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Internet marketing is all about niches or the lack of them. How many times have you been at internet marketing & information publishing seminars, got talking to people over coffee in the break and the age old comment rears its ugly head “I haven’t found the right niche yet, I’m still researching it and that’s why I haven’t started my website, my online business will come together when I find time to decide on that niche” – come on we’ve all heard that one tons of times, (we may have been guilty ourselves here!!!) but swiftly moving on …………

This argument throws up 3 issues:

1.      Research

2.      Information Overload

3.      Taking Action

Lets just quickly look at each area separately.

 Issue 1 – Research

Before you even start with research you need to ask the question are you planning on creating your own product (or having it created for you) because you believe there’s an opportunity? Or do you possess a passion for the subject? I.e.: it’s a past-time or hobby or you’ve picked up some quality PLR material from a membership site that you believe might satisfy a niche and sell well.

Issue 2 – Information Overload

Research is essential but do bear in mind it is just that. As you go through the process record the important information but don’t overload yourself – its important to be able to go through your check-list of research results almost like a tick box list. My gut feel is if it ticks more of the above elements than not  then you’re moving forward nicely.

Be careful not to over research and that the research actually becomes the product creation by default by that I mean you get so exhausted & overwhelmed with the sheer volume of research material that you never take it any further – why because you hate the sight of it! Hey sounds daft but I guess many of us have been there, but just won’t admit it.

For Sam & I we decided we needed some clear, easy to follow help so for us we invested in the Internet Business Start Up Kit

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Not only will it take you by the hand, step by step telling you want you need to know but more importantly what not to waste your time on. Learn at your own pace but believe me it’s a NO FAIL System providing you hang in there and work on your business systematically – check it out NOW.

Issue 3 – Taking Action

This ties in very much with issue 2. The research takes over and then the perceived fear of failure kicks in – ‘what if I got it wrong’ ‘have I done enough?’ ‘if I just do another survey on Survey Monkey, I’ll be sure’ – and of course you simply never start.

The comfort of never starting is the blanket that protects you from failure – sounds daft but read that phrase again, not only does it make pure sense but I reckon many of us can identify with it. Throw away the blanket, get cold & get stuck in – you’ve nothing to fear apart from failure itself and even if (and it’s a big if) you fail you will learn from it & do better next time

I’ll be covering research and the exact way we do it in more detail soon, until then…


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