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You’ve built up an email list and nurtured your relationship with them. Now it’s time to start making offers. You want to offer them products they’ll love because if you don’t, you may lose them. Most marketers understand they need to offer products that are relevant, valuable and useful to their list. Here are a few additional tips for choosing the right products to promote. Read More→


In any type of business, the sales funnel is what leads customers from the initial contact to the purchase. At each stage as they pass through the funnel they’re qualified. Those that aren’t qualified leave. At the end, you have only qualified buyers ready to purchase your product or service. Read More→


A press release is a communication aimed at telling the news media about something newsworthy. When you think of press releases, you probably imagine an organization or government agency holding a meeting with reporters and laying something really ground-breaking on them. But actually, even a small company can issue a press release and it doesn’t have to be world news. It can simply introduce a new service or product line, or generally tell people that you’re there. And the Internet allows anybody to get the word out easily. Read More→


Working for yourself is wonderful because you have no boss. It’s also difficult sometimes because… you have no boss! That’s right – you have to be the boss looking over your shoulder making sure you stay on task and aren’t spending all day on Facebook or playing solitaire.

There are lots of ways to motivate yourself and I recommend trying several of them. These are what work for me. Read More→


You simply can’t run your entire Internet business all by yourself. There are tasks you’re not good at or that take too painfully long and waste precious hours of your day. But hiring help that’s too cheap can cost you even more when they deliver shoddy work. I thought I’d list here the places I look for freelance workers. These are places where you can find high quality services at low cost, read on ….. Read More→


Facebook is the number one social media site. You can get exposure, build your brand, connect with your people, drive traffic, and sell directly. The more fans you have there, the better.

There’s one quick and easy way to grow your fans but I don’t recommend it. That’s by buying them. You can go to Fiverr or another freelance site and pay for a bunch of people to become friends with you. The main problem with this, though, is that other than looking like you’re popular, it achieves nothing. These aren’t buyers and they won’t interact on your wall. Another problem is that Facebook will close your account if it finds out.

It’s much better to grow your fan base honestly and here are a few ways to do it. Read More→

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You’ll often hear SEO experts talking about the Google dance and how it throws a wrench into their best-laid plans (in other words, search results).

Google uses secret algorithms to decide which sites get found in searches. As SEO experts, we work to crack that code as much as possible, figure out which methods help you get high in the search results, and implement them. But whenever Google changes its algorithms, and this occurs about ten times a year or so, everything goes haywire for a few days. You’re site that’s ranked consistently at first place for a certain keyword suddenly disappears without a trace. A site you have that’s been struggling shoots up to the first results page. This is the Google dance at work.

It’s kind of like a virtual earthquake. Everything goes crazy for a few days and then settles down, read ┬ámore …. Read More→

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Holding a contest on Facebook is a great way to engage your followers, attract new ones, and increase your presence on the world’s biggest social media site. Contests have always been used by companies to promote their products and services, but Facebook makes it even easier. Here’s how it’s done.

Follow the Rules

The first step if you’ve never run a contest before is to get acquainted with the rules. Facebook has strict guidelines on holding a contest and if you break these rules, your fan page can get shut down. Here are the guidelines – Read More→

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Whether you realize it or not, there’s an ebb and flow to you energy throughout the day. You probably feel like you’re sluggish after lunch or you work best at around 10 in the morning. For each person it’s different. If you can discover your energy cycles and work with rather than against them, you can work smarter.

Your Workday

In each workday, most marketers tackle various types of tasks. There are times when: Read More→


Content curation is a term used to refer to pulling together content from various sources and presenting it to the reader. In other words, you’re taking other people’s content and putting it together in one place for your target market.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? After all, you don’t have to create the content yourself. Content curation sounds like a shortcut but it’s actually not. There’s a skill to pulling together just the right information.

Think of it this way – what you’re doing is going out and finding the content your target market is looking for. You’re saving them the trouble of doing it themselves.

Why Curate? Read More→