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The “Power Hours” Secret to Online Success


Hi hope your online efforts are starting to pay off. Lets face it ‘Rome certainly wasn’t built in a day’ applies very much to Sam’s and my online activity. It’s a continual ‘work in progress’, which seems to take a lot of effort and time – sometimes I think too much.

Working the Night Shift

You know the feeling sitting there at lets say gone mid night, dog tired and really just dreaming about that nice, warm bed upstairs – but the schedule you promised yourself you’d stick to still says – ‘2 more articles’ tonight –bit tricky when you’ve got writer’s block and staring at a blank screen – come on we’ve all been there – I just hate it.

Oh the life of an Internet marketer not what those gurus promised at the last Internet marketing seminar we attended. Now I know about ‘ putting your business on autopilot’ – doesn’t that comment every time you hear it, really grate on you, because life for most of us is not really that simple, is it ?

Anyway we still keep going and as my mentor said last week to me when I’d been a bit frustrated: “Hope these comments help and keep the faith it will happen”. So anyway I want to share what I believe to be a really cool idea I picked up when I was browsing one of the Internet marketing forums I frequently post to and comment on.

This guy was saying how a mentor he had some time back taught him “Power Hours” method of working, he’d been using it for some years and he reckoned it was the single most important factor that had helped him to attain a lifestyle and freedom (presumably from the normal day job working for someone else) he had desired.

Now I thought this has to be something mega, I read on waiting for the pearls of wisdom to wash over me – but then there it was, so simple I couldn’t believe it – do you want to know ?

The ‘Power Hours’ Method

1} He splits his working day into 4 hourly segments (i.e. a total of 4 hours)

 2} None of the 4 hourly segments directly follow on from one another – there’s always a break Of some sort

3}Each hour he works for 45 minutes non stop – then stops, leaves his desk/office, goes and gets a glass of water and wanders around stretching his legs.

4} Whilst working he allows NO interruptions – no email, no social networks, no browser windows open and his office door firmly closed.

5} He has a pre-planned list of ‘tasks to complete’ within those 4 hourly segments.

6} He never moves onto a new project or article etc before having completed the one he’s started.

And guys that’s it, nothing more, nothing less 😆  – how simple is that. I’m trying it you should too, what have you to loose, until the next time …….

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