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Search Engine Advertising – A Good Investment ?


How To Drive Traffic To Your Site Using Yahoo Overture

Hello and welcome to the next step in my series of blogposts covering traffic generation by using paid-for ads on search engines. Now I have to be honest & say my experience has been really with Google Adwords primarily, done a bit with Yahoo but I’m not an expert, but for clarity and for those who’ve seen my other posts on search engine advertising I thought it was only right to cover Yahoo as well, so here goes …

Little Bit of History For You

Overture, which is now owned by Yahoo, basically created P4P (pay for performance), as we know it today.  They realised and anticipated the growth in online shopping and that activity would was increase dramatically, and that advertising was going to be huge because of all the online businesses. 

You need visibility to get web surfers to visit your site to buy.  Putting ads that would send visitors to these sites not only increase sales, but traffic as well.  Yahoo now has this service (Since buying Overture some years ago), which allows ads for companies or websites to be visible in response to certain keywords that are entered by the browser.

More Visitors Helps Your List Building Activity

Any company can drive more traffic to its site by making use of this service.  More traffic means that you’ll get more people seeing the pages of your site and getting the benefits of your site’s info, or better yet, buying your products or joining your list.  If you’ve got a high volume of traffic, then it makes building your list somewhat easier and quicker as well. Naturally the advantage of getting people onto your list is that you are then able to market to them on a regular basis with the hope that they are not just on off customers but over time will buy further product from you, a website owner they have come to trust.

The goal of every website is to get a large and consistent traffic flow to their website.  Visitors to your site are the lifeblood of your business, and if you can get as large a number as possible, it will help towards good volume of sales and increased awareness of your site’s products or services.

So How Does it Work?

Yahoo Overture works in basically the same way as Google Adwords works.  Both services use searches based on keywords and keyword phrases to place ads on sites that are relevant.  The browser’s keyword selection will determine what results come up.  When you do a search, youl’l see ads on the right side of the results page.  At the top of these ads will be paid ads.  These are ones where the company or website has paid for them to be listed for that keyword or phrase.

Lets look at an example.  Imagine that you have a site that sells retail and wholesale auto parts.  You can choose certain keywords that will bring up your ad when they are searched.  When somebody types in, for example, Ford Explorer your ad comes up because you’ll chosen the phrase Ford Explorer for your ads.  Using this technique, you don’t have to worry so much about optimizing your site’s content for search engine optimization. However in my opinion you should anyway because highly optimised sites will always rank better and can take advantage of changes in web technology that are bound to come about from time to time – so do it anyway

On the one hand, you can work hard to get your site ranking high for your keyword on the search engines; or, you can use the Yahoo/Overture system to get your site listed on the first page.  This greatly increases the chance of someone clicking on it.  This is a quick way to get more traffic to your site.But obviously the best plan is to do both

Ok So What’s The Cost?

The only trouble is that you’ll have to lay down some cash to use this method.  Yahoo/Overture has a number of different pricing options, depending on the number of keywords your ad has in it, or the number of times you get clicks.  They also offer deals that allow your ads to show up on third party sites and not just search engine results pages. Visit their site to check out the current costs.

As far as the third party sites go, they’ll put your ads on sites that are relevant to yours.  In other words, they are going for the same or similar keywords.  This ensures that the people who might be interested in your site will see it.  It would be meaningless for them to put your ads on an unrelated site. 

Invest in Your Business’s Future

You can and should see this money as an investment.  The idea is to pull more visitors to your site, and thus to increase sales.  If it works, you can make good on the investment.  The trick then is to work on your site so that those clicks turn into cash.  In other words, don’t just get them there; get them buying and joining your list.

They say it takes money to make money.  Actually, there are a number of free or low-cost ways to drive traffic to your site, and in many of my other posts we’ve discussed many of these so just go & take a look. But using Yahoo’s Overtures helps you get there faster.  It offers quicker traffic on a bigger scale.  If you don’t want to wait around for the search engines to start finding your site, it can be well worth the money!

So there you have it, Internet marketing is all about using the arsenal of tools, tips and methods we’ve spoken about on a regular basis to quite literally ‘market’ your site, so go ahead and get stuck in and work consistently

How Do I Find A Profitable Niche?

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