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Online Success Is All About Mental Discipline


Hi there, welcome back, running any kind of business is all about ‘mindset’ and by that I mean once your mind is set in a certain direction, ie Internet marketing or information publishing online and you mentally commit to it, the first battle in the war to winning out in your online marketing activities has been won. When I talk about mindset this is what I really mean ……

The really big thing for us anyway has been – FOCUS, DISIPLINE & ACTION

Focus to the extent of “I’m going to do this” and not get side tracked by other shiny objects that suggest I’ll be a millionaire by the click of a mouse – concentrate on the fundamentals – if you’re pretty new to internet marketing then get a good course, there’s loads out there and work through it, don’t get distracted.

Discipline devote time and commit to it – its no good saying ok I’ll do a bit when I can, get out of the hobby mindset, if you want to make money, real money your mindset must by that it’s a business therefore structure your available time – put it down on paper, we do our time sheet for the week ahead on a Sunday. Now here’s a tip, put down what you think you can do time wise, but don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t work out exactly. Schedule jobs in a list so you can tick off those completed.

Take Action – don’t sit on the fence, don’t make excuses – get stuck in NOW.

That box sitting in the garage will not magically make you money. I found the hardest stuff was learning the fundamentals, you know FTPing, uploading, auto responders, crating a pop up, article marketing, getting links etc – but here’s the rub if you don’t try you’ll NEVER achieve anything.

Sam & I have several websites up & running, selling downloadable e-books and audio products, and to be honest the hardest thing we’ve found is getting traffic – buy hey Rome wasn’t build in a day and what we are doing is getting comfy with the process – I tell you the day we sold our first e-book – wow, this whole internet marketing thing actually works – it felt tremendous

Finally my thoughts on seminars, have we done any & have they been worthwhile ? – have we learnt anything ? – absolutely – Focus, Discipline & Take Action? I always remember someone saying to me “if you come away from a seminar & have picked up just 1 thing – its worked” Well in our case we’ve picked up 3 fundamentals to success in internet marketing.

Will we attend more Internet marketing seminars? Absolutely but believe me when you’ve taken action, learnt at least some of the basics and tried some internet marketing strategies not only do seminars make a whole lot more sense but you come away with a feeling of self satisfaction that a} you knew more than you realised and b} your mental filtering systems allow you to make far better use of the nuggets of information you’ve brought away with you.

Sam & Toby

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