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A joint venture is a great way to get more for the same amount of effort.  By partnering with another marketer or online professional, you’re extending your reach to their audience.  You can also use their strengths and expertise, especially in areas where you’re lacking.

The key to success with a JV is to find a good partner.  This is somebody who’s going to bring something good to the table, reciprocate your generosity, and help you succeed as well.  This type of person is not as easy to find as you may think!  Lots of JV’s end in disasters because one half of the partnership was a flake, scum bag or liar.

So read on and discover how to do it properly…. Read More→

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Affiliate Programs Compared Part 2

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Hi and welcome back to part 2 of our coverage of Affiliate Programs. As you’ll recall we covered the 3 big players last time round but today we’ll concentrate on 2 others that are very much worth getting involved with, so lets get started …… Read More→

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Hi there now today we want to cover affiliate marketing, which for many of us when we first start out is the simple entry level into making money online. It’s a terrific way to get started and make some money pretty fast without much of a financial outlay, so here goes…..

Lets Get Started

If you’re into affiliate marketing, you know that there are lots of networks to choose from.  Before you launch into using one, you want to make sure it’s going to give you a big payout.  ClickBank is the one everybody knows, followed by the other 2 of the ‘big 3,’ LinkShare and ShareASale.  There are also some little-known affiliate networks that can give you huge commissions.

Let’s look at the big 3 Today Read More→

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Hello there, now I don’t know about you but for Sam & I the idea of doing joint ventures was one that initially we shied away from, too messy, too difficult to organise etc etc. But then we did one, which worked really well and we were off – my advice do one and I guarantee once you’ve done one you’ll do more, so here we go ….

What is a JV? Read on ….. Read More→

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Hi there for many of us just starting out a very popular method to make some cash is to be come an affiliate and sell other people’s products for a commission. Absolutely nothing wrong with that and there’s many out there who absolutely swear by it and have made great livelihoods from it.

Affiliate Marketing – Is It For me?

For Sam & I its been a very useful area of our online activities – but like with all these areas you need to put some effort in to make it happen, read on & we’ll tell you how!

But as with all things when it comes to the internet there’s a smart way and a not so smart way to make it as an affiliate & in this post you’ll get the ‘heads up’ what you need to look out for when choosing a Clickbank product to promote- hope it helps, let us know ……

Finding the right Clickbank product to promote is always tricky.  As soon as you pick the wrong one and fail miserably to make money, you think you’ve learned your lesson; only to get screwed over again!  It’s a long learning process and it takes tweaking.  Here are the basics. Read More→


Hi and welcome back to 5 more key methods you must be using on a very regular basis in your internet marketing activity to ensure worthwhile traffic generation to your website. Now again when I say worthwhile what Sam & I mean is ‘targeted’

Now I make no apology about always banging on about this but it stands to reason you ‘must’ get visitors to your site that have an interest, a need for the information and solutions you’re offering to their problems – otherwise you’re simply wasting your time, so think about – target, target and more targeting. Ok let’s get into the exact Top 5 Steps we use all the time to get traffic to our sites…

1.   Viral Marketing

Viral marketing means spreading your company’s message through word of mouth, the oldest type of marketing ever.  It’s just a matter of producing something interesting, fun or entertaining, and putting it out there for people to enjoy.  If they like it, they’ll pass it on to their friends and it will create a buzz.  Your name is attached to it somewhere so that people can find out more by visiting your site. Press releases can achieve this and videos on You Tube are a great way of self-promotion. Also article marketing is viral marketing as well, which I cover below. Read More→


How Investing In Pay Per Click Can Make You Money

Hi there and today I want to cover how you could use pay per click advertising to drive your affiliate marketing activity. Now the internet is all about affiliate marketing, check out click bank, see just how many products and services are on that site – if you haven’t visited before, it’ll blow your mind, certain when my wife Sam & I first heard about it we were absolutely amazed, go check it out ….. Read More→

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