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Why should I write and submit articles ?


Hi there for any of you who have read many of our blogposts you’ll know we are both great believers in article marketing as one of the best methods of purest Internet marketing method out there for the following reasons,

Many businesses, website owners and Internet marketers have adopted article marketing alongside the practice of writing web content for informative, promotional and traffic generation purposes.The benefits of implementing a good article marketing strategy are very numerous, since besides advertising or promotion, the marketer improves the credibility of the business, increases traffic and the overall visibility on search engine rankings, something that’s close to all of our hearts.

Driving Traffic is Vital

Any business that has a presence on line must drive traffic to their site especially targeted traffic. Article marketing is a key method to obtain targeted traffic over time. Yes its true that a really unique well written article has the ability to be ranked by the search engines very quickly but also consider the longer term benefits with your article potentially being featured on many sites, blogs etc all over the Internet with each one pointing back to your site

What Do I Do ?

This is why you need to understand the dynamics of this marketing strategy which includes the basics of how to write the articles, where to place the articles and how to develop an effective resource box.

Also you need a constant article flow to maintain an optimal traffic level. Fresh informative material is exactly what the search engines are looking for. Likewise its not just the search engine, your website visitors will most likely return when they are assured of fresh informative and unique content on your website.

How to write articles for article marketing purposes really comes down to getting a personal writing style that you feel comfortable with, relevancy of writing to topic, spelling and grammar etc. Your writing style may be formal, casual, conversational, witty or whatever. The essence as a whole is to keep the reader interested in what you have to say. Most readers will not read a boring length of text. They would rather want something that has suspense or is humorous. They would want to read about something they will gain knowledge from. So the style of writing aims to achieve all of these. For Sam & I we find the best way is to try and get our personalities across, tell stories, who we are, what we are etc – this we feel will engage the visitor and build trust.

Relevancy is Absolutely Key

The article has to be relevant to the topic. No reader would ask for a book on fishing and be glad if he gets one on poultry farming would they? When an article is relevant to topic, visitors will stay long enough on the website to find and extract the information they are looking for That is why a main feature of article marketing is keywords The keywords are the center of the article. It is what the article is written and crafted about. Your keyword research will identify keywords both long and short that are what people are typing into the search engines when they are looking for an answer to their problem.

Mind Your Grammar !!

For your article marketing efforts to be successful, your writing should be grammatically correct and devoid of all spelling errors. For instance, Ezine Articles will reject an article that is poor in grammar and spellings.

That means such directories will refuse you from using their platforms for reaching the audience of readers and more importantly the other website owners constantly looking for new content for their own sites and blogs you are targeting to capture.

It does not just end there, if your article escapes the screening of directories, any average reader will be put off by the spelling and grammatical blunders within your writing. He or She quickly switches to something else and would most likely never return to that particular website.

Your Article marketing strategy is to submit your written articles to article directories like Ezine Articles. These directories in turn syndicate the articles to other services that may require them. Articles are used as web content for many other websites and blogs as Ive already identified because regular fresh content is needed by all on line businesses to increase their own search engine rankings.

Here’s the Most Important Bit ….

The resource box is where the reader is finally persuaded to click on the link to visit the website which the article talks about. A lot can be said about the proper utilization of resource box but in summary, using it to achieve effective article marketing result is like dangling a carrot before a horse. Carefully plan the resource box or the end of the article which should include your contact details. Depending on the web directory with which you use, there will be limitations to the number of back links you are allowed to include in the article content. Do not forget to include your name because it is a more professional approach and increases credibility.

Remember the absolute best hook is to leave your reader wanting more or intrigued, so this is something you must include in the resource box to obtain the best click through rates, which after all is the whole reason you’ve written and submitted the article in then first place to drive visitors to your own site, if your unsure check out the way other article writers that have many articles on directories fill in theirs, you can be sure its working for them otherwise they wouldn’t bother, just take a look and get comfortable. I really hope this post has given you more of an understanding of successful article marketing, please let us know what you think …..

Ok so now please leave a comment, let us know what you think, was the post helpful? Did you get something out of it? Do get involved & let us know.

Toby & Sam

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