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How Do I Achieve a High Page Ranking? – Day 2


Hi there and welcome back to day 2 of improving your page Rank. We sincerely hope your not too overloaded and have got your heads around Tips 1 & 2 from yesterday.

Confusion Reigns

Personally I think making things more difficult, long winded and confusing is a 20th & 21st century invention. Today at work I have a couple of part time staff, one who fills in when we need her – so irregular hours varying month to month and the other who’s reduced her hours to look after her daughter – so both slightly different situations but I wanted to clarify how to work out holiday entitlement and what to do about Bank Holidays particularly as we have loads coming up here in the UK (Royal Wedding, May Day etc)

Anyway we outsource our human resources – so I whack off an email to them asking for clarity on the above two situations. Well several hours later and a page long email, I’m even more confused than I was before. So I read it, read it again, and again and finally without interruptions get my head round it. And that my friends is the way you need to approach the ‘must understand’ bits of information when it comes to your Internet marketing and online activity.

Here’s How I got my head round them – I’d title up on a sheet of paper those that I really needed to know & understand – then once I’d got my head round them I’d write a brief paragraph in my own words detailing what they meant & how to use them – stuck it on the wall near my PC  – job done, Ok my office wall ‘s not pretty but it’s a constant referral point & it works for me, try it.

So here we go, Step 3 and 4

Step 3 – Long Tail Keyword Research

The next step after establishing your top line keyword for your domain should be that you figure out the keyword phrases you are going to use for each page of your website. Keyword phrases with two or three words are okay and each page should have 1 or 2. Do not use single keywords as the search engines may not always recognize them in the way you want. You can do your research by using Google’s free keyword research tool but also check what keyword phrases people are searching for in your niche – if its ‘French cookies’ type, like the example I used yesterday type that in to the search box and see what shows up.

Step 4 – Make Sure Your Title, Alt & Meta Tags are Correct

 These are found in the head of a page but are invisible to the ordinary person browsing. They are codes for pages on the website used by the search engines when they crawl through a site and index pages. There are two main tags known as the title tags and the Meta tags. These tags enable the spiders (what search engines use to crawl a website) on web pages know what a web page is about. The title tag helps the spiders identify the title of that page.

The Meta tag which is also referred to as the description tag describes what the website page is all about. In order to achieve search engine optimization on your website, it has to contain your keywords in both the title and Meta tags.

Each optimized page should have the keyword of the content or article scattered within the entire text. Search engines assess the keyword density of a website page as a factor to determine its relevance.

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Beyond the density of keyword, its placement within the article or text is also very important in search engine optimization. The keyword should be presented close to the beginning of the article as possible. This is because the spider crawling the website does not always go very deep into the text that is why the closer the keyword to the beginning of the text, the more likely for it to be crawled.

There is another tag that will improve your search engine optimization. This is known as the Alt tag, and it is used for pictures within the website. Those pictures should contain keywords for the search engine spider to read.

Finally, you may want to submit your website pages to search engines and directories such as Yahoo! Google and MSN. This is one sure way to get your website quickly indexed in order to start enjoying high page and website ranking. I hope the above debunks some of the techie speak we all come across and find confusing when starting out, let us know how you get on…

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Toby & Sam Russell

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