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Take Action To Achieve Your Internet Marketing Goals


Have you attended any of those big Internet marketing seminars? You know the type; you sit there in an auditorium that’s packed to the rafters with a never-ending stream of Internet marketing gurus.  I’m pretty sure many of you reading this will certainly recognize the story I’m about to tell, it’s one that most Internet marketers will have experienced…..

Don’t Be the Guru’s Deal Clincher

Our first one was a big Ra Ra event, loads of big internet marketers flown in from the States, we’re all sitting there, eager little faces listening intently, scribbling like mad, anxious not to miss a word & then the pitch fest starts – “and its only $5,000, but I’m not going to charge you that – here’s $10,000 worth of bonuses and for the first 32 people to rush up here its only $2,350”

It all goes quiet, and then its like no one what’s to be the first – someone breaks ranks, dashes to the stage and he’s congratulated like he’s just won a marathon – mmm what he’s actually done is bought into the hype and just been parted from $2,350 plus he’s been the sales clincher for the speaker & started the stampede.

And the day goes on, and the next day and suddenly you realize this big internet marketer gurus who’ve ‘given their time freely’ have in actual fact paid for their airfare 10 times over and still made a killing. But the really sad thing is many of the ‘big boxes of stuff’ that have been purchased don’t even ever get opened – how crazy is that!

Believe me we know what its like, I’ve certainly over the years bought ‘boxes of stuff’ and you know what several of them are still in their spare bedroom doing absolutely Zippo – how daft am we?

Get Focused & Take Action NOW

But the moral of this story is get some focus on what you want to achieve and then take action – get stuck in. That box of tricks will not make you a millionaire sitting in the corner un-opened. Yes its scary getting started in any venture and Internet marketing is absolutely no different.

But consider this if some guy has just parted you from thousands of dollars, and you believed at the time what he sold you would be ‘life changing’ and you do nothing – who’s the mug? So take a positive step today and do something, take action NOW, Tonight! Little steps regularly make massive changes over time.

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Taking action now is vital and I’ll illustrate why

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a friend who’s 11 yr old has recently started boxing, and he was saying how as a newbie the trainers insist they get into the ring for a sparing session within the first few weeks. Now for an 11 year old that’s pretty scary but anyway the lad got into the ring, head guard etc and the other lad sparred with him and finally just ‘tapped him’, not hard but the young lad wasn’t expecting it – shocked for a bit, he suddenly burst into tears (pretty understandable for an 11 yr old)

Anyway driving home the lad was very quiet; finally he turned to his dad and said ‘that head guard didn’t work very well’. However since then the lad has not missed a training session pesters his dad – ‘is it time to go yet?’ and has grown in strength and confidence.

Get stuck in, get started and even with setbacks you’ll achieve, might take a while but get in there and break the ice

Hope you have found this post useful and I’d love to hear your comments, till next time

Toby & Sam



  1. Asif Ahmed says:

    Very interesting article! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  2. Mavrick says:

    That’s really shrewd! Good to see the logic set out so well.

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