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Top Tips for Researching that Niche


Doing research

Researching any market especially for Internet marketing & information publishing centres around undertaking systematic research, properly recorded and then analyse for the worth of the opportunity. Don’t forget online its about ‘what people are searching for’. Producing a great product offering answers no one is actively searching for will be an instant Internet marketing failure. You must satisfy a demand & be able to get your solution directly in front of those looking for the answers.

Top Tip

Do not make a judgement call on 1 single piece of research – just don’t do it. Plus don’t just make your decision on numbers alone – sometimes keyword research will throw up small search numbers, suggesting a lack of viability however by doing further research (see below) and your belief that the quality of information you plan on providing is so key & therefore will command a premium price – a small tight niche can work.

Step 1Check out Keywords

Use Word tracker, personally I use the free one

Also – use Goggle – again their free one

Check out keywords within your niche that people are searching for

Build a keyword list, which can certainly be useful for targeting and writing articles and content especially long tail keywords as well

In Google ideally you’re looking for 1500 –2000 searches a day in your market

Don’t panic if it falls short of this kind of numbers (see top tip) but just tread with caution.

Step 2check out forums and online newsletters


Dig about a bit, are there questions being asked that you & your product could answer. Are there plenty of forums that are active with big memberships? Top Tip this suggests an active niche. Build your authority status on the forum by commenting and being involved – get your name ‘in bedded’ in the niche-be recognised.


Think laterally are there online and possibly offline newsletters with again active memberships? If yes there could well be the opportunity to take out advertising or offer a copy of your product as a free review copy or even a joint venture with the newsletter publisher. Don’t discount all the possible marketing opportunities

Likewise if you believe yourself to be a bit of an ‘expert’ offer to write the odd article (providing a link to your blog, website in the by-line)

Step 3 – Competition in Google Adwords

Check out how many ads there are for your main keywords. Hopefully there should be a healthy amount – if only one or two again tread with caution.

Check out some of the ads see what products are being offered, at what price and the quality of information being offered

 Step 4 – You Tube

People now search via video and You Tube is the number one (some say over 60% of searches are now geared towards video in search terms). Search your niche see what video content is there, especially the ‘how to’ solving issues and problems video content – check out how many times some of the videos in your niche have been viewed – you’ll be amazed

 Step 5 – Visit Amazon – is your niche a thriving marketplace with both physical and possibly audio books, what’s the volume, are they being bought in big numbers, and is it popular? – Again this identifies a strong niche.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s post for the final Top Tips (No. 6 – 10) to complete your Structured Research arsenal to ensure quality market research on the button every time, until then …..


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