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Why Back Links are Vital To Your Online Business


 Getting Effective Back links to Your Website.

Welcome back and in this post I want to just cover off and illustrate to you how important getting back links is to all of your online activity and you really do ignore it at your peril because it’s a key element to either making or breaking your internet marketing activity and therefore your overall online success

What Are they & Why Do I Need them?

Back links are an easy concept to understand. It is simply defined as incoming links to a website and/or its webpage. Back links were the primary method of moving around the Internet before search engines emerged. So their importance dates back away but now search engines use them as their backbone. The number of back links coming to your website combined with a number of other factors is what will determine how popular your site is.

Although the concept of back links may be easy to understand, it is the actual application of obtaining them that people sometimes find tricky and time consuming. There are various forms of bringing back links to your website such as forum posting, blog commenting, guest blogging, link exchanges, article marketing to name but a few

Article marketing – An Effective Method

Article marketing is a very straightforward and popular method of growing back links. . If you are prepared as you should be to write quality, unique content for your site and then syndicate out to the article directories where other webmasters will utilize your content on their own site then you’ll get back links from their site pointing back to yours – yes it takes time but it a very effective method that most successful internet marketers use all the time.

Forum posting on high page rank sites will over time develop your back links and your position in a particular niche or market.

One of the better methods in effective link building is to have as many inbound links as possible that are relevant to your page content and your site content. You would not want just any site linking to your pages just for the sake of building links; its about relevance – this is really important.

Quality of Links

 You would want to have some of your links coming from well established and popular sites so that the search engines will associate your site as important because of your association with a highly ranked and well thought of site. However these are note easy to come by. However do not stress over this because as your presence on line grows these links will come but it will take time

Look at this example and to understand authority websites or websites which provide important back links, let us compare these two choices: and Which of the two websites do you think will provide you better back links? Bit of a no brainer I would suggest.

Bare in mind Google ranks websites base on its importance and that is why you have websites quoting PR1, PR5 etc etc Its importance is a combination of factors. Some of the factors are domain age, number of back links, cache age, amount of unique content and so on. So heavyweight sites like CNN will have great page ranks for obvious reasons.

Social Media Helps Out

Social networks and partner/clients are ways to approach effective link building. These days, getting links from Twitter or Facebook has become an easy back linking approach. Most of the Internet marketing users of these social networks are there to gain back links to their websites and drive traffic.

Asking a related website owner in the same or similar niche to swap links with you is one way of building up backlinks. Especially if you have been involved with the Webmaster of the site by writing for each other, swapping content etc as guest blogging

No back link is really useless.

Whether it is from a high PR site or from a zero PR site. It’s only that it would do you better to have high PR site back link.  Also bear in mind this; there are some links that are do-follow and no-follow. When a link is do-follow, it means that the link can be used to connect to the website it is directed to. A no-follow link in turn will not take you to the website it is directed to.

Different search engines have their policy towards no-follow links. Google follows a no-follow link but does not index it. Yahoo follows a no-follow but exclude it from their ranking calculation. Bing does not count a no-follow link in their ranking.

So to round up this brief introduction into back links its an area that if you plan to be doing business online into the future you must not ignore, yes it can sound complicated and yes getting back links takes some effort but its an important enough area that when ever you are marketing your blog or website you should always think  – back links, back links and back links. 

I will be covering other back linking methods later on so watch out for that, but in the meantime if you Download my:

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  1. marcus says:

    article marketing is very effective when trying to receive traffic to your website. It is one of my primary sources in receiving traffic to my website.

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