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How to Upsell Online

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The up-sell is a classic sales technique that salespeople use to increase their earnings. It has been used successfully offline for as long as anybody can remember, and marketers have figured out some techniques that work online as well.

Up Selling is a vital part of internet marketing - don't leave money on the table!

Up Selling is a vital part of internet marketing – don’t leave money on the table!

The Anatomy of the Upsell

Here’s how it works: You go to a nice restaurant and order the salmon. You ask the waiter for a bottle of wine to go with it. They ask what kind you’d like and you tell them you’re not sure. What goes with salmon? They suggest a premium wine and just like that, you’ve been upsold.

Or here’s a really common upsell – ‘Would you like fries with that?’

The idea is that you offer an enhancement, upgrade or add-on to a purchase. It’s important to clarify here – you’re not selling them another product, but an addition to the one they’ve already purchased. Offering a different product is called cross-selling.

Upselling Online

Your head is probably already spinning with possibilities. For most online products, it’s not too hard to think of ways you can enhance the purchase. But let me give you a few examples: Read More→


The Sales Funnel and How It Works

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In any type of business, the sales funnel is what leads customers from the initial contact to the purchase. At each stage as they pass through the funnel they’re qualified. Those that aren’t qualified leave. At the end, you have only qualified buyers ready to purchase your product or service. Read More→


Splash Pages – Good or Bad?

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A splash page is a teaser that introduces people to your website. It shows some type of design or image related to your site. Then, it invites the visitor to enter.

Splash pages aren’t just used for their cool design. They can be used to tell visitors about news, recent changes, or an upcoming promotion on your site. They often show disclaimers, especially for adult-oriented sites. They may let the user choose the format they’d like to view the site in, like HTML or Flash. If you have multiple related sites, a splash page can help the user navigate by providing links. You can also show video or play music.

You most often see splash pages used for sites about: Read More→


Many years ago, Dan Kennedy, who is one of the pioneers of Internet marketing, put forth the idea of forming a cabal. A cabal is a group of like-minded businesses that help each other out. This is something he and his colleagues used in the infomercial industry.

Here’s an example of how a cabal works. Let’s say that I offer piano lessons. One of my students says he wants to quit my lesson but he still wants to learn piano. I’d then refer him to another piano teacher who might be more suitable.

Actually, I’m not referring him to my competition. I’m referring him to a friend. Me and a bunch of other piano teachers have this cabal where he hook each other up with students. When I send a referral to them, they either pay me a commission or we just have it worked out so they send me theirs.

The Cabal Becomes a Syndicate… Read More→


How to Keep Your Email List Clean

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Do you have a massive list of emails to market to? If so, that’s nice because big numbers make us feel good. But wait a minute – what happens when you actually send them offers? Do they buy or does your offer disappear, never to be heard from again?

If your marketing is together (you’ve got a targeted list and you’re offering things they want),

Get Your Email Marketing Right!

you should be seeing sales. If your subject lines or calls to action are weak, a little tweaking will take care of that. But if you’re really not seeing the numbers you should be, you might have a different problem – Your list is full of junk names that lead to nobody’s inbox.

Here are my Top Tips

Email marketers need to keep a clean list. If not, you’ll have fewer real subscribers than you think you do, and after all, those phony emails aren’t doing anybody any good.

Double Opt-in Sign up

A really simple solution is to install a double opt-in sign-up form. Just like the name suggests, this means that they have to sign up twice to receive your offers. They fill out the form and then they get an email asking them to confirm. It means two steps they have to take in order to get signed up, but it will keep a lot of spammers from getting onto your list.

Look for Funny Emails

Every now and then, have a quick skim through your emails. If your spam box is pummelled everyday by spam, you know what a funny email address looks like. See if you can spot a few of these. How do you know if they’re really fake and not just funny? Before you delete them from your list, check to see if they’ve ever bought anything from you.

Check Web Logs

Another thing you can do is to check web logs. Web lots tell you where your subscribers are coming from. If you see a bunch of email addresses all coming from the same IP address, this is a sure sign. Delete immediately.

Segment Your List

You can make this regular maintenance task much easier by segmenting your list by length of subscription. If you do this, you don’t have to keep checking the same names over and over again. The older subscribers, who you’ve already had a look at, are safe and you don’t have to check them again. Just skim through the newer ones who have signed up recently.

If you’ve never cleaned your list before, you might be surprised by how many of those names are unresponsive fake emails. Get into a regular routine of cleaning it out once in a while. This is a great task to outsource to a virtual assistant if you can trust them handling your list.

Toby Russell

Ok so now please leave a comment, let us know what you think, was the post helpful? Did you get something out of it? Do get involved & let us know.


The Sales Funnel Explained

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Hello there now if you’ve been to any internet marketing seminars or workshops the “sales Funnel”

Fill Your Sales Funnel Now!

principal has definitely been mentioned and possibly explained but I thought today just a quick refresher might just be useful to some of our less experienced visitors because however you look at it – the Sales Funnel is the backbone of your entire sales strategy or it should be anyway!

What Is It & What Does It Do?

The sales funnel is an important concept when you’re selling anything whether online or off. It’s basically a process that starts with casting your net wide for prospects. Once you get these prospects into the sales funnel, you start weeding them out at every step until at the end; you’ve got only the most qualified purchasers. If you’ve done it right, they’re hot to buy. Read More→


Membership Websites Made Easy

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If you’re selling info products or affiliate products, you get paid whenever someone buys. If you build a good membership site and fill it full of members, you get money from them every month. Even if it’s only a couple of bucks to subscribe, that couple of bucks can really add up for you.

The cool thing about membership sites is that they hardly cost you anything at all to run. You need to pay for the software and hosting, and that’s it. Once you get it set up, your site is password protected so that they can only access your content if they’ve paid.

How to Make a Membership Site Work

It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well, there’s more to running a successful membership site than most people realize. If you’re not willing to babysit it and take care of it, it’s going to fail miserably.

The first step is to find a really good target market, here’s how: Read More→


 Hi there now for many of us creating a blog and make money from it is a simple way to get started online and develop an online business. There are several ways you can do this and one of the easiest is to add an Amazon store. You blog about certain products or topics related to those products, and then you offer your readers the product direct from Amazon.

Don't Forget Amazon Sell A Lot More Than JUST Books!

One of the reasons the Amazon store idea works so well is that everybody knows and trusts Amazon. They’re one of the online retailers that created selling over the Web as we know it today. If you’ve got a link leading to a landing page, they’ll think twice; but with Amazon, they’ll buy.

Don’t Be Naive about This

But let me clear up a misconception quickly. You can’t write a review about a $100 Kindle reader and expect people to click and buy it straight from your blog. They’ll read the info to get information so that they can think about it, and they’ll go to Amazon later to buy.

Instead, you need to focus on low-ticket items. Try to focus on selling products that are under $10. While you can write reviews about what you’re selling, I’ve found a different tactic that I think works much better. Teach them how to use the products you’re selling to do something. Read More→


Hello now in this post I’m covering Joint Venture giveaways, just another marketing tool to add to your arsenal to grow your reputation online, build loyalty to your list and generally build your overall online presence’s what are they & how do I get them?  – read on ……..

Joint venture giveaways are free events where a bunch of Internet marketers provide free gifts to customers.  If they want the gift, they sign up for a list.  What you do is put all of the different marketers’ resources together to maximize the benefits for all.

How It Works

JV giveaways are events that are hosted by one marketer.  Other marketers can join and you all share your lists.  They often have rules of eligibility.  For example, they might say you need 1,000 subscribers in your list in order to join.  But no matter how few or many subscribers you have, it’s a great opportunity to get more.

Each marketer supplies the giveaway with some free prize.  This can be any type of freebie that you use to get people on your list like a free product or free membership to your site.  All of the list members get an invitation to attend the event and you spend the time leading up to it promoting the event to your list.

Where To Find JV Giveaways Read More→

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Facebook is the world’s favourite website with most of the earth logging in daily to see what their friends are up to.  Amazon is the best-known online marketplace where even the computer illiterate buy the things they want.  You’re about to learn an awesome technique for harnessing the power of these two giants to earn money.

I don’t know about you but every Xmas my shopping for both my kids and my wife seems to be more & more on Amazon, Kindle, DVDs, Xbox games, books – you name it and Amazon have it, its cheaper and speedy delivery – been worth my while becoming an affiliate even, so that natural progression is to take it to Facebook.

Your Facebook Fan Page

The idea is to create a Facebook fan page and use it to sell Amazon products as an affiliate.  A fan page is like a profile but it’s for a business, organization, celebrity or cause.  You create it and instead of friends, you get fans.  But unlike regular profiles, you can get as many fans as you want. Read More→