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Creating the Perfect Mobile Landing Page


Mobile landing pages are landing pages made especially for mobile devices. You can use yours to build your list, offer coupons, or sell products.

Remember More & More People are Using Mobile Devices Not Laptops

More & more people are using mobile devises so it stands to reason you need to be keeping ahead of the crowd with the technology

The biggest challenge in creating a good mobile landing page is the fact that smart phones and other mobile devices are small. A desktop page is going to be small and hard to navigate on that small device. Keeping this in mind, you need to simplify your design. Strip it down so that they only see the essentials that they need to know.

You also need to make a greater effort to grab their attention quickly. Mobile Web surfers have notoriously short attention spans. Your headline needs to be clear and strong so that they’ll stay with you.

Imagine if somebody is looking at your mobile landing page on the train, in line at the bank or on break at work. They’re not going to read each word but instead skim to get the gist. You need to use lists and bullet points that are easy to take in at a glance.

Simple is Best

Your mobile landing page has to be light and quick. Avoid putting anything there that’s going to have a long loading time, and if you must, put it further down on the page. The headline and main info you want them to see should be quick and easy. If it takes forever to load, they’ll get frustrated and click away.

One unique thing mobile sites offer is a ‘click to call’ function. This means that all they have to do is click a certain area of your landing page and their phone automatically calls you. Along with your phone number (since they will be seeing your site on their phones, after all), you should format it so that all they have to do is click it.

Your sign-up form is really important to consider when designing a mobile site. If it’s too complex or has too many fields for them to fill out, they won’t do it. Make sure that just like the rest of the page, the sign-up form is simple and easy. It should have as few required fields as possible. If you need more information, get them to sign up first and have them enter it later.

Here’s the real Top Tips You Must Follow

I’ve given you a lot of tips here, but let me break it down to a few simple points to recap:

 – Text size should be large enough to read easily but not big enough to be overwhelming.

 – Text should be kept to a minimum and design should be minimal.

 – Put the really important information up at the top so they don’t have to scroll.

– Make the sign-up form simple.

The best mobile landing pages use an image or graphic in place of text to get the user’s attention. This keeps it nice and clean while also telling your visitors exactly what the site is about.

If you create a mobile landing page and it’s not getting you the results you want, go back and tweak. You probably need to scale it down a little bit to enhance the user experience.

Hope the above post has helped

Toby & Sam Russell

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