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Why Start Internet marketing Online


Hi there now today is New Year’s Eve here in the UK and it’s just over a year since my wife Sam and I started this blog to help others who are starting out online.

I have to tell you it’s been a rollercoaster year with many, many ups and downs.

Disney at Xmas - Amazing!

It started with a family trip to Florida and all the theme parks – an absolutely awesome holiday that both our children enjoyed enormously.

The ups

– Well our daughter managed to get a place at university and therefore left home for the first time and is becoming a truly independent individual.

A terrific holiday in Turkey with all the family in the summer and a great “boys weekend” with some of my friends.

But the downs as well

Both Sam & I have had fairly serious operations in the last 12 months.

And with the stresses of everyday life – an economy in recession and a number of major issues with our property portfolio that have created massive cash flow problems – its all been pretty scary at times.

So What’s My Point Here?

Well that’s really simply – its all about commitment.

Even though life has been pretty hectic we both made a commitment when we started our blog to stay focused and commit to running, building our presence and a major resource for you guys online.

 And as I’ve said this takes a commitment. Some weeks it’s been really tricky to find the time and yes there’s been times when all we wanted to do was walk away and not stay involved. But you know what, for us it was a case of taking a short break, get focus again and get back on the horse you might say.

So that’s it guys

– Whatever you are doing online of offline stay focused and really don’t give up – once you’ve starting internet marketing online just keep it up because for so many people its just as they are getting somewhere that they give up, 2its not working” I hear that so often.

There are so many ways to build yourself as a brand online, blog posting, forum posting, hubpages, squidoo, article marketing, auto responder messages and I seriously recommend you do allot these, make sure your internet marketing arsenal is fully charged, activated and fully employed.

Anyway that’s its from us today Happy New Year to all our visitors and whatever you do keep going and make 2012 YOUR YEAR TO SUCCEED.

To your success

Toby & Sam Russell


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