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The Top Shortcut to Traffic Generation


You’ll probably heard lots of great internet success stories all about people who’ve become internet marketing gurus and multi millionaires having launched a profitable business online and many of those stories are absolutely true, the whole rags to riches storyline. However what you rarely hear about are the miserable failures, and there are ten times as many of them.  Lots of people have launched businesses online only to watch them peter out before they make a profit.

So, what does it take?  Is it all a matter of luck?  Or does it take a keen business sense and teamwork?  The truth is that what it really takes is a drive to succeed, a willingness to work hard, and a positive outlook even when things are looking grim.

But adding a helping hand through search engine advertising can certainly help as well.

The Basics Of How It Works

Traffic is the very foundation of it all.  If you disagree with me, consider this? No traffic means no customers.  And that translates to no sales at all.  In the world of the Internet, the web surfer who stumbled onto your website (traffic) is the walk-in customer in the real world.  Like selling in the real world, it’s a numbers game? The more traffic you get, the more chance for sales. But here’s a thing with the internet growing so rapidly, with so many new websites the amount of ‘stumbled on website’ visitors will be very small, and many of those will not be particularly ‘targeted’ visitors so ultimately the chance of making a sale is pretty much zero

Just like in the real world, lots of people are window-shopping.  They’ll stop in, look at the merchandise, weigh up their options and then wander on to the next place.  Still, you want as many people as possible in your shop, because you know that a certain percentage will buy.

The solution, then, is to drive an enormous amount of traffic to your site so that that tiny percentage will still mean a big number, some of whom will buy. Most importantly though is to attract the right customers who are more likely to actually buy – targeted visitors.

A lot of the Internet business success stories you hear are from people who paid for that traffic.  We all know the saying that it takes money to make money.  Think of it as advertising. 

In the offline world, we have to pay for advertising.  That advertising goes into key publications where your potential customers are. Regular readers. However the beauty of search engine ads is you are able to target your desired visitor far more precisely than in a print ad and thereby cut much of the normal offline wastage.

Paid search engine ads offer a way to get larger amounts of traffic more quickly.  It boosts your numbers quite significantly if done properly. Check out   these methods by visiting Google and Yahoo – both offer advertising programs that are simple and easy to follow but beware set your daily budgets very low to begin with, test and test again before increasing your budget – make sure you are getting a worthwhile return on your advertising investment – i.e. not only are you getting increased traffic but the right kind of traffic – use the ads to capture email addresses by offering a free report or book

Search And You Will Find

The key to traffic on the Internet is to rank well in the search engines.  Whenever anybody wants to know about (or buy!) anything, what do they do?  They get onto Google, Yahoo or another search engine and look for it.  They enter search terms these keywords are what you need to be ranking well for in whatever niche you are operating in so that after they hit the enter button, the search engine gives them the results which is where you need to be.  These results are listed by relevance, popularity and some other factors that are mysterious (the search engines closely guarded secrets).

You want your site on that front page.  That is what it’s all about to get traffic the free method for doing this is called search engine optimization or SEO for short. Now there’s on & off site SEO – on site means in very basic terms that all you pages should have good, targeted keyword use and placement relevant to the content. Offsite is by promoting your site through forum and blog comments and posts, article writing and submission, press releases and video submission.

Paying for an advertisement is a shortcut.  It may sound odd to pay for traffic.  After all, one of the great things about making money online is that you can build a successful business with almost no start-up costs.  But paying for ads on the major search engines will guarantee you a steady flow of traffic its then a case of converting that traffic into sales whether immediately or later on once they have joined your list.

Paying For Ads And Profiting

Both Google and Yahoo have a number of different pricing packages.  One style is called pay per click or PPC.  This is where you are charged by the amount of traffic (clicks) that your ad gets.  Others will charge you according to how many times you like your ad to show up.  Again as I’ve already said test with a small daily budget. The real advantage of this type of advertising is the ability to target keywords and therefore niches even very small ones therefore your advertising spend is very targeted and less wasteful than traditional offline promotion.

Either way, make sure that your ad is fully keyword-optimized.  Its vital you do some keyword research before you choose the ones you’ll go for, and there are a number of free, easy-to-use tools for doing this.

It may seem strange to spend money on traffic, but it will pay you back later.  Paying for ads will make your traffic grow, and the more visitors you have, the more sales you’re likely to get providing your keyword research is on target and the traffic your driving is specific to your niche & product.

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