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Stop Information Overload In Your Internet Marketing Business


For all of us who’ve ventured into the internet marketing arena, you soon discover there’s absolutely no shortage of internet marketing gurus to teach you how to” make it online”, your in box suddenly hits ‘information overload’ because you naively sign up to all the latest free reports, free e-books etc to help you make it as a successful Internet marketer

Sam & I are no different but we had an experience in another arena that really illustrated information overload & enabled us to try & avoid it when we started out with our own Internet marketing activity.

Our Experience & Lesson Learned

About 12 years ago we decided that the conventional pension route was not for us, couldn’t afford it anyway. I had a small pension but once you turn 40 as I had done the amount you need to put in was just scary. So it was just when the buy-to-let market was just taking off here in the UK. So we trolled the internet, checked out ads and as we didn’t have much capital to play with we came to the conclusion we’d have to buy in Northern England as prices where a lot cheaper.

Research is vital, so we responded to ads both online & off, went to seminars, had some meetings, drove to place like Newcastle, Liverpool (5-6 hour journeys) met with sourcing companies, viewed possible houses, crunched the numbers we’d been given, including all the bull****, started to believe the ‘you too can be a property millionaire in 5 years’ etc

Paralysis from Just Too Much Information

But then sheer panic and information analysis overload set in – should we buy in Liverpool or Newcastle? Can we trust these people? Would they pay us? Would they do the refurbishments properly? How would we pay the mortgage if they didn’t find a tenant quickly? What if, What if – could they be trusted with our meagre but hard earnt little pot of capital? – Total paralysis.

But then you know what one of the guys we had met called us the details of a property – sounded great, good price so we took the plunge.

In the coming months more followed and 12 years down the road we now have a worthwhile property portfolio. Certainly its not without headaches & problems but hey there’s no such thing as a free lunch!

My point is this, yes research is vital, only a fool just jumps in but there’s a time to quit the research and get started. Don’t allow yourself to get overloaded and paralysed. Especially with an internet marketing business – the technology moves at such a pace, get stuck in, have a go, you can’t break anything and it’s a business that’s very low financial entry level – not like buying a house with a domain, some hosting you can be up & running – learning the ropes to making some money.

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Just ‘Do It’

There’s no substitute for ‘doing it’. If we’d have allowed ourselves to remain paralysed by our research experiences in the property market we’d have never bought our first buy to let, we’d have never experienced that property doubling in price in 6 years enabling us to re mortgage and buy more – so those are the highs but equally remember you learn more from the lows – the tenant doing a runner, some kids breaking in and trashing the place etc.

But everyone experiences set backs, learn from them, grow from them & move on, don’t let them stop you in your tracks and the internet marketing business is no different – when you ‘re sitting there dog tired at 2am trying for the 100th time to do something – don’t give up because suddenly it will come right – perseverance is the key. Let us know your story, until then …….

Toby & Sam



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    That’s not just logic. That’s really senseible.

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