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What Is Keyword Density & Should I Be Interested In It?


Hi right yesterday I covered the pure basics of what SEO is and why you need it. In this post I’ll give you an insight into keyword density which yes I know sounds really boring (& I’ll let you into a little secret – it is!) but you need to know what it is and it’s a key area to get the basics sorted in your mind.

Smile – Keywords Are YOUR Key To Online Success

Using keywords is what makes your site and online presence stand out from the crowd. Its not hard or tricky but just need a bit of thought – but I’ll let you into a big secret this time for me it’s the real gold of internet marketing because if you find the keywords or phrases that your visitors are using as search terms, incorporate them into your SEO and bang you have traffic, and not just any old traffic but relevant and targeted traffic – that’s the gold believe me.

What Is Keyword Density?

Keyword density is the use of relevant keywords repeatedly used within the entire content of your website. So as an example if you have a site on bird watching – that topline keyword of bird watching would appear frequently but also naturally on your front page together with associated keywords both short and long tail ones.

You would also optimize all your pages on your site – so again ‘bird watching in Scotland’ could be one page, it could include long tail keywords like ‘how to bird watch in Scotland’,’ where to bird watch in Scotland’,’ Scottish bird watching tips’ etc – so I hope you get my point, all pages should build on the overall relevancy of your site. The more relevant the more your site and its pages will get ranked.

It is a common SEO strategy and demonstrates the relevance of the given word to a website. Search engines give priority to websites that are keyword optimized and they end up at the top of the top of the search rankings.

Top Tip

You’ll see much debate on forums and internet marketing blogs about what keyword density should be – for me I tend to ignore it & not count up too much relaying more on making sure the content flows properly, reads well and that certainly its not keyword ‘stuffed’ – just keep it natural and you’ll be fine.

Positioning Can Be Key

Where you place your keywords is also very important in search engine ranking. The prominence of the keyword should be considered carefully, how close they are placed to the beginning of the website as an example. But here’s an area where some get it wrong, as an example most people tend to do is to include their keywords in the first line of visible text on the website. This is not necessarily correct although their belief is that the search engine crawlers will spot it. Rather, your keywords should be included in the title tag and Meta tag which are code the search engine spiders crawl first – so do bear that in mind.

Linking is Another Key Feature of SEO

Inbound links is one area that plays a pivotal role in SEO. Inbound links are links for your website residing on other websites. These links point back to your website and are rated highly by the search engines for determining ranking. The reason for this is that when your links are found in other websites, it is assumed these websites are recommending your own site, you get to be seen as an ‘authority’ site within your specific niche – this is really very valuable real estate believe e me

When you receive inbound links from websites with high ranking, you stand a better chance of ranking high yourself. The search engines presume that if a higher ranking website is recommending you, then there must be something valuable about your website.

Here’s SEO’s True Purpose

 The true purpose of SEO, and the best explanation I can give for it is this, visitors search via the search engines using keywords, both long, and short tail ones and what you need to achieve is that when they make a search within your given niche your site ranks so well within that niche because of your clever usage of keywords on your site that your site ranks high with the search engines, visitors find it, come to your site and join your list, buy a product etc

The only way your website can be discovered from the millions of other websites online is if you have made your website search engine friendly. If properly done, your SEO can outrank other websites already ranking high because your relevancy is better.

Hey Guys This is Important

You can now see why you should view search engine optimization as possibly the most important traffic generation method on the net and as an Internet marketer it’s the most important skill to learn.  Its not hard to do, you just need to think your keyword research strategies through and do it, and keep doing it.

The good thing about SEO is that you do not have to spend money on costly advertising but if you’re in a competitive niche with high value keywords you’ll need to work harder and smarter to get your desired results – but guys believe me its possible, one of my sites ranks on front page of Google for a search term with 68 million competing pages and I tell you now that’s just through hard work and regular use of key internet marketing strategies and techniques that anyone can learn and practice easily. Need some help join my list and I’ll show you how – FREE 94 page Special Report tells you how!

Toby Russell

Ok so now please leave a comment, let us know what you think, was the post helpful? Did you get something out of it? Do get involved & let us know.


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