In article marketing, there should be a balance of quality and quantity of content. A good article will have ample of both. Quality articles are well written, informative and may have an element of entertainment in them. Articles should not be too short which makes it devoid of adequate information.

Hope this has helped you along the way to constructing your own articles, its really not as tricky or difficult as you at first think and once you get into it you’ll find the words and copy flows, however for more help & advice why not Download my:

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Toby Russell

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