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Creative Keyword Research Gets Results


 Hi all, hope this post finds you all well and progressing in your Internet marketing and information publishing activity. This week for me is proving really tight on time and that frustrates the hell out of me because I just can’t seem to devote the time I either need or want to spend developing my information marketing business as well as doing all the stuff that ‘day to day’ living chucks in the way.

The most frustrating aspect is here we are mid week and I’m way behind on my planned schedule of blogpost and article writing. But there’s little point in beating myself up so what I’m going to try & do is pick up on the positives and go from them.

Keep Motivated Even When its A Struggle

As I’ve mentioned before two really successful Internet marketing professionals from the UK I really rate are the ‘2 Neils’ and last night was one of their training calls. Now you know what its like, timed to start at 6.30pm, you’ve had a long day at the day job, you’re tired, you’ve driven like a madman to get home in time and all you really want to do is sit down, have meal, in my case a stiff drink and chill. But you resist the temptation and dial into the call.

Now what I forget to mention is the guys had said in the email that the call was going to cover keywords. Now I don’t know about you but this has always been an area where I struggle – there’s so many strategies/suggestions/special reports- how to, I do it this way etc from so many Internet marketers and info publishers out there my head ends up spinning but then I get this niggle that what I’ve done possibly not very well is why I’m not getting the traffic I want or need – does this sound familiar ?

A Different Approach ?

So I was intrigued, because we’ve all used Google’s and/or Word tracker’s free keyword search tools, but again as is often the case with so many of the gurus when it comes to tying down to “if the numbers are xxx, forget, only go for numbers yyy “ it all becomes a bit vague – know what I mean ?. So I was keen to see if my two mentors, the 2 Neils had a different take on it – and sure enough they did.

Coming from a Different Angle

Their take is to start from a different angle and before hitting the keyword tools. Hit blogs, forums and see what people in your niche are searching for. You’re looking for Words and phrases – look for three key areas: 1} Problems – and fining solutions 2} Action – they want information and help and 3} How To – the classic. In this way you’ll not only find keywords but also long tail keywords and phrases – very handy.

Other tools to use

Also visit article directories, check out the topics within your niche that authors are writing about, again you’ll come away with loads of ideas.Yahoo Answers – again check out what people are searching for.

Also Google Wonder wheel – this was absolutely new to me. I won’t cover it in detail here but check it out, especially the step by step guide which just illustrates what a clever little this is. Also check out Google Alerts – keeps you bang up to date.

Finally Keyword Tools

So then move to keyword tools. Use your findings from the above research and check out the results. The beauty of this method is you KNOW what people in your niche are CURRENTLY and ACTIVELY searching for – how laser targeted is that ?

For me these guys have some really cleaver, different & creative approaches to Internet marketing, so you know what I’m going to be doing in my spare moments over the next few days. I know I keep pushing it but you really should check out their special trail offer on their Internet Marketing Review it has been invaluable to us, its probably one of the longest running physical newsletters still going but with the on-line version as well including forum its a goldmine of information.

We’ve met some really helpful people on-line in the forum who are only too happy to comment on issues and problems and have even offered in the past to look over a new product brief before us getting really stuck in and give an opinion. For us it’s been a lifesaver. You get the newsletter on & off-line and the forum, and currently there’s a special trail offer – go check it out!

That’s it guys for now, as always your feedback and comments are welcome, until the next time

Ok so now please leave a comment, let us know what you think, was the post helpful? Did you get something out of it? Do get involved & let us know.

Toby & Sam

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