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Hi there and welcome back to the final 5 Top Tips for effective market research. This information will allow you to assess any niche, its viability for an information product and then how best to market that product on the Internet. As I’ve said before Internet marketing is a third technology, ie how to use the internet and two thirds marketing so don’t loose sight of that, it’s the marketing that gets the sales message in front of the right people and then sells a product

Step 6 – Do some physical research in your local W H Smiths/newsagent. Check out the magazine racks, are there magazines targeting your niche, how many, what’s the quality of content etc? – Several magazines in a niche suggest enthusiasts hungry for information.

Step 7 – Groups – check these out as well, what questions are being asked, problems being solved or needing solving – how action and large are they?

Step 8 – Click Bank again search it, see what products are being offered, how many, the price and quality and how popular they are – again all good indications as to the size, strength and therefore opportunity within your chosen niche

Step 9 – Profit & potential – are there other information products being sold into your chosen niche? If yes then it’s a niche where a} people are searching for answers and b} they will spend money to get those answers. Finally is there a sub-sector of that niche that is not being satisfied by existing products – if yes then get marketing.

 Step 10 – Ease of Product Creation

Do be honest to my mind there’s not a lot of difference with the exception that before you create/have created a product please do some research before you potentially waste a lot of time, effort & possibly money.

Alternatively if you belong to a half decent membership site they’ll give you the option within their rules to “You may modify the content, add *your* name as author, and insert your own affiliate links etc”. This normally includes adding pictures & photos, creating your own Foreword, cover etc.

I cannot recommend strongly enough that if you decide to go this route & use resell rights product you first off print off the book, go into a ‘darkened room’ – read it, identify modifications and additions and re-invent the product with your own stamp on it. Make sure it ticks the boxes ion terms of providing answers to those questions being asked. If its only a half hearted attempt – don’t go there, all you’ll find is you’ll end up getting sales but then have to credit people as the material is not up to the job.

The other opportunity is public domain material. My friends the ‘2 Neils’ produce a secret profit report that tells you exactly how they brought in over £65,000 in 6 weeks just using the information they reveal in the secret profit report. Go and grab your copy right now. Discover how public domain material can work for you in your business and bring in insane amounts of profit – don’t forget secret profit report – do it now.

We hope as always this blogpost has been of use, do let us know your own experiences, until then….

Sam & Toby

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