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Free Methods That Get You Massive Traffic


Hi and welcome back, Today I just want re enforce the power of the free methods of developing traffic to your site or blog.

Online Business Means Low Start Up Costs

We’ve all heard that saying that it takes money to make money.  If you decided to start an off line company, you know that one of the things you’d need would be some working capital and investment to get it started. 

Online Success

 One of the brilliant things about establishing a business on line is that you can potentially have very low start-up costs to begin with until you start to see some income coming in when you may choose to pay for some outsourcing. Naturally this makes the potential for profit much higher. But you do need to understand the principles of internet marketing to make it work – after all internet marketing is really just establishing your ability to ‘market’ your online business through the medium that is ‘internet’

Sure if you have some funds to get you started You can use services like Google Adwords or Yahoo Overture where you pay to have your site’s ads listed in the search engines. To start building traffic quicker.  But you don’t have to.  All you really need is the right mindset and a desire to succeed.  It takes a little more work to do it yourself for free, but lots of people have done exactly this, and for Sam & I we think going through the learning curve although sometimes painful is a valuable experience.

It’s wonderful to get traffic without spending a dime!  To be honest, going the free route means that it’s going to take more time and perseverance.  That’s where you’ll need that desire for success that I mentioned.  Paying for ads definitely gives you a leg-up over the competition with no extra work from you.  But I want to share with you some free methods that can be used to get your site traffic if you stick to them.

Forums And Online Communities

Forums and on line communities are great for getting traffic.  The key is to find out where your customers are hanging out looking for information and then give it to them.  Find forums or on line communities that are in your niche.  These are the people who can use your service, and they’re the ones who will buy from you.  On these forums, discuss things related to your niche and offer people some value.

These places give you a great opportunity to build a reputation for yourself, and that’s what it’s all about on line.  Use these places to show everyone that you’re an expert in your field.  If you build trust in this way, you’ll be in effect pre-selling your product but more importantly you as a trustworthy brand.  Your name will become a trusted name in the field, and they’ll buy from you because of your knowledge and expertise.

Get The Word Out With Newsletters

Newsletters are another way to build a stable base of fans. However to do this you’ll need to establish ‘a list’ – why not consider some of the free advertising sites that are out there then Send them articles, news and offers that relate to your product or service.  If you really offer them something of value, people will sign up for your newsletter and tell all of their friends.  When you’ve got lots of people joining your list, this means more traffic to your site.  Best of all, like forums and on line communities, these aren’t walk-in customers; they’re people that already know your name and the quality of information that you offer. 

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Link Trading

You can also trade links with other website in your niche.  All you have to do is contact the other site’s web master.  They’ll be benefiting you and you’ll be benefiting them.  Your traffic will go there and their traffic will come to you, so it’s a great way to network.  It’s also a way to offer something more for your visitors.

Article Marketing

Start an article marketing campaign.  Write informative articles in your niche that offer value to the readers.  These are kind of like “teasers” that show them what you’ve got to offer.  After reading the article, they’ll want more information, so they’ll click on the link to your site.  There, they’ll find your offer.

There are lots of sites that allow you to submit your articles.  These sites, like and, let you post your articles with back links to your site.  A great thing about these article directories is that some of them rank high in Google.  You can use their high ranking to get your articles on Google’s front page in many instances pretty quickly, and this will in turn start to get you some serious traffic.

SEO Your Site

Make sure your site has great content and make sure that it’s search engine optimized.  The search engines will find you if you have niche targeted and relevant keywords and keyword phrases on your site.  But don’t overdo it; “keyword stuffing” can actually get you ignored by the search engines.

Even a highly keyword optimized site that offers no value or has crummy content won’t get sales.  Make sure the content is good and offers something to visitors.  Hiring a professional content writer costs money, so write it yourself and you can fill your site with content for free.  Plus it enables you to get your own personality across thereby developing trust with your visitors.

These are all free methods for getting traffic to your site.  It doesn’t take any money, but what it takes from you is work, perseverance and an eagerness to succeed.  Learn about each of these methods and use them to your advantage, and you’ll have tons of traffic over time without spending a cent.  But take note it does take commitment and time so don’t expect miracles overnight, remember your building a business here, and that if nothing else takes a commitment of time, stick at it & the results will follow, until next time….

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Toby & Sam

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